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Keto Carnivore meat shopping, what cheap meat cuts to buy?

Hey dear friends! Today I have a long-promised post for you, Keto carnivore shopping from Carrefour and Biedronka, this time nutrition-wise, a new series on what to buy tasty and healthy keto in Polish stores.

These will be ketogenic and carnivore products, such as meat, sausages, eggs, cream, etc. As you may know, I am currently on a cranivore diet, hence the big purchases. However, at the beginning of my keto adventure, I didn’t know what to buy. So if you’re curious about what caught my eye among the store’s in-store shelves, I invite you to read on.

Keto Carnivore zakupy z Carrefour i Biedronki, jakie mięso kupić?

Biedronka Meat Land, pork shoulder and minced shoulder meat

At Biedronka I buy meat from promotions, usually as minced meat (2 packs cheap or free) and big packs of meat cuts, which come out much cheaper per kg- you just have to cut into chops yourself. Some of it can be frozen so it doesn’t spoil.

Biedronka, smoked bacon

Very useful thing, such a piece of bacon for scrambled eggs! Can be sliced and comes out much cheaper than sausage, can be diced, fried, etc.

Carrefour, Boneless beef shin

A great piece of meat from the promotion basket (short expiration date). I always sniff it and watch it carefully, but nothing stale has happened to me yet. Meat good for steaks, stews. THIS time it needs to be eaten quickly, preferably right away.

Boneless pork belly raw

A piece of bacon of slightly better quality, here without antibiotics. Good for the beginning of Carnivorous! I cut into large pieces and eat with scrambled eggs, as an additional source of fat. You can also fry for fat.

Keto Carnivore zakupy z Carrefour i Biedronki, jakie mięso kupić?

Carrefour, Pork jowls

It’s always on huge promotion. I fry it for lard or as a base for scrambled eggs, frying meats. It comes in handy on keto and Carnivora! Cheap and tasty.

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Leg of rabbit

Often on the promotion basket I bargain on things I would never normally have a chance to try…Like fish, seafood or interesting cheeses. This time I have rabbit meat as an extra treat. I think I will simply fry it in a pan.

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