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Homemade syrup for immunity, cough and throat pain

Hey guys! Today I have another healthy potions for you: a recipe for home-made syrup for cough, cold, viruses and better immunity.

In these times of the ever-increasing threat of viral diseases, we are increasingly turning to traditional treatments for help; we come back to organic products, potions and natural treatments that our ancestors used successfully in the fight for health and well-being. Also at this time of the year we are more exposed to the attack of viruses, bacteria and to falling ill with a typical cold or chilling from the cold spring wind.

My home syrup is a home-made and natural antiviral and antibacterial preparation that has been used in our family for a long time, which will work well in the case of colds, flu and infections, as well as in strengthening our daily immunity. One of the most popular preparations for immunity is honey itself, because when properly consumed and prepared, it can also become an excellent medicine. The rest of the ingredients of the preparation are also known for their great healing properties, such as lemons, rich in vitamin C and spices. Combined in the right proportions, they can be an effective and natural remedy. How to prepare a home treatment from them? 

Homemade syrup for cough, throat and immunity

Homemade syrup for cough, immunity and colds


  • three medium lemons
  • fresh ginger root (piece) and ginger powder
  • cloves
  • turmeric
  • a glass of liquid honey (preferably linden)

Time required:  30 min ..

  1. We prepare a jarWe wash it thoroughly, steam it and dry it before use. Jets it is important that bacteria do not multiply and the mixture does not eat.
  2. Time for lemons.We prepare the rest of the ingredients. Scrub the lemon peel thoroughly with a brush or a sponge, wash them and then scald them with boiling water. We leave it to dry.
  3. Now ginger.Peel the ginger root finely and cut into slices (as thin as possible, or grate it). Then also cut the finished lemons into thin slices.
  4. Filling the jarWe lay out the ingredients in layers on the bottom of the jar. A thick layer of lemons, then ginger sprinkled with spices and so on until almost full. We also sprinkle the top with spices.
  5. Time for honey.Heat the honey gently (not too much), e.g. in a bowl with warm water. Slowly pour all the honey on top of the jar and pour it over the glass. We shake the jar so that the honey gets into all the gaps. If the honey is not liquid enough, these layers can be mixed in.
  6. Almost readyClose the jar tightly and put it in a dark place, e.g. in a cupboard for at least a day until the ingredients are chewed on. The syrup should be runny and golden in color. You don’t need to strain it, but you can. We store the mixture in the refrigerator.

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Homemade syrup for cough, throat and immunity

Homemade syrup, notes:

The lemons release the juice, so the syrup should be thin and golden in color. However, it will taste sweet and aromatic.

We can eat the syrup immediately after preparation. We take it dosing like a pharmacy syrup: several times a day for 1 tablespoon during treatment or 1 tablespoon once a day to strengthen immunity. We can also add the syrup to warm tea as a healthier alternative to sugar, but such a drink
should not be too warm, because the syrup will lose all its health properties.

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We should also remember that such a treatment with natural, home methods should be treated only as an auxiliary measure in comprehensive therapy recommended by a specialist doctor.

Do you use home treatments or rather traditional medications prescribed by a doctor?

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