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Annabelle Minerals, Royal Glow mineral highlighter

Hey! This time I come to you with another mineral cosmetic – this time it is Royal Glow mineral highlighter from Annabelle Minerals. It is a beautiful and golden, truly royal shade that will surely come in handy for the upcoming summer. 

It will perfectly emphasize my tan. It can be used alone, on traditional liquid foundations or in combination with mineral foundations from the same company. It can also be used as a pollen for the body: neckline, arms and legs. I am very interested in the effect on my skin, unfortunately we still have a very cold spring and we will have to wait for the heat. At the moment, I am testing this powder as a highlighter for the cheekbones – it is perfect for darker skin with yellow undertones. If you are interested in the review, please read the rest of this post.

Annabelle Minerals, Mineral highlighter

Royal Glow mineral highlighter

The Annabelle Minerals brand   needed only 5 ingredients to create a unique highlighter in a warm, golden color. This unique cosmetic is especially recommended for people with a warm, darker type of beauty. We are sure that it will look beautiful on skin tanned by the summer sun.

How to use a mineral highlighter?

Apply the Royal Glow mineral highlighter with a mini kabuki brush to those parts of the face that you want to emphasize. In order to contour the face – as a bronzer – use an illuminating mineral layer in the Golden Medium shade. You can also use the highlighter as an eyeshadow. In order to intensify the effect, apply the cosmetic in thin layers.

Annabelle Minerals,

Meet the celebrity trick on a spectacular glow

Would you like to know the secret of the radiant skin of Instagram and YouTube stars? We are about to reveal it to you! For a wow effect, apply the highlighter twice – at different stages of makeup: before and traditionally after applying the foundation.

Where to apply the mineral highlighter?

To achieve the effect of luminous makeup and to contour the face, apply the mineral highlighter with a mini kabuki brush:

– under the eyebrow to enlarge the eye and correct the shape of the eyebrows;

– on the top of the cheekbones to emphasize them and add freshness to the complexion. To enhance the dimensional effect, apply a little bronzer under the cheekbones. The Golden Medium illuminating foundation will be perfect for this role.

Annabelle Minerals royal glow

– on the beard and cupid’s bow – it’s a great way to visually enlarge the lips and emphasize this part of the face;

– to the top of the nose if you want it to appear thinner;

– into the inner corner of the eye to visually open it and hide any fatigue.

The highlighter is packed in a 4-gram jar.


Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Tin Oxide, CI 77491, CI 77492

Capacity: 4 grams

Price: 59.90 PLN

Annabelle Minerals, royal glow mineral highlighter

My opinion:


We buy the Royal Glow mineral highlighter in a plastic jar with a black cap. The package contains 4 grams of the cosmetic, which is standard for loose cosmetics, which are much more efficient than pressed products of the same capacity. The jar with a detachable strainer is easy to use, made of solid plastic that will not break easily. The cap is large enough to twist the brush while applying. Additional protection against spilling or opening by foreign, inquisitive paws… So there is no access of air or bacteria to the cosmetic. We are sure that the powder is fresh and hygienic. Properly stored, it will serve us for many years.

Royal Glow mineral highlighter


I rate the Royal Glow shade

Royal Glow mineral highlighter has a warm, golden shade. It is recommended for people with a warm, darker type of beauty, but don’t be influenced by it. Despite my complexion with yellow undertones, I am quite pale and fair, and yet the cosmetic looks very nice when applied even in exaggerated amounts to my cheekbones. Although it will probably not be suitable for fair-haired, pinkish blondes. Probably only for tanned skin and darker bronzer, here it can definitely be a beautiful effect on any type of beauty. I will definitely try it in the summer to make my whole body gild! Not only the face.

As you can see on the swatch, only slightly rubbed does not fall out too yellow, even in the company of dandelions. I would describe it as slightly golden, but it’s still a natural effect: a subtle illumination or even a surface shimmering in the sun.

The powder is finely ground and has no smell. It is light, you have to be careful when scooping it, but there is no major difficulty in the application. It does not dusty too much, it does not spill. It spreads quite easily and sticks well to the dose, especially when powdered.

Royal Glow mineral highlighter

In terms of performance, of course, I have no objection either. A small amount is enough to cover the cheekbones, nose and eyebrow ridge, so the cosmetic will certainly last for a long time, even if we use it every day.


This is another great product from Annabelle Minerals. I like it the most as a gentle everyday highlighter. I am glad that I chose this color instead of another meringue or pink highlighter. Thanks to this, I have different options in my toiletry bag. I also like it in the form of a blurred shadow in the corners of the eyes, it adds shine and depth to them. Sometimes I use it as a shadow over the entire eyelid, with evening make-up. She works great in each of these roles. And as I mentioned, it will probably last me for many, many years. It is worth investing in such universal quality.

Score: 5/5

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