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My dressing table and makeup cosmetics, part 1

Hey guys! Today will be my first makeup post, which is my dressing table and the contents of the dresser: all the makeup cosmetics I currently have. Are you curious about my collections? I invite you to post and see the photos 🙂

my makeup collection dressing table
My dressing table and makeup

My dressing table and makeup collection is not very extensive. Cosmetics live mainly on the top of my dressing table and in a white IKEA chest of drawers.

First, let me tell you about the dresser. It’s a very popular piece of furniture on make-up YouTube channels – and for good reason. It is cheap, does not take up a lot of space and perfectly stores makeup. It has five drawers, the lower ones are much higher. I bought my chest of drawers on Allegro for half the store price. It was a bit padded, but it didn’t bother me with its side just against the wall. Besides, it was like new. The chest of drawers is right next to my dressing table, to the left. So I can easily slide out the drawer and take everything out of it.

my dressing table

Also, the top has been glazed as an extension to my dressing table to give me more space. The only thing I plan to do in the future is to raise it a bit – legs, wheels? So that the tops are at the same height.

The chest of drawers is perfect for storing mineral cosmetics. Others, such as liquid foundations, brushes and cosmetics, which I use on a daily basis, I prefer to have at hand, i.e. by the mirror.

How do my makeup products live?


mineral shadows

The first drawer of the dresser contains almost all of my eyeshadows. I keep the larger eyeshadow palettes and the ones I use most often on hand, on the top of the dressing table. As you can see, on the right side is a whole collection of my diy self-made mineral eyeshadows and spilled eye makeup pigments from the Koloró store.

mineral shade diy

On the left side we have, from the top: some of my “branded” mineral eyeshadows. Unfortunately, I don’t have many of them yet, so when I want to post about eye makeup, I don’t always have everything I need for photos. After all, not everyone will want to play the grind of minerals on their own, right? 🙂 The ones I have are mostly Coastal Scents that come from the swap. A few mini samples of Rhea mineral eyeshadows, two Anabelle Minerals eyeshadows and two Bellapiere eyeshadows from the set that I once received as a gift. It’s true that it’s a tiny one? 🙁
Below you can see the Terra Naturii palette and two store palettes: Essence and Lovely, which I also use often. They’re pretty cool.

Bases, foundations and concealers

mineral foundations

The second drawer of the dresser is mainly inhabited by my mineral sleepers. As you can see in the middle, I have quite a lot of them. Mainly because I once bought a huge box of Amilie mineral cosmetics from a blogger who wanted to get rid of them immediately after making a swatch. I will add that it is very cheap. You may be asking at this point about the morality or logic of doing so, but I’m not really getting into. Thanks to this, at least one person has cosmetics to review, and what’s more – to use. Apart from them, I also have a Bellapiere foundation, Bare Minerals and a few diy mineral foundations. For this an application box and a diy powder base for minerals. On the right, you can also see some samples of other sleepers. Higher concealers: some full size Amilie minerals again, self made,

On the left there is a section with liquid makeup bases. I use them for both loose and traditional foundations. There are two diy bases here: oil and almost bb cream. And the famous Nivea aftershave balm in the blogosphere, the Wibo Unicorn Tears shop base and Terra Naturi illuminating serum.

Blushes, highlighters and finishing powders

my dressing table, cosmetics for makeup
Make-up cosmetics

In the next drawer I spread my mineral roses. We have the same situation again. Most of the cosmetics are those from Amilie, we also have one Bellapiere blush from the same set and Everyday Minerals. The rest is the same made of cosmetics or testers and powders.

The box below is my highlighters. Here I have a larger collection of pressed powders, one full-size from Kobo and again – diy, powder, testers.

mineral roses my cosmetics collection

The next box is two pressed roses: Benecos and Alverde and loose roses, which mum is going to use often in the summer. In the next box are Anabelle Minerals rose testers. Once, I was really about to buy these cosmetics, I don’t know why I didn’t choose the shade.

The last box is finishing and matting powders. We have here: Ecocera bamboo powder, Bare Minerals powder, silica from the Kolorówka store, Sunkissed by Amilie and of course self-made products.

Bronzers, contouring and false eyelashes

makeup cosmetics
My dressing table and makeup

The last makeup drawer contains mainly my bronzers. I had to move them from the previous one, because the collection of both their and my roses had already grown too much. Now they are a bit tight.
At the top, you can see some face contouring pads. Creamy Alverde and pressed minerals from Bellapiere. The latter is my all-time beloved palette, the composition is great, and it looks like the one from Anastasia Beverly Hills 🙂 Still liquid bronzers, which I use mainly in summer, for my body.

At the bottom, a mixture of minerals: diy bronzers, powders, samples, one large mineral bronzer from Everyday Minerals. Two small, creamy contouring and already pressed, shop bronzers with a good composition. I dream of making more space for this department and maybe more full-size company bronzer packs, but so far I don’t have such a possibility.

my dressing table bronzers, makeup
My dressing table and makeup

Next to it you can see a box with eyelashes, glues, accessories and lenses. I used to be interested in them, now I don’t use them very often.

The fifth and last drawer has the most space. My spare cosmetics, things that are waiting to be tested, as well as tools and beakers for the preparation of self-made cosmetics also live there. I make them on the dressing table so it’s good to have everything close at hand. In the future, maybe I will move my paddles or standing foundations there. If, of course, their collection grows that way. And I will find a place to move things …;) Or maybe I need another chest of drawers? Who knows! 🙂

my makeup table
My dressing table and makeup

Other make-up cosmetics – the continuation of my dressing table and collection …

I invite you to read the second part of the post about my dressing table and makeup cosmetics collection, which will appear here soon. This time it will be about lip products, liquid foundations and other things that I keep on the top of my dressing table. And also about the dressing table itself and where did I get such a lit mirror from I invite you!

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Beloved, if you want me to write you a recipe for one of the DIY cosmetics or a product review, please let me know in the comments. How do you like my dressing table?
Yours sincerely, Asia.

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