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AA, Bio Natural Vegan, Wild Rose Eye Cream

Hello, darlings! I come to you today with a review of the AA cream, Bio Natural Vegan, Eye Cream “Wild Rose”, which is moisturizing novelties in my face care. The frost has been taking its toll on me lately and lack of sleep only intensifies the poor condition of my skin.

So I decided to look for deep moisturizing products for myself. Kem AA caught my eye on the shelf and I really needed an eye cream for the day, which would be light but rich and would be suitable for make-up. I really liked the manufacturer’s promises written on the packaging with a natural print, so I decided to take a chance. Now I wish I had caught some more from the same series as well. You will definitely need to try a cream or a toner sometime. So if you are interested in this cream, I invite you to read the article and my short review.

AA, Bio Natural Vegan, Wild Rose Eye Cream

AA, Bio Natural Vegan, Wild Rose Eye Cream

96% ingredients of natural origin. The illuminating formula of the eye and eyelid cream makes the look radiant and youthful.

• Organic rosehip oil, a rich source of antioxidants, effectively counteracts the aging process and reduces puffiness and lightens dark circles under the eyes.
• Vegetable glycerin prevents dryness and makes the skin smooth.
• Pumpkin seed extract soothes irritations and supports skin renewal processes.

Capacity 15 ml
Price PLN 19.99

My opinion on vegan cosmetics:


Cream AA, Bio Natural Vegan is enclosed in a very typical, soft tube with a thin applicator, which facilitates hygienic dosing. Thanks to it, you can dispense small amounts of cream. aesthetic packaging with promises of naturalness immediately catches the eye on the store shelf.


AA, Bio Natural Vegan is an ordinary, basic and skin-friendly moisturizing cream, perfect for everyday use for undemanding clients.

I am quite satisfied with the operation. The cream has quite a light consistency and white color, but it is substantial – not too runny, not too buttery and it is pleasant to apply. It is quite efficient, so you only need a small amount. It doesn’t have any scent, which is an advantage for me, it doesn’t cause allergies or irritation.

AA, Bio Natural Vegan, Wild Rose Eye Cream
AA, Wild Rose Eye Cream

The cream absorbs quickly, so it can be applied quickly. It absorbs very quickly and does not roll under make-up. Unfortunately, I did not notice any illuminating or swelling effect. Maybe it doesn’t moisturize the delicate skin under the eyes deeply, it doesn’t illuminate or smooth wrinkles, but after application it looks nice, is a bit smoother and rested.

Composition: The composition of the cream includes shea butter, vitamin E, passion flower and wild rose oils and pumpkin seed extract. It does not contain, as promised by the manufacturer, anything suspicious or irritating.

AA, Bio Natural Vegan, Wild Rose Eye Cream
AA, Wild Rose Eye Cream

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To sum up:

AA Bio Natural Vegan is a good and cheap everyday base cream for undemanding skin, it is definitely worth trying. It is a very good cream, considering its price, but it did not cause any breakthrough in my care. Bravo to another manufacturer for creating a completely eco and natural series, I will definitely be tempted by other face care products.

What do you think about such drugstore cosmetics? Asia

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