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Slimming cocktail “Raspberry Summer”

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a recipe for one of my favorite cocktail. In the morning my boyfriend asked: what are we eating today? I answered him without hesitation: summer! 

It’s true, the cocktail I prepared for us is a delicious, juicy fruit protein shake with the flavor of summer raspberries. Why is it so slimming? Because it is thick, very filling and provides a large amount of various proteins. Thanks to the presence of oatmeal, it also contains a small portion of carbohydrates and vitamins with fat B. Therefore, you can replace your breakfast or dinner with such a quick drink, and even treat it with a post-workout meal, which I often do. I also use it in my cocktail diet, where all meals of the day are replaced with similar fruit, vegetable and protein shakes. I also like to make it every day as a tasty dessert. It replaces “something sweet” for my afternoon coffee, and because it is so healthy, I have no remorse after eating such a raspberry delicious. Would you like such a fruity cocktail? Feel free to check out my recipe!

Recipe for a slimming cocktail “Raspberry Summer”


  • a handful of frozen raspberries
  • medium banana 
  • yoghurt- large package, thin, no fat
  • a piece of tofu or cottage cheese without fat
  • chia seeds or goji berries
  • oatmeal, preferably ground
  • half a teaspoon of honey or something to sweeten
protein shake with raspberries

Execution of the cocktail

Mix for a few minutes at the normal speed of the blender, and then for a few seconds at high. Pour into glasses and decorate with seeds. The recipe comes out of two servings – glasses of 250 ml.

raspberry vegan shake

Raspberries may not blend well if they are frozen. Then it is good to take them out of the freezer well in advance or in a faster way: warm them by placing a bowl of fruit in warm water. We do not pour boiling water over the raspberries themselves, because they will lose all their vitamins 🙂 The cocktail is delicious, thanks to the addition of cheese and flakes it is also filling. And it evokes memories of juicy raspberries picked in the meadow, although the fruit comes from a shop frozen food.

raspberry cocktail

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It looks delicious, isn’t it?
Will you make yourself such a sweet dessert? 

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