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My make up nad dressing table collection, part 2

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Hey guys! Today, the second part of the post about my dressing table and make up collection. So I will tell you about my favorite corner, mirror, and cosmetics living on the counter.

If you haven’t seen the previous post, I would like to encourage you again: I am talking about a lot of cosmetics, mainly mineral ones, which I keep in the dresser next to the dressing table.

See: My dressing table | collection of makeup cosmetics, part 1

However, the rest of my makeup space looks like this:

My make up nad dressing table:

As you can see, my dressing table is a 70s vintage desk I bought at Allegro. The desk consists of teak wood, four drawers and a varnished top. It’s strange to think that once my entire makeup collection was housed in these drawers! Not that long ago.

The chair is a bent plastic covered with an Ikea faux fur. The cushion on it is also old, but it matches the colors. On the left you can see the chest of drawers from the previous post, and above it I screwed five more narrow shelves. There are nail polishes, spare brushes and a box with makeup wear and tear on them. Next to it, you can also see plexiglass drawers that I once bought at Pepco. They fit little, little things, but they look very effective. There is an extension cord on the dresser with sockets for the lamp and the mirror, and my lip makeup collection is there.

Lip make up cosmetics

Lipsticks, lip liners and lip pencils, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks and tinting balms live on the top of a dresser. Thanks to this, I always have them at hand. This is my entire collection of lip products. I used to think it was way too much. After all, we all know how difficult and long it is to use up the entire lipstick. But lately, I don’t pay that much attention to it. I like to play with colors, and cosmetics that I don’t use for a long time go to my family.

Of course, I have more lipsticks by Alverde, Alterra, three lipsticks by Pierre Rene, another three by Bellapiere, a few others made by myself. The most expensive option will be the Pixie cosmetics lotion, which I chose to combine with applets, so that I have free shipping from the states piel The care lotion with a bit of color turned out to be pigmented like a good lipstick, the color also suits me very well, so I do not regret buying it.

I like changing colors with the seasons. I only translate the colors that I plan to use most often from a large container to a smaller one. In the spring it will be reds, fuchsia and roses.

The lipstick organizer comes from Alliexpress, while the round container from the English store Poundland.

My dressing table and make up cosmetics on the countertop:

On the left, you can see a handy magnifying mirror from Ikea, great for eye makeup. Behind it, there is a container with larger palettes for face and eye makeup, which I use most often.

My mirror comes from Allegro and it is made in such a way that it stands firmly on the countertop, thanks to the fact that it is not screwed to the wall, it can be moved, removed and set up. The frame is white wood, but there were also other colors. At first, I thought about buying a typical wardrobe mirror. light bulbs, but just – it must be screwed to the wall and also takes up a lot of space. This mirror is better, mobile and elegant, the LED strip does not get that much and it simply looks better. Turns on on the remote control, has several brightness settings. It gives yellow and white, bright but neutral light, brilliant for makeup and taking photos.

I usually spread out newspapers or white sheets from the printer for makeup. You know how mineral powders fall all over the place and the top is easy to scratch. Such a pad is therefore hygienic and helpful.

Most of my everyday cosmetics live under the mirror. The first container has those from my bottom design. In the next, black one are my currently open liquid foundations, bb creams, a few concealers and mascaras. I have BB creams from Vianka and Benecos, the rest are mainly Alterra, Terra Naturi and Alverde.
And also handy sticks for wiping off eye makeup errors.
The next plexiglass box contains my eyeliners, eyeliners, sponges, beauty blender, the rest of the concealers, and a lip balm in a sachet container. Any handy things that I use on a daily basis.

Then we have a compartment with fixers and makeup sprays. There are also my most used brushes on the table in two jars. Behind them are candles and other decorations.

In the pull-out shelves under the table top, there are now spare brushes and false eyelashes, accessories for making nails and for making homemade mineral and beauty cosmetics. That’s pretty much it.

Do you like my dressing table and makeup collection? Do you think it’s a lot of cosmetics or just right? If you want a review of any cosmetic or a show of individual items, let me know in the comment!

Yours sincerely,

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