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Silk Glow mineral powder, Earthnicity Minerals

Hey guys! Today it’s finally time for the last post about Earthnicity Minerals mineral cosmetics, this time it will be a review of Silk Glow Light mineral powder. 

It is an ultra-light powder for very light and fair complexions. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, it is supposed to add glow to the skin and make it silky to the touch. It can be used alone or in combination with light shades of mineral foundations from the same company. In addition, it can serve us not only as a finishing powder for makeup, but also as a highlighter for the cheeks, eyes and browbone. I decided to try out how this pollen will work for me in each of these roles. If you are interested in the review, please read the rest of this post.

Earthnicity, Silk Glow Powder for Finishing – Brightening with Silk Glow

The Silk Glow Earthnicity finishing and illuminating mineral powder can be used on the foundation or on its own. Our silky powder gives the skin a delicate glow and allows for a smooth, flawless and radiant complexion. The product does not contain particles – it gives a glass effect. It works great as a highlighter for selected parts of the face, which results in the appearance of a healthy, well-groomed skin. In the case of combination and oily skin in oily areas, we recommend using Velvet HD matting powder.

Each jar of Silk Glow fixative powder contains approximately 4.5 grams of product. The jars are equipped with twisted strainers.

Silk Glow Light mineral powder

SILK GLOW LIGHT – finishing powder, illuminating / highlighter Silk Glow Light is a bright ultra-light powder with a cool shade. This extraordinary product will give your skin a healthy, natural glow and make it silky to the touch and beautifully illuminated. It can be used alone or in combination with foundations on selected parts of the face: cheekbones, forehead, eyes, both as an illumination of the browbone and corners, and as a base shade. It suits from very light to dark complexions.


Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin, Boron Nitride, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines.


Capacity: 4.5 ml

Price: PLN 84.99


After applying the foundation, use a powder brush to spread Earthnicity Silk Glow Powder evenly over the entire face. This powder can also be used to brighten the eyes and cheeks.

A small amount of powder added to our foundation gives the make-up more satin glow.

Silk glow, my opinion:


We buy Earthnicity mineral powder in the same way as pink – in an elegant, black box with the company’s logo, and inside there is only a jar with a black cap. The package holds 4.5 ml of the cosmetic, it could be larger, but still standard for loose cosmetics, which are much more efficient than pressed products of the same capacity. The jar with a strainer is convenient to use, the cap is large enough to spin the brush while applying.

Silk Glow Light mineral powder


I rate the Light shade.

Earthnicity mineral powder has a delicate, slightly pink-beige shade. However, it is so neutral that it will match even the lightest skin complexions. It is fine, finely ground and has no smell. It is light, you have to be careful when picking it up and pouring it out of the box, so that it does not dust too much. However, there are no major difficulties in the application.

Silk Glow Light

When painting the cheeks, you feel a pleasant silk-like effect, thanks to the satin particles the powder is easy to spread and sticks well to the dos which, especially when powdered or after using a mineral foundation. We easily get a beautiful effect of subtle illumination. It is not intrusive, rather satin and more delicate. It makes the powdered face look dull and flat, slightly enlivens it and adds glow.

In terms of performance, I also have no objections. Mineral powder behaves like any powder, just a small amount is enough to cover the entire face or cheekbones, so it will surely last for a long time, even if we use it as a regular powder, on a daily basis.

This is how the powder looks after rubbing it with a brush and sprinkling it with Alverde fixer.

Composition analysis:

Like every mineral product, it has a simple composition, based on mica and other pure minerals without unnecessary additives, so it will not clog the pores of the skin or irritate it. On the contrary: thanks to the addition of zinc and clay, it will help reduce oiliness and blemishes that may appear on the cheeks from typical drugstore products with paraffin and talc.


I have tested this cosmetic in all roles and find it to be a great product. However, I like it the most as a highlighter. One of the prettiest in my collection – beige, subtle, but visible on the cheeks in the form of almost a sheet. I also applied it under the eyebrow arches, corners of the eyes, nose and lips. It is also very suitable for contouring, although someone might say that it is too much shine. It also works as a powder, it gives a slightly healthier, radiant look to a face that is pale after winter. I also mixed it with the foundation base and I really liked the effect of a radiant complexion.

mineral powder

It is a natural and multifunctional product, worth its price, and there is no expiration date, so I strongly recommend everyone to buy this gem among mineral cosmetics.

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Score: 5/5

All mineral cosmetics can be found on the manufacturer’s website:

Do you know these mineral powders? What shades of foundations are you using now?

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