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Keto chocolate hazelnut brownie (gluten free, LCHF)

Hi! Today I have another recipe for delicious sweets for you: Keto brownie, which is a fatty and protein cake that is healthy, tasty and although it is in a low-carbohydrate version, because it does not contain sugar, margarine or flour, the taste is not inferior to traditional sweets.

Brwonie is perfect for coffee and for unannounced guests, everyone will surely like it. Making this cake is simple and takes little time. We can also bake them with topping and any additions – fruit, nuts. It comes out perfect and delicious every time. Keto cake is very chocolatey, moist and soft, simply delicious. If you are interested in my recipe, I invite you to the next part of the post.

Keto chocolate hazelnut brownie (gluten free, LCHF)
Keto chocolate hazelnut brownie (gluten free, LCHF)

Keto hazelnut brownie with chocolate – recipe, how to make


  • two tablespoons of dark cocoa
  • 100 g of stevia / xylitol / erythritol – ground to powder
  • chocolate min. 80-85% cocoa 150 g
  • 75 g smooth (not crunchy) peanut butter 100% nuts
  • 110 g of butter
  • 3 medium eggs
  • vanilla/rum oil for cakes
  • 60 g ground nuts in a grinder
  • possibly chocolate for the topping, home-made glaze, fruit / nuts for decoration


Time needed: 30 minutes.

Keto hazelnut brownie with chocolate – recipe, how to make

  1. We dissolve.

    Break the chocolate into small pieces, put it in a saucepan, add the butter and, together with a little water or milk, melt it in a water bath or over low heat so that it does not burn. Needs to cool down a bit (e.g. on a window)

  2. Mixing

    Mix peanut butter, cocoa powder and ground erythritol in a bowl. Add to hot chocolate and mix well. Crack one egg at a time, one at a time. If the mass looks strange, it will be smooth again after mixing. Add nuts, oil and mix.

  3. Baking.

    We line the form with baking paper, pour our mass. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for about 20 minutes, setting up and down, without convection. No stick needed. The top of the cake may look dry, but the inside will be moist. Take out and cool before decorating. Ready!

Keto chocolate hazelnut brownie (gluten free, LCHF)
Keto chocolate hazelnut brownie (gluten free, LCHF)

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Low-carbohydrate hazelnut brownie cake with chocolate, notes:

Ground nuts can be replaced with coconut or almond flour, but then it may be a bit too dry, flour always absorbs liquids. I suggest trying with more eggs/wet ingredients.

If you like an intense chocolate flavor, you can add more cocoa – I like to give a lot!

Will you be tempted by my healthy keto brownie?

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