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Fenugreek in hair care – rince, mask, spray

Hey! I am starting another hair treatment today – I will try how fenugreek works for hair loss and faster hair growth.

I have been using ground seeds at least once a year for several years and I must admit that this is one of my favorite treatments. Quick to do, very cheap, natural and most importantly – it works brilliantly on my hair.

Recently, I have a huge problem with falling out and I have to go back to this mixture, I will also try to use fenugreek in scalp masks and gloss.

On this occasion, I have several recipes for you to use this wonderful herb, which you will find in the blog DIY tab, as well as in the next parts of the post. I invite you for a handful of information and recipes using fenugreek in the care of healthy hair.

Fenugreek – properties and application on hair

Fenugreek is an annual plant from the legume family, which looks a bit like a clover. It is also called God’s grass, Greek clover or Greek hay. Dried seeds are used for medicinal purposes

They contain natural mucus, similar to linseed and, like onions, a wealth of vitamins, microelements and nutrients that work great on the condition of the scalp and hair. It will not only help with hair loss, but also reduce greasy, peeling and itchy skin, prevent dandruff and nourish hair, so it’s worth knowing its wonderful properties.

Fenugreek for hair – rince

This is most often applied in the form of a simple wicker. It is the best known mixture in the hair-maniac environment for hair loss. It is also used as a complement to the treatment for faster hair growth, because people who used it regularly noticed very good effects. After a month of treatment with fenugreek, the
hair stops greasy, the scalp will be soothed – it will stop peeling and itching, hair loss will be limited and lots of baby hair should appear.

Fenugreek leaves for hair loss and rapid hair growth

The fenugreek hair wipe is very easy to prepare. We brew the fenugreek seeds as tea – one tablespoon of fenugreek is poured with a glass of hot water and set aside for a few hours. It should be applied to the scalp, preferably with a 5 ml syringe, and fingertip massage should be performed. We use Wcierka once a day for a month and we take a week break.

Fenugreek for hair – mask and gloss

A mask for the scalp based on fenugreek is a mixture that helps with hair loss and hair growth. It will definitely help strengthen the bulbs and moisturize the scalp. Extract and fenugreek oil can be found in many store masks and conditioners that can be used on the scalp. It is easy, however, to prepare such a mixture yourself, e.g. from seeds that we have left after preparation. Add this fenugreek gel filled with water to a portion of the mask, conditioner or gloss and rub into the scalp after washing the hair, then rinse with cool water. This is definitely a shock dose, which is why we do not use it every day.

Henna, amla and fenugreek henna tea

Fenugreek – an additive for dyeing with henna

Fenugreek is also often used when dyeing hair with henna. We add it to the paste so that it acquires a better consistency, denser and with better glide. This facilitates the application of henna to the hair and has an additional beneficial effect on the scalp – strengthens the bulbs and moisturizes, preventing the so-called henna drying of the hair after the procedure.

Fenugreek – a spray for reanimation curls

I also used fenugreek in the recipe for a moisturizing resuscitation spray for curls, which can also be successfully used as a daily rinse-off conditioner. Every curly-haired girl knows the method of quick hair resuscitation, when to strengthen the twist at night we spray the hair with water and crush them with squares. However, why do it with tap water, if we can use our cheap curls to cheap and home DIY spray, which not only deeply moisturizes our hair, but also perfectly emphasizes their curl, gives the hair softness and elasticity. Use the spray to resuscitate curls – spray it on dry hair and knead the hair as usual.

Spray for resuscitating DIY curls and moisturizing conditioner 2 in 1

Fenugreek deeply nourishes the hair and strengthens it along the entire length, prevents them from frizzing, works against hair loss and adds shine. The addition of linseed and glycerin brilliantly moisturizes them.

Fenugreek – conditioner b / s, oil foundation, hair spray

Fenugreek seed extract can also be successfully used as a daily moisturizing conditioner b / s spray on the length of hair or a moisturizer after washing the hair, for easier combing. Or we can even use it as a moisturizing foundation for oiling your hair. Multifunctional! It also works on all types of hair, not just dry and curly locks.

Where to buy?

All recipes, as you can see, are very easy to prepare, are effective, and a herbal bag that lasts for many months costs about PLN 4 and is available stationary in almost every pharmacy, especially you can find it on the internet, at, on Allegro, in herbalists. I highly recommend you try one of my fenugreek treatments for long, healthy and beautiful hair! It is worth a try!

Let me know how the fenugreek treatment worked out for you!

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