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How to grow your hair quickly? 10 ways to increase growth

Today I have another post for you about how to grow your hair quickly, this time it will be 10 quick tips on accelerating hair growth and taking care of our hair health.

In previous posts on my blog, you could find many tests and treatments that I have done so far, e.g. scalp oiling, inversion method, rubs or scalp massages. However, it seems to me that a handful of general care tips will also be useful to us.

How to grow your hair quickly? Growing hair is a big problem that affects many of us, whether it’s hair maniacs who dream of long curls for years, or women who have a bad haircut at the hairdresser, or those with damaged hair who simply don’t want to grow below the shoulders. Sometimes we have to wait for years for hair to grow back, but luckily there are methods to effectively speed it up. If you want to find out about them, I invite you to read the rest of my guide.

How to grow your hair quickly? 10 ways to increase growth
How to grow your hair quickly? 10 ways

How fast does our hair grow?

Every healthy person’s hair grows on average from 1 to 1.5 cm per month. It depends not only on genetics, but also on care and lifestyle. If the hair is naturally healthy and well-nourished, it can grow up to 2 cm per month. There is not much, as you can see, so we can forget about the wonderful methods and magical cosmetics that will make our hair grow five centimeters a week. However, if we support this growth process with natural cosmetics, a diet full of hello and proper care, we can achieve really excellent results. Hair will also be healthier and will look better visually.

How to grow your hair quickly?

Effective ways to accelerate hair growth in 10 steps:

1. Take care of the hair ends.

This may seem like a strange way, because we usually think of hair growth near the scalp. However, it is absolutely justified. Dry ends crumble and split, which gives the impression that the hair does not grow or grows very slowly, even when there are already roots on the head. The length is simply increased by chipping. The method for doing this is, unfortunately, cutting the damaged ends at the very beginning of growing and a new start with healthy hair. After that, we begin to care for the ends, regularly applying silicone cheeses and oils.

2. No more drying your hair.

For some time we have to stop drying our hair with warm air, blow dryers, straighteners or drying them in the sun. All these things dry out the hair terribly and cause it to crumble and thin it, which can cause you to lose up to half the length – it will be so rare that it will only be suitable for cutting.

3. No more chemical treatments.

As in the previous post. We have to realize how harmful all paints, brighteners, toners, heavy treatments, alcohol styling cosmetics etc. are harmful to the hair and scalp. So it seems that there is nothing we can do with our hairstyle … straightening without the use of heat. And herbal coloring, which will additionally strengthen and thicken the hair.
It is worth remembering that anything that interferes with the hair structure will destroy it and cause the hair to break along its entire length, so it will make it very difficult for us and extend the growth.

4. No more undercutting.

Perhaps jets are the most important rule when growing hair, because it is usually misunderstood. we don’t have to trim the ends every month or even every 3 weeks, as our hairdresser says. the hair does not grow faster than the cut ends, it is not affected in any way. But yes, it is good at the very beginning of the planting process to cut off all damage along the length, even half the length, if necessary, and start there. It is also good to cut the shaded hair, which gives us nothing but damage to an equal length. And also trim the ends every now and then to keep them thick and healthy and not thinning. You can do it at home, by yourself or teach someone from your family to do this – cutting straight ends is quite easy, saving time and money. However, they should not be trimmed no more than once every 5-8 weeks. Otherwise, our hair will only grow longer.

How to grow your hair quickly? 10 ways to grow quickly

5. Take care of the scalp.

A lot of people think that hair grows from the tips, but after all, the growth begins with the scalp, i.e. the scalp, the absolute basis for a quick hair growth is a healthy scalp and bulbs, maintaining balance and hydration. Therefore, it is worth examining these areas with a specialist in terms of bacteria and all diseases. Or, for some time, observe how our skin reacts. if she has any problems – dandruff, itching, hair loss – she must first be treated well. only then do we grow new healthy, strong and beautiful hair.

6. Regular massages, scrubs and lotions.

It is also a method of taking care of the scalp. So let’s regularly massage the scalp. It is best to do it with the use of oils and / or scrubs. With your fingers or with a special massage device. It will not only mechanically stimulate circulation in the scalp and provide follicles and bulbs with many nutrients that will stimulate and support hair growth. It is also important to exfoliate regularly and use a cleansing shampoo every now and then so that nothing is blocking the hair’s path to healthy growth.

I have already written an extensive article about wierki : Wierki : how to make hair grow faster?

7. Take care of healthy eating.

Another way to grow hair quickly will be a healthy diet, i.e. acting on the body from the inside. Certainly too often it is said that healthy food is the basis of everything, but in the case of hair, it works. The use of a balanced diet, full of nutrients and vitamins stimulates the processes of cell renewal, in this case hair growth. Biotin, zinc and B vitamins are especially useful for improving the condition of the hair. You can of course choose dietary supplements that will provide you with a complete set of vitamins, but it will never be as effective as those supplied with food. It’s just that the artificial ones are less well absorbed. I tested this method myself and when I drank green cocktails for a month, my hair had a really record growth.

This is how mom was more expensive when drinking:Yeast for hair growth, how to drink and how to prepare?

8. Choose your cosmetics well.

It is not only about learning to read ingredients, consciously caring for and choosing natural cosmetics, such as shampoos and conditioners, which not only cleanse well, but do not dry or damage the hair. But it is also very important to adjust the type of cosmetics and care plan to the current needs of your hair.

How to grow your hair quickly? 10 ways to increase growth

9. Treatments for special tasks.

We often get impatient or frustrated when growing our hair. You must not break down then, and take a treatment that will stimulate this growth process and additionally take care of our bulbs and length. And it will give us motivation and take care of a bit of relaxation. It can be a special home hair mask under turban, henning, hair oiling for a month, herbal rinses, intensive ampoules for a week or an inversion method, used once a month, which has brought very good results for me: Inversion method – how to increase hair growth ?

10. Hair grown and ends protection

Finally, one of the most important things to use on a daily basis. We must protect our hair from frost, harsh sun, wind, swimming pool and sea water. All this destroys and dries them out immensely. Always wear a hat and protective cosmetics. And on a daily basis, choose hairstyles that will allow us to protect the ends from rubbing against everything, preferably they should be wrapped inside, e.g. in a bun, under a hat or braided. You can also buy a satin cap for walking every day or learn how to put them up nicely. We also use a similar one at night, or / together with a silk pillowcase. When we grow our hair, it should not be melted down to sleep, because it rubs against the bedding and thus breaks it, and the cotton pillowcases tangle and draw moisture out of it.

For great occasions, we can make curls without heat and sometimes let your hair down to feast on it. After all, hair is for us, not us for hair.

Remember, however, that in order for the hair to grow quickly and to be healthy, it needs proper, long-term and conscious care. That is, the implementation of all my advice, regularity, and a lot of time and patience!

Do you know any other tips for fast hair growth? Asia

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