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Keto sweet waffles, quick and delicious

Hello, darlings! Today I have for you the simplest possible recipe for keto waffles made of lupine flour . This is a really quick and uncomplicated recipe for a delicious breakfast or dessert that everyone on the ketogenic diet will surely enjoy.

With fruit and protein pudding or whipped cream, they will certainly add splendor to every breakfast and everyone will like it. These waffles are very sweet and delicious, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They resemble those made of wheat flour and do not cause problems during baking, and their preparation time is only a few minutes.

Great alone or sprinkled with stevia and with all keto additives: fruit, cream, peanut butter and sugar-free chocolate. They are delicious! This is my favorite breakfast lately, although I can’t eat anything for many hours afterwards, they are so filling. If you are interested in these sweets, I invite you to my recipe.

Keto sweet waffles made of lupine flour, quick and delicious

Recipe for sweet keto waffles made of lupine flour

Ingredients: (for 2 large waffles)

  • 4 medium eggs
  • 4 tbsp lupine flour and/or coconut flour
  • 4 tsp keto sweetener, e.g. erythritol for me
  • 4 tbsp cow’s milk
  • a few drops of vanilla flavor
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • oil/oil for the mold
  • Top Extras:
  • peanut butter, stevia, whipped cream, fruit, etc.
  • in my picture: vanilla protein pudding, peanut butter, almond flakes and frozen raspberries
Keto sweet waffles made of lupine flour, quick and delicious


Time needed: 10 minutes.

Recipe for sweet keto waffles made of lupine flour

  1. Preparation of ingredients for waffles
    We carefully measure the ingredients and prepare a bowl for mixing. Eggs and milk must be at room temperature.

  2. Mix the ingredients
    Throw all the ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly, being careful to break up all the flour lumps. The mass should be quite dense and compact. You can carefully blend.

  3. Frying waffles
    Heat up the waffle iron properly and grease the plates with a brush. Pour the mass and fry the waffles for about 5 minutes, on high power. We check every now and then that the waffles are not burnt. Ready!

Keto sweet waffles made of lupine flour, quick and delicious

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Recipe for keto waffles – notes:

Waffles are best served right after frying, when they are warm and crispy. You can also heat them in a dry frying pan or in butter. Serve with sweet additions, depending on your taste: cream, powdered sugar, erythritol or cinnamon, melted chocolate. Yummy!

Do you like this recipe? Do keto waffles look appetizing?
I hope you try to make them. Enjoy your meal!

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