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Amilie, Coverage Cashmere, Mineral foundation

Hey guys! Today I would like to tell you about the Amilie Foundation, Coverage Cashmere, the last pearl in my discoveries of mineral cosmetics.

I got Amilie’s covering mineral foundation as a gift from a friend, whom he completely did not match. He knows that I like to make organic makeup according to my own recipes, I have cosmetic intermediates at home, so in case of a mismatch, I can always change the formula or color. It is true that in the case of mineral powders there is always this wonderful possibility, but this time there was no such need – Amilie mineral foundation worked perfectly for me, despite the fact that I have to use additional concealers with it. I especially like its illumination and creaminess when applied. I invite you to the rest of the review.

Amilie, Coverage Cashmere, Mineral foundation

Amilie Coverage Cashmere – mineral covering foundation

Product description:

Neutral shade, suitable for fair complexions. Mineral foundation suitable for all skin types, covers well, gives the effect of natural makeup.

The Coverage formula provides perfect coverage of all skin imperfections, with a built-up degree of coverage (each subsequent layer provides greater coverage). The foundation is suitable for all skin types – also allergy-prone, sensitive and acne-prone skin. The foundation has a silky texture and gives a delicate finish. 

Amilie mineral foundations do not contain preservatives, silicones, nanoparticles, petroleum substances and harmful chemical additives, so they are suitable even for very sensitive skin, acne prone or prone to irritation. Breathable skin, without clogged pores, repays with better condition and condition. Amilie foundations provide long-lasting makeup, a silky complexion and natural sun protection.

Capacity: 7 grams
Price: PLN 44
Availability: the mineral foundation can be purchased directly in the Amilie store or in online drugstores


Mica. May contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine.

Amilie, Coverage Cashmere, Mineral foundation

The most important ingredients and their properties

  • mica – a natural mineral. Mica particles reflect and scatter light, thanks to which they hide imperfections, make the skin radiant and brightened,
  • titanium dioxide – a natural mineral. It has antibacterial properties. It is also a natural sunscreen. 
  • zinc oxide – a natural mineral. It has antibacterial and matting properties, helps heal wounds. Additionally, it is a source of natural protection against UV rays, 
  • iron oxides, ultramarine – pigments,
Amilie, Coverage Cashmere, Mineral foundation

My opinion:

The product is placed in a fairly small, aesthetic box typical of mineral cosmetics. It has a good, non-breakable strainer with an overhang, which pours the right amount of product. However, it is difficult for me to operate the brush in such a small lid, maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to other minerals. Despite everything, I pour it out on my plate.

The mineral foundation has the coverage formula to ensure perfect coverage of all imperfections. My skin is usually not affected by a rash of imperfections, but I have a few acne scars to hide, spots, dilated capillaries, blackheads on the nose and dark circles under the eyes. One layer of Amilie foundation, applied dry with a flat top brush, unfortunately did not manage to camouflage it all, although I rate the coverage as optimal, medium towards strong. It does not bother me because I have a whole set of concealers that will deal with this problem perfectly. However, it definitely extends the time of putting on make-up. 

Amilie foundation is easy to apply, blends well with the skin and does not dusty too much. The grip in the dry areas of my face is good, but I thought my dry cheeks weren’t looking their best in winter and my greasy nose was coming off quickly. For this reason, I came up with a patent for it – for the T zone, I put a mineral foundation under it, and a greasy cream on the dry parts of the skin. In addition, I corrected my nose with matting powder – thanks to this method the foundation looked almost perfect. So I estimate that it is a good product for normal skin, not typically dry or oily. Or for mixed ones, like mine, just remember that if you don’t moisturize your skin beforehand, this foundation can make a bad impression of dry areas on the face.

They come back to the composition issue, I am a bit surprised that the Coverage mineral foundation   does not contain zinc oxide. In the self-made foundations from Koloró, it is quite an important ingredient, and I have never omitted it in my recipes. I need to think about it. Perhaps it is thanks to the omission of the absorbent ingredient that the formula is so creamy? It also seems to be a bit illuminating to me, because of this and because of the color, I also started using it as a winter version of an under-eye concealer. Here it works best for me, it hides shadows, lightens up slightly and does not get into wrinkles too much.

The foundation does not rub off on the face, lasts about 10 hours without touch-ups and all day with small touch-ups, which is a very good result. Even when it starts to wear off, its coverage is still good, it does not make unsightly patches or stains, it does not boil, it does not emphasize pores and wrinkles. It comes off fairly evenly over time and the face still looks natural.

Amilie, Coverage Cashmere, Mineral foundation


This is by far the best mineral foundation for combination and normal skin. It can also help the skin type that has so far reacted with seborrhea due to drying out to most drugstore matting powders. It may also not be suitable for those with very dry or typically oily, seborrhoeic skin, because then its worst flaws become apparent, resulting from the unusual formula. You can deal with it by properly lubricating / mattifying the skin before applying or changing the formula by mixing with other ingredients, but I think that it is not worth playing with such combinations: if the foundation does not suit us, it is worth replacing it and adapting it to yourself and your needs, one that is almost perfect for us. 

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It is worth trying, especially since the color range of the products is wide and the price for this capacity is not overstated. 

It is definitely a mineral makeup at a great price. I will definitely buy Amilie illuminating foundation and jojoba foundation or maybe Amilie Satin? There are so many tempting mineral cosmetics, so little time! 🙂 

Score: 5/5

Do you already know mineral foundations? I like Amilie’s makeup cosmetics?

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