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Natural hair care empties from 2020

Hey guys! Today, it’s time for the finalHair empties cosmetic wear throughout the past year. This will be a summary of all your hair care products consumed.

Every year I make various types of shorter and longer bottom designs, but periodically, at the beginning of winter, I also organize one big cleaning in cosmetic supplies. I do it mainly to throw away all the products that have expired, to use those that are ending by themselves, but those that I never use, but still remain on the shelves, and to sum up the care of the last months . This time I also focused on hair products, because I was somehow neglecting it and I had too many of them. I managed to use most of the bottom 20 in 2020. It was not easy, but I managed to do it and I consider the cosmetic hair bottom design to be successfully completed. Below I present to you my collections of almost all used packaging from the last few months. Feel free to post!

Hair empties | hair care cosmetics

My blog is very hair maniac and I am constantly testing new products so there are always plenty of them open on my bathroom shelf. I do not always manage to use them quickly, because I have a lot of them and even though I have long hair and I do good hairstyles, I have the impression that sometimes it is difficult for me to finish any conditioner. Except, of course, those for washing hair. Fortunately, this year I used a lot of hair cosmetics and a lot of old oils, so I consider the bottom design successful and I am very pleased with myself.


Denko wcierki from 2020 |  Hair Care

Isana, birch water – I used it mainly for preserving other DIY
Banfi masks, Lady, nettle and burdock lotions – all of them worked great for everyday use on the scalp of
Venita, herbal lotion treatment against hair loss – it was great for
Vianek loss , tonic – soothing scalp lotion – very good, daily Kallos
, Botaniq superfruits – as a conditioner, it made my hair stick together very much, as a lotion without a revelation
Stomach drops – as a DIY lotion, very
sticky Capitavit – as above, I melted green tea, strengthens the bulbs a bit, but not crazy
Khadi, wonder hair tonic – brilliant as a conditioner, varnish and as a lotion

Unfortunately, I threw away the rest of the rugs, and there were certainly many more of them.

Herbs for hair

Polish herbs: Sage, Chamomile, Mint 5-9 PLN / package.
Recently, I found in a cupboard a whole supply of old macerate-making herbs. The herbs still smell and look good, so I used them in a few recipes and made a rinse out of leftovers. Unfortunately, I discarded the packaging inadvertently.

Venita, henna and cassia for dyeing hair – cheap and good, well ground, fresh and Polish, I will always buy.
Henna Radico – bought by accident in the Czech Republic, gave me a beautiful, dark brown color without double dyeing.

Hair empties oils:

During the daily hair oiling treatment, I managed to use a few bottles of oils, not only hair oils, as well as a lot of intermediates and the remnants of aloe vera gel. I also used all the other cosmetics that I usually wash my hair with on a daily basis.

Denko from 2020 |  Hair Care

DIY oils for hair growth – herbal oil with onion and garlic
DIY oil with henna and Indian herbs
Argan oil and fig opuntia oil, oils from Morocco
Evening primrose oil and pumpkin oil (forgotten leftovers in bottles)
Oil-serum for hair ends with butter shea
DIY flower and herbal oil
Hesh, herbal hair growth Mahabhringaraj
Full review:  Hesh Mahabhringaraj, herbal hair growth oil

I used them every day in my hair oiling project for a month, and then for washing my hair, tuning masks and as a body oil. I also used up the serum for the tips, argan oil, fig opuntia oil and the leftover evening primrose and pumpkin oil that was left over from cooking. And a few other things that will be in the summary of the whole year. I think it is a very good result for hair oiling only!

I recommend my guide:  How to use hair oil? | 15 ways

Hair empties Oil primers:

Hair end oiling

DIY aloe-banana moisturizing hair serum, b / s and oil primer – 3 in 1.
KTC, Kewra Water, Kewra Water.
Balea, aloe gel
Lecithin from the
Ziaja pharmacy , cucumber tonic – as a base for oil and
Roamantic proffesional spray conditioner – poor rehab in a spray, used as a restoration of rubs

Henna, amla and fenugreek lotion | henna tea

Denko from 2020 |  Hair Care

Hair empties | masks and conditioners:

2020 denko design

I was able to use  most of the hair conditioners and masks in the bottom 20 project in 2020, which makes me very happy

Balea conditioners from DM drugstore: mango and vanilla
Vis Plantis mask for weakened hair:  prone to falling out, fenugreek, black turnip and horsetail
Ziaja, Intensive Color Hair Mask, castor oil
Ziaja conditioners: goat’s milk and regeneration honey
L’oreal Elseve , Dream Long,
L’Oreal Hair Expertise detangling conditioner, Pure Riche
Wax Rainforest conditioner,
Alverde mask for damaged hair, BIO Hairspray Lotus Flower Violet Rice
Vianek, Soothing Scrub for the scalp
Vatika, mask with black cumin – brilliant for washing and emulsifying
Babushka Agafia – balm raspberry – went all to wash
Babushka Agafia, honey soap for washing body and hair
Khadi, hair growth oil

Here, too, I think it is a very good result, especially since I went through all currently open hair cosmetics during the whole month. In addition, I used a huge amount of vitamins and preparations for hair growth and hair loss, reviews will appear on the blog periodically.

Denko from 2020 |  Hair Care

The hair empties project 2020 – summary

In this way, we managed to finish the annual danko project. It turns out that I have used most of my planned  hair cosmetics in the last few months  . Unfortunately, I did not manage to use a few cosmetics and leftover semi-finished products to the end, but I wanted to waste products and use them forcibly, or not disturb my hair routine with full PEH. In addition, this year I used a lot of hair cosmetics and a lot of old oils, so I consider the bottom design successful and I am very pleased with myself.

See also:  My guide on how to use a bad hair conditioner. 

Last year, I used more than 54 hair products in total (I threw away a few masks and rubs). This is how it is presented and I hope that among all these products you have found some that somehow interested you. Be sure to let us know if you know them and how they worked for you. And if you like this bottom design, check out the previous parts.

Do you like to read about cosmetics in the bottom project? Asia

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