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DIY hair mist conditioner

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Hi, folks! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of hair care – DIY regenerating hair mist. It is a very simple method to quickly nourish the hair along its entire length, for example during the week or for busy people who do not have time for intensive masking and applying multiple layers of cosmetics.

If your hair likes proteins, they will love this cosmetic! This is my favorite DIY hairstyle top 1 recipe. I do not know how much money I have saved by making this cosmetic for several years from semi-finished products, instead of buying ready-made sprays. I used this mist in many ways – as a conditioner without rinsing after washing my hair, every morning in the summer to nourish dry hair, for oiling, under a hat in winter, and even as the only care away treatment. The treatment is as good as those bought, it is brilliant and has always proved to be great for me!

My hair looks great even after such a quick mist. They are soft and fit nicely. Usually, I create a small mist and keep it in the fridge, because I’m afraid that the mixture, despite being preserved, will break down quickly. If you are interested in what DIY is and how to create a mist for the beauty of our hair, please read the rest of this post.

DIY hair conditioner mist conditioner

DIY hair conditioner mist


  • Water or hydrolate – about 50 ml
  • Aloe concentrated 10x – 10 drops
  • Hyaluronic acid 1.5% – 5 drops (or more aloe, panthenol)
  • Keratin – 10 drops
  • Elastin, collagen – 5 drops
  • Vegetable glycerin- – 5 drops
  • All in one -1 ml
  • Allantoin- pinch
  • Light hair oils – e.g. from wheat germ, argan oil – max. 5 ml
  • Extracts, e.g. of horsetail, banana juice, etc. – 1 ml
  • Essential oil / fragrance -2 drops
  • Preservative (e.g. FEOG) – 5-10 drops

Execution :

Time required:  10 min ..

Recipe for a homemade DIY hair mist

  1. Preparation of ingredients.The bottle should be washed and dried, preferably disinfected. We measure out the ingredients.
  2. We dissolve.Take 10 ml from the water / hydrolate, pour it into a beaker and dissolve a pinch of allantoin, then pour it into the bottle. We dissolve other extracts and powders in the same way.
  3. We mix.Then add the rest of the water to the bottle using a funnel. We sprinkle aloe, hyaluronic acid, keratin and the rest of the water ingredients into it, and finally the preservative.
  4. We shake.We mix thoroughly, then close and shake the bottle so that all ingredients combine well. If there is sediment, it can clog the entire bottle. Finally, add your chosen oil / oils and essential oil. We spin, mix and it’s ready.
DIY hair conditioner mist conditioner

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How do you like this hair mist? We use it like a spray from a store – shake it and spray it evenly on the hair from a distance of about 5-10 cm. I really like to use the mist right after washing my hair as a b / s. Although I just love all types of hair spa treatments, masking and hair oiling, I often use the method of spraying my hair with this cosmetic during the week, instead of washing. I believe that it is better to apply something even for a short time than, due to lack of time, consciously care for your hair. My hair looks great even after such a quick mist. They are soft and fit nicely. Usually, I only mist the mist at once, because I’m afraid that despite the preservative, such a mixture will break down quickly, but I guess you can risk making the cosmetic without maintenance and keeping it in the fridge for a day or two.

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