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Multani Mat facial clay – how to use?

Hey guys! Today we will review Multani Mati: yellow face clay, which I use not only to prepare masks.

For many years I have not bought ready-made, shop face masks in sachets, because my skin loves home-made, self-made liniments. So when I saw that yellow box of Multani Mati clay in a discount basket at one of the natural stores, I knew immediately that I had to try it. I used it both as a stand-alone face mask, as an addition to potions, for washing paste and in my recipes for hair, scrubs and body compresses. Clays are a universal cosmetic, so I always have a large supply of them at home. You can conjure up a lot of good and cheap home cosmetics. Feel free to post!

Multani Mati yellow clay
Multani Mati yellow clay

Hesh Pharma, Glinka Multani Mati

Manufacturer’s description:

Multani Miti (Fullers Earth) by Hesh is a natural clay with strong degreasing properties, recommended for oily and acne-prone skin. It has been used for skin cleansing for centuries. Rich in silicon, iron oxides, aluminum, magnesium, calcium and sapphire crystals, it is the most natural therapy for the skin. The feature that distinguishes the Fullers Earth clay from the rest of the known clays is its whitening properties.

Used in the form of masks, it favors the lightening of surface discolorations, evens out the skin tone, cleanses and slightly pellets the skin. Rich in silicon, iron oxides, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, sapphire crystals. The mush cleans dirt and clogged pores, thanks to which the skin breathes properly. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and bright.

Capacity: 100 g

Price: PLN 9-16

Accessibility: natural drugstores, internet


Solum Fullonum (Fuller’s Earth) 100%


Mix the appropriate amount of clay with water (for oily skin), rose water or milk (for dry skin) to obtain the consistency of a thick paste. Apply on face (or scalp and hair) for about 20 minutes. After drying, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Wash your hair with shampoo. Finally rinse with cold water.
Multani Mati can be successfully used in combination with other herbal face powders, e.g. rose petals, sandalwood or orange peel.

Multani Mati yellow clay
Multani Mati yellow clay

My opinion:

The product is packed in a yellow cardboard box with a typically Indian print. Mine was slightly crushed at the corner, hence the promotion, thanks to which I bought a mask for three zlotys. I think that these packages often get damaged during transport. 

Inside there is a foil bag with the company’s logo with the powder. After opening, unfortunately, it will be very dusty, spilled and dirty everything around. 

My advice is to pour the clay directly into another container, such as a metal can or jar, otherwise it will keep spilling out. The packaging of these products is simply not practical. 

The powder itself is fine, finely ground, yellow in color. It has a delicate scent characteristic of clays, but after making up the mask, you cannot feel it at all. 

Facial clay – how to use?

The mask made solo, according to the recipe on the packaging (with rose water, mixed to the consistency of a paste, which we put on the face for 20 minutes) did well. The skin was clean, dull but not pulled off. 

However, I strengthened the effect by mixing the clay with other mixtures that I put on my face – I like to add oils, cheese, moisturizers to the masks and mix with other clays to make their effects versatile. 

I am also going to test it by preparing homemade hair shampoos, about which I will write a separate post soon. 

Facial clay – what not to do?

Remember that no facial clay can completely dry on your face – you will only treat yourself to drying, tightening and possible irritation. To prevent this, you can periodically moisten with water or a hydrolate in a mist, or apply a cotton ball soaked with a tonic to the skin. 

My skin suffered when I read reviews of the use of masks by bloggers, which probably have nothing to do with natural cosmetics, were surprised by the drying of the clays and described scraping the masks with a fingernail or, for fear, undermining the crust with a file.

 We always wash off the mask with gentle, circular movements with the help of warm water, do not scratch the skin patches. If it has already crusted, it needs to be soaked. After a clay mask, it’s always a good idea to use something nourishing, such as a moisturizing and oiling serum.

Multani Mati yellow clay
Multani Mati yellow clay


Facial clay is a cheap and efficient product, and is completely natural. Not much is used at one time, so a box of 100 grams is enough for us for a long time. It is suitable for all skin and hair types, it is versatile and it is really worth having some type of it on the cosmetics shelf. In addition, here we have an original Indian product that is definitely worth trying.

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How do you use your clay masks? Or maybe you want me to add some recipes here?

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