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Thrift shop haul (2) | basic and beige clothes for spring

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Hey guys! Today I have another episode for you from the new cycle about ecological and responsible fashion, shopping with a thrift store. Just like the previous post in this series, it will be about the pre-spring edition, fashionable basic beige for the transition period and spring.

It is known that every woman needs such basic clothes in her wardrobe, unfortunately in stores usually such simple and ordinary clothes are not only very expensive, but also of poor quality. It’s all about the seams and the quality of the material. It is completely unprofitable to have wardrobe bases, which wear out very quickly and are usually discarded after a few washes. That is why I often look for basics in second-hand thrift stores, because exactly the same, branded clothes can be bought there for literally pennies, sometimes you can still find clothes from designers or such good quality, made of wool, good cotton or with the addition of cashmere. I always look for them and add meringue, plain T-shirts or sweaters to my second end basket. This time it is a shopping haul from two brick-and-mortar stores, i.e. typical thrift shops.

I found very nice things at extremely low prices – PLN 3.50, PLN 2 and PLN 1, and they are in really perfect condition, so I am very happy. If you are interested in what I was able to buy, I invite you to the rest of the post!

thrift shop purchases, tops and sweaters:

Thrift purchases, tops and sweaters:

1. Top with straps Papaya, s. 16, 95% cotton, 5 elastane, price: PLN 1

The shirt has a very nice color, flesh-colored, something between beige and subdued pink. Despite its huge size, it is just right for me, maybe someone shrunk it in the wash? Such a simple basic is always useful: under sweaters, under transparent mist shirts, in hot summer.

2. Uni Qlo, beige sweater, laying and label cut out, price: PLN 3.50

I don’t know what I love more about it: the color of a perfect, warm light beige or softness. Must have added cashmere, no other explanation. I could pet him all day. Makes me feel cute. It goes with literally everything.

Similar sweaters by this Japanese brand cost a bit more …

3. Top without shoulders Minuet petite, s. 38, 83% viscose, 17 nylon, price: PLN 2.

I did not read the label and washed everything with napkin, and it washes like silk, only in cold water, separately, without a washing machine, etc. Fortunately, nothing happened to the shirt. I love the color and the style, not grandma’s at all. Color light coffee with milk. I will wear this top with white jeans, summer skirts and maybe as a vest. Perfect basic in every way.

Second-hand purchases, tops and sweaters thrift
5. Dorothy Perkins, 1. Papaya, 3. Minuet petite

4. Wallis, short cardigan, size 40, 82% cotton, 18 nylon, price: PLN 3.50.

I love wearing such sweaters as tops, buttoned all the way. I use the fashion for such styling. Also as a cardigan when it’s a little cool on a summer evening. I already have one in a similar color, but this one has cute frill details and golden buttons. And this price … It is a sin not to take advantage of it. I looked for spots of holes and other flaws in it, but in vain – it is perfect. Maybe just shrunken again in the wash, thanks to which it spoils well on a size 36 person.

7. M% S, 4. Wallis

5. Dorothy Perkins dress sweater , s. 38, acrylic, price: 3.50.

Another beige sweater dress, some of which I already bought in the previous haul. however, this one is very thin, perfect for a walk on the first sunny days of spring. It has a warm, meringue color. I just don’t know if this pocket and style suit me. And acrylic – guaranteed sweating. But for the price, I won’t think twice. Again, no defects and I do not know why it was in the baskets.

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6. Soon thin sweater, s. 38, acrylic, price: PLN 1.

A thin, cream sweater, very pleasant to the touch. Very warm, it’s easy enough for March. The cream color goes well with everything in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, he was in the worst condition of all these clothes, with a few stains on the front and hemmed in. Fortunately, after a simple wash, everything turned down and I didn’t have to play around with the trick. It will be like new after a shaver.

2. Uni Qlo, 6. Soon

7. Classic sweater blouse, M&S, s. 40, acrylic, price: 3.50.

My attention was drawn to the beautiful color of a bright cappuccino and a label that looked like a vintage one. Unfortunately, it is an ordinary acrylic from M&S, but even such a top can cost a lot there. it’s a bit too big for me, but I took it anyway, at most I’ll give it to my sister. I love this style of blouse that goes well with everything, especially the elegant pants that I have in my wardrobe in several colors. It had an oil stain, but I took a chance and it came off in the wash with no problem.


What do you think about my thrift purchases? Do you use such places or do you prefer new clothes from chain stores? I have always believed that you can find pearls in clothes liners that really cost pennies, even after the price increase. That is why I have been wearing them for years and most of my wardrobe is shopping from second-hand shops, although they are neat and corporate clothes, so none of my friends would have guessed it. Each piece cost between PLN 1-3.50 from the baskets, so it is really the cheapest possible deal. I have measured the clothes and they are good for me, they are also in really perfect condition, so I am very happy with these purchases. I will definitely visit these places more than once!

Do you buy in stores or do you prefer promotions in stores? Ania

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