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The keto diet: lose weight quickly, effectively and permanently

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Hey loved ones! Today I have an article for you about the ketogenic diet. The keto diet is becoming more and more popular around the world. Even some nutritionists and doctors recommend it as a way to quickly lose weight.

However, it is not known from today that it also has many health benefits, it becomes synonymous with a healthy lifestyle for many people. Are you curious about the keto diet and why you can lose weight quickly, effectively and once and for all? Welcome to my short article!

The keto diet: lose weight fast, effectively and forever
The keto diet: lose weight fast, effectively and forever

What is the keto diet and why is it becoming more and more popular for weight loss?

The ketogenic diet is gaining popularity not only as a therapeutic supplement, but also as a way of eating for healthy people. It is considered the most effective in weight loss. As you know, it was known in ancient times, when medics like Hippocrates and Galen noticed that fasting was an effective way to treat epileptic seizures. Thus, in later times, children with drug-resistant epilepsy were treated in this way. It was also noticed that the side effect of the lack of carbohydrates is slimming. Therefore, it has been used in medicine for decades, in the US it is currently being tested in the army and even treats huge obesity in adults who do not work with traditional methods.

How does the ketogenic diet work? Is it effective?

The good effects of the ketogenic diet on weight loss mean that more and more people are using it nowadays. This one of the most effective slimming diets involves inducing a phenomenon in the body called the state of ketosis. It consists in bringing it to a state in which it begins to draw energy from fats provided in the diet or from its own adipose tissue. This process of ketosis is what helps us lose weight so quickly, but it also lowers blood sugar levels, guarantees well-being and huge doses of energy throughout the day.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, medium-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet. In the ketogenic diet, carbohydrate intake is limited to 5% to 10% of the total daily nutritional value, usually less than 50 g/day. And 20 g per day during adaptation, in the early stages of the ketogenic diet. However, whether a diet with a certain amount of carbohydrates will be ketogenic depends on the needs of our body and our goals.

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Benefits of the keto diet for effective weight loss

The fact is that the ketogenic diet reduces the feeling of hunger and helps us lose weight quickly and then maintain our ideal weight. It also helps in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. That is why so many people use it not only to get rid of excess weight, stubborn belly fat and unsightly cellulite, but also for general health benefits. Its undoubted advantage is also the fact that it forces us to move and cook on our own at home from A to Z. And to carefully read the labels of purchased food products to exclude those that contain sugar and carbohydrates.

The keto diet: lose weight fast, effectively and forever
The keto diet: lose weight fast, effectively and forever

Yes, the ketogenic diet can have dramatic effects on weight loss and overall health when used properly. If you are unsure about the correct adaptation process, it is best to consult a nutritionist. Before using it, it is best to make sure that it is the right choice for us, because I believe that it is not worth starting and struggling with keto adaptation if we give up on it after a week or two.

Keto diet and achieve rapid weight loss

The most important issue is the rate at which we get rid of unnecessary kilos on keto. Ideal slimming effects are always achieved and with each diet gradually, at a healthy and balanced pace that does not threaten our well-being and does not disturb the functioning of the body. The most important thing is not how much weight you lose on a ketogenic diet, but the very fact of how this process takes place, because our body on keto first involves returning to optimal health, and only then strives for weight loss.

Keto diet how much weight loss?

Weight loss on a ketogenic diet is usually a loss of 0.5 to 1 kilogram of body weight per week. You can maintain this rate of weight loss until you reach your goal, then end the keto diet or continue it for long-term health benefits, but without going into a caloric deficit. We can switch to an easier Paleo, low-carbohydrate or modified keto diet, the choice depends only on us and our goals. But I assure you that with proper keto dieting and getting out of it gradually, our slimming results will be quite quick, easy and will stay with us forever. I managed to successfully lose 8 kilos, which did not return despite the modification of my diet. That is why I believe that on the keto diet, with a little knowledge, you can lose weight effectively and quickly – once and for all, without the yo-yo effect.

Conversely, if we do not come out well from the keto and weight loss phase, and we throw ourselves at unhealthy food, the overweight will come back to us right away, perhaps even more.

So it is worth taking up slimming with caution, thinking and reading a lot of materials before we throw ourselves on a fashionable ketogenic diet.

Are you on a ketogenic diet? Anna

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