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Fit recipes for Easter, healthy and vegan dishes

H.hey guys! Today I have a set of recipes for delicious, festive dishes for Easter, fit recipes for traditional treats.

Many people cannot imagine Christmas without these tasty dishes, but while on a diet, we do not have to give them up. They can be easily prepared in a slimmed-down Fit version, then they will be much lighter, healthier, but just as delicious and filling. Something for everyone: slimmed down, low-carb, vegan and vegetarian, something sweet, for a starter or a main course. On my blog you will find lots of such healthy recipes. I have prepared for you a small list of a dozen or so traditional dishes that cannot be missing from our Easter table. Gradually, their collection will certainly increase, and I will also supplement these lists on a regular basis. I hope the regulations will be helpful for you! Check out my collection of fit recipes for Easter.

Fit recipes for Easter:

1. Fit Vegan sour soup from a bottle

Traditional soup for spring holidays, full of filling potatoes, eggs and cold meats. Here, the vegan version is healthier, lighter and just as delicious.

2. Homemade mayonnaise, full of healthy fats (fit, keto, lchf)

A proven recipe for delicious homemade mayonnaise. It will definitely be tastier and healthier than the store products based on refined rapeseed or soybean oils and with added sugar. Perfect for everyday use and of course for Easter – for eggs and everything!

3. Homemade bread | simple and quick recipe

A recipe for homemade bread that I always get out of. It is by far the easiest recipe I have ever found for homemade bread. There is no need to knead the dough, and the crusty bread is sure to please everyone. Especially when it’s warm and smells like the whole house! Perfect for a festive table.

Homemade bread | simple and quick recipe

4. Avocado paste – five delicious recipes

A recipe for a delicious, green bread paste in several versions. Free from meat, but rich in healthy fats, fiber and vitamins. Perfect for spreading homemade bread as well as stuffing eggs. It has a very interesting, dry taste, which is a pride for me!

5. FIT Cheesecake with pumpkin and cinnamon

Another recipe for delicious sweets: pumpkin cheesecake, an autumn cake that is also perfect for Easter: healthy, tasty and although it is fit, the taste is not inferior to traditional, heavy sweets. The pumpkin cheesecake is perfect for coffee!

6. Vegan salad with baby spinach, beans and tofu

A recipe for my favorite dinner salad, which is also the most suitable for Easter. It is delicious and easy to make, although it is not very revealing, it may inspire someone to prepare a healthy meal. Such a colorful salad is a great idea for a healthy and filling dish. It is low in calories and very nutritious, and vegan, although of course you can enrich it with egg, avocado or cheese and homemade mayonnaise to make it even more valuable.

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