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Lily Lolo, Spring healthly mineral makeup

Hey guys! Today I come to you with the latest news in my makeup – Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics.

Is it just me that I put aside all heavy foundations, powders and silicone make-up bases as spring approaches? Wet contouring goes into the corner, I hide all the dark colors of lipsticks and I want to use only minerals: fresh, natural and girly? Say that not only me :)

For several days I have been browsing online stores in search of rose in coral and juicy peach shades, I am looking for shadows and mineral pigments with flecks in spring, saturated colors that will match the blooming flowers and fresh green, which will start to appear just around the corner. And golden highlighters in the colors of the glow of the shining sun. I leave myself one under-eye concealer and bb cream for better coverage and for those days when I really only have time to splash my face. For the rest of the time, I will use light but opaque minerals. Are you curious about what’s new on my makeup dressing table? Feel free to post!

LIly Lolo mineral makeup

My new set of mineral cosmetics from the Costasy store: Lily Lolo foundation in the shade of Popcorn, delicate mineral pink Ooh la la, duo set with bronzer and highlighter in an elegant case and a super kabuki brush, great for applying minerals with this formula.

Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics

mineral foundation
Lily Lolo mineral foundation

Lily Lolo mineral foundation

Medium-light mineral foundation of Popcorn shade with a shade of warm color. It has a natural SPF 15 sunscreen. One of the most popular medium-light shades of foundation.

  • does not contain irritating chemicals, nanoparticles, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, artificial dyes, fillers, synthetic fragrances and preservatives
  • odorless
  • contains natural SPF 15 sunscreen
  • waterproof and extremely efficient
  • light, silky smooth texture
  • thanks to the possibility of applying several layers, it provides excellent coverage, while allowing the skin to breathe
  • gives a radiant look to your skin: Lily Lolo mineral foundations reflect light, thus reducing the visibility of fine wrinkles and discoloration
  • 100% natural
  • can be used by vegetarians and vegans


10g in a 40ml jar with a strainer: 81.90  PLN
0.75g in a jar mini version: 10.90 PLN



Lily Lolo foundation

Choosing a shade of foundation:

Medium-light foundation with a shade of Popcorn is intended for fair complexions with warm undertones and a yellowish color. I remember that I was about to buy Lily Lolo mineral foundation before and I just couldn’t choose the right shade. It is known that on the Internet, using only the description of shades and swatches is a difficult task. Fortunately, you can also buy samples of possibly matching shades and test them in daylight, on the jaw or side of the cheek. That’s exactly what I did once, when I was trying to use the Warm Peach shade, and when I tested it again recently, I immediately remembered what problem I had with this color.

It seems appropriate, but a bit too peach and it blends into my skin so much that you can’t see it at all. In addition, my neck was darker, more yellow. In this situation, nice Mrs. Aleksandra from Costasy advised me the Popcorn shade, another of the most frequently chosen shades of Lily Lolo foundations.

It was great advice, the foundation is not much different from Warm Peach, it is
only slightly darker and has a slightly warmer shade. But spring and summer are coming, and even if you use the best SPF creams, your face is still a little golden from the sun. So I am very happy and started testing the foundation right away.

First, with a glycerin base and a moisturizing cream foundation, because I still suffer from dry skin after winter. I also use the foundation for imperfections, the rash of which I have unfortunately noticed on my chin and forehead (has the new cream clogged me already?).

How do I cover up imperfections?

First, I mask them with Lily Lolo’s green “Blush Away” concealer using a small, flat brush. It’s a pistachio shade rather than a green shade, so it doesn’t look that bad on the face. It also covers broken capillaries and any other redness. Then I rub the foundation on it with stamping movements, using a flat top brush, which already gives greater coverage. Thanks to this technique, trouble spots are completely invisible.
I cover the shadows under my eyes with a bit of a Warm Peach foundation. Due to the fact that it is brighter and peach, it is great as a slightly covering concealer under the eyes.
On top of that, I apply two thin layers of Lily Lolo mineral foundation, making circular brush movements from the center of my face. If anything is showing through under the makeup, I fix these areas again with a flat top with a little foundation. This method works great!

First impressions:

The Lily Lolo foundation is really fun to use. Fine and light, with a satin consistency. As for my needs, it covers well enough, although I would describe the coverage level of this product as generally average. Still, it gives me a good effect. The first layer already unifies my complexion to the extent that I would not be ashamed to leave the house. Usually, I only need two thin ones, one on top of the other and on top of a concealer, to achieve makeup without the heavy mask effect.

The foundation looks very nice on the face. It blends with my skin for a satin finish. It makes my skin radiant while still looking natural. Quite simply: healthy and fresh. Just what a face should be without the many layers of clogging and heavy makeup.

No need to be afraid of rubbing, my makeup stays in place for about a few hours. After this time, my cheeks still look fine, but
I’m starting to glow in the T-zone and need some fixes. If I don’t remember not to touch my face or I have a runny nose, unfortunately the foundation wears off faster. However, it comes off nicely, evenly throughout the day, and does not rub off with unsightly streaks.

The foundation does not dry out dry skin after winter, it does not increase greasiness, does not clog or emphasize pores.
I also noticed that my skin condition is slowly starting to improve. Although I’ve only been using mineral makeup for a few days, the effect is very visible. It is thanks to the zinc content in the composition that this is how minerals have a healing effect on the skin.

Score: 5/5

lily lolo

Super Kabuki Lily Lolo brush

The Kabuki brush is made of the best quality synthetic bristles, which are ultra-soft. Perfect for applying our mineral foundation.

  • perfect for applying our mineral foundation
  • soft, synthetic bristles do not fall out like natural bristles and ensure a smooth application of the foundation
  • it is a very good quality brush, thanks to which you can precisely apply the foundation
  • the total height of the brush is 70 mm, and the bristles are 40 mm
  • can be used by vegans


Synthetic bristles.


91.90 PLN

First impressions:

I wasn’t convinced that I needed another special brush to apply Lily Lolo foundation. After all, I have “some kabuki” at home. However, I remembered that the application of minerals was not always that good for me – either stamping gave too much coverage or the powder did not settle on too fluffy bristles.

With great Kabuki, I don’t have these problems. It is incredibly soft and dense at the same time. It is easy to operate even in the lid. Thoroughly spreads the foundation over the face. A flat tip is a good idea, you can tap the brush on the table and the powder will pass evenly through the hair. It doesn’t stay at the end of the brush, so it doesn’t streak. This makes it also small so you can carry it in your touch-up bag. I just don’t know if it is really worth its – after all – the price. But the fact is, as long as I have it, I have been using it every day and it makes my makeup so much easier. It is definitely worth investing in if you are taking the first steps in applying mineral foundations.

Grade: 4.5 / 5

Lily Lolo cosmetics for makeup

As I mentioned before, I have been testing cosmetics only for a few days. When I form a more reliable opinion about them, a new entry with a review will definitely appear here. If you want me to review something first or you have a problem with choosing a shade, let me know in the comment, I will definitely get in touch!

Continued …

In the second part I will show you two more mineral cosmetics: Lily Lolo cheek blush in “Ooh la la” shade and Natural face modeling kit with bronzer and highlighter, which I also use for warming face color and quick eye makeup. The posts will appear here in a few days. Are you curious?

You can buy all Lily Lolo cosmetics on Costasy’s website.

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Do you know cosmetics from Lily Lolo? What shades of foundations are you using now?

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