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keto bread with grains -easy and quick recipe

Hi! Today I have a recipe for you for healthy bread with grains. This is a really easy to do baking that will surely appeal to everyone. Especially when it is warm, it smells like a whole house and so crunchy!

We don’t need a machine or other equipment to do. Since I got this recipe, I have baked Bread with grains many times. It is done quickly and always comes out. The bread is tasty and very nutritious. It contains a lot of fiber and varied carbohydrates. It sates for a long time and maintains a constant blood sugar level.

It is certainly a healthier alternative than white, wheat rolls from the store or artificially colored bread. After cooling down, you can freeze the leftover bread so that nothing is wasted unnecessarily. Thanks to this, there will always be fresh and delicious sandwiches at home. Are you curious about the grain recipe? Welcome to the recipe!

Bread with grains -easy and quick recipe

Bread with grains- recipe


  • two glasses of water
  • half kg of wholemeal or spelled flour
  • five g fresh yeast (or properly dried)
  • half a cup of wheat and rye bran
  • five tablespoons of oat flakes
  • two tablespoons of linseed and chia seeds
  • two tablespoons of sunflower, pumpkin, black cumin and sesame seeds
  • after a teaspoon of sugar and salt


Time needed:  2 hours and 20 min ..

The recipe usually comes out with two typical keksówki or one large bread.

  • At the beginning yeast, of courseIf they are fresh, crush them with a fork and mix them with a little water of water. We add sugar and mix again. Then leave to rise for about twenty minutes. In a warm place, e.g. by a radiator.
    Meanwhile, we prepare the rest of the mass. Pour cereal, flour, bran and grains into a large bowl. So just all dry ingredients. Then mix well. I like to do it with a wooden spoon. The next step is to combine the ingredients.
  • The next step is to combine the ingredientsPour the yeast mass with water into the dry matter. We slowly grind as we pour in. I still do it slowly, with the same spoon.
    Only when the dough changes its consistency do I start mixing with a wet hand. Then I knead the mass with my fingers. I mix to thoroughly combine the ingredients. Usually for a few minutes.bread
  • I prepare bread molds grease them with oil, sometimes butter and sprinkle with bran or breadcrumbs. I put the finished mass into molds. Now just put them away for a moment to rise, again in a warm place. This time for about an hour.
    If you no longer have heaters, there is a way. I turn on the oven, heat for a moment, then turn it off. Molds inserted into it will receive enough heat. In order not to waste electricity, I also put something extra. Muffins , delicious cookies , banana chips, carrots or even apples made quickly . Do the herbs themselves to dry.
    After an hour, we check whether the weight has risen enough. If so, we bake bread at 190 degrees for about fifty minutes. It’s best to set the oven up and down.bread

And here are delicious sandwiches prepared from this bread. Unfortunately, I did not manage to take a full photo of the baking, because it began to disappear before it turned out for good 🙂 It often happens because Bread with grains is delicious!

bread with grains

Do you like this recipe? Doesn’t it look appetizing, right? I hope you try to bake it. let me know how he came out. Enjoy your meal!

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