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Body care empties 2020 | natural organic cosmetics

Hey guys! Today I have another empties for you, i.e. used body cosmetics from almost the entire last year.

I wrote the last entry with the wear of the face bottom, and this time my bottom will be about natural body care products. I hope you found this type of post interesting. I plan to write about different consumables with short reviews much more often, but we’ll see how far I can get it done. Are you curious how many cosmetics I have used since the beginning of 2020? Check out my short post with cosmetics reviews!

Body empties 2020: natural cosmetics for body care

Denko 2020 |  Body empties

Balea, Bodytonic, Balea Firming Body
Lotion, Body Lotion with Q10

I bought both of these balms at Drugstore DM, while on vacation in Hungary. They have great and simple lineups and the price was inviting as well. I really liked the whole series of green: they also have a slimming gel, bandages for the wrapping treatment, oil and breast cream. Slightly more expensive than this typical lotion, but worth trying next time. Yellow balm reminds me very much of Isan’s balm, unfortunately I haven’t seen it in Rossmans for a long time. It’s a pity, it was cheap and great for tuning with cosmetic intermediates.

Both lotions worked great for me – they tightened the skin in a visible way, smoothed out, smelled delicately, and the price for incredible efficiency – funny! This bottle also contains a rejuvenating lotion, so I will definitely buy it next time.

Alverde, Jasmine and sesame body lotion

Another hit, this time from the Czech DM. I was tempted and only for the smell, because the packaging suggested that it would be something wonderfully enveloping. I love the scent of jasmine! Unfortunately, it is not so strong, but also strongly felt alcohol. Unfortunately, there is always too much of it in Alverde, but it will not hurt the body. I also liked using it on my hands at night and falling asleep in this aroma. It was quite dense and greasy, perfect for winter and dates.

Gift of nature, Regenerating body lotion and shower gel for beautiful but dry skin

I use the gel with a duo of a body lotion, a bit because the detergents are a bit too strong for me and then the lotion moisturizes the skin very nicely, but also because they have a similar smell. Unfortunately, the gel packaging has long gone into the trash. I love jasmine, so they have a big plus right away. In addition, very nice ingredients – the balm has shea butter in second place, so it is really great for dry skin, moisturizes, nourishes and soothes. I also use it for my hands after homework. It is very efficient and nutritious.

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VIS PLANTIS, Helix Vital Care, moisturizing lotion with
Boots snail slime filtrate , body lotion white tea, tamarind, kukui

I finished both balms at the end of summer. Lubricating them is very pleasant. It is true that both of these products do not have a super oily formula and do not moisturize me for a very long time, but they work for everyday use. They have a light consistency – but it is neither too thin nor too buttery, it spreads well and works well. They leave my skin moisturized and smooth after each washing of the body and hands, which is enough for me when it comes to summer body care.

Denko 2020 |  Body empties

Denko: Facelle, avocado intimate cleanser and
Farmona chamomile , herbal care,
Intimelle cornflower intimate cleanser , soothing intimate cleanser

As I have mentioned many times, the intimate hygiene lotion is a multifunctional cosmetic for me. I buy one and take it with me when I travel. It also stands on the bathroom shelf as a liquid, shower gel, face gel, hand soap, hair shampoo, etc. The lotions proved to be great in each of these roles, and they are cheap. I buy them as soon as I see one on sale. The snowman was quite thick and had a nice nice smell. a lot to go to wash the face. I like the Intimelle the least, which used to be my hit, but Drogeria Natura caught the marketing and now they are much more expensive and slightly watered down, and they constantly change the appearance of the bottle – probably where the price is rising …

Vis Plantis Helix Vital Care Intensively regenerating hand and nail mask

The mask that I always use for the night is out of my way as well, I’m just rubbing the packaging with the leftovers, so I started testing straight away. I really like this pump package, plus a simple print. And of course, the consistency and smell, oily and moisturizing formula – it is very pleasant to use it. My hands, damaged after working in the garden, appreciate it. I will definitely stay longer with this cosmetic.

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Adidas and Weleda, roll-on deodorants without aluminum

Both work for me and are well available so I usually buy them for the summer. Adidas smells like Nivea cream, lets sweat a little more. But it is much cheaper, around PLN 9, often on sale. I have already finished a lot of packaging for this and the man in a gray packaging, which does not smell like a man and is also good. I took Weleda for a try, the beautiful smell masks the smell of sweat, it is creamy and pleasant to use, unfortunately expensive and less effective, I prefer to buy Balea for PLN 2 and also without aluminum.

Denko 2020 |  natural cosmetics for the body
Denko 2020 | natural cosmetics for the body

Alverde, family shower gel fig and mango

I bought it in the Czech Republic a long time ago, encouraged by the smell of mango and the low price. Unfortunately, the Alverde gel smelled weak, it was also very fluid. Nevertheless, it did its job, a very pleasant summer shower gel. Washing my hair with it unfortunately ended in a disaster, it stings my eyes a lot, I don’t know how it can be family-friendly. But it was efficient and effective.

Green Pfarmacy, Lotos bath salt and Jasmine
Wieliczka, Kinga fruit bath salt

King’s salt is so old that I do not know if they are still selling it, I certainly bought it during the school trip … But it stood on a steamy shelf in the bathroom for so many years and it is still doing well, there is a smell, there is unfortunately little effect. Like a dye for fabrics in water, a toy for children. I finally used it for a foot bath, because it was a pity to throw it away. The jasmine salt was also a misfire, the grains were huge, they wouldn’t melt, the smell was chemical and terrible, not even worth the very low price.

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It turns out that I have used a lot of cosmetics in the last few months. I count shower gels as one, although I threw a few out and as I mentioned, I used a whole lot of hair shampoos and intimate hygiene lotions as shower gels.

Is it a lot or a little? Just right I think. Certainly, however, I could use even more cosmetics in my cupboard next year: not only for the body, but also for hair, face and makeup.

Do you do cosmetic bottom designs?

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