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Second-hand haul (1) | beige clothes and dresses

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Hey guys! Today I have a new cycle for you from the ecological and responsible fashion series, i.e. shopping with a second hand shop. The first post in this series will be about the pre-spring edition, i.e. the fashion for the transition period.

The weather is about to change to a warm spring, but February still has some cold and snow. So I was looking for knitted sweaters and dresses that are very easy to wear. In addition, I’m fed up with gloomy and dark colors, so I chose a few colorful dresses and meringue, warm shades to cheer up these days.
In addition, these are exceptional purchases from the Internet, i.e. online stores. It happened because the weather and viral circumstances were not very conducive to going out to the frost and rummaging in baskets of clothes. However, I found very nice things at extremely low prices on the Internet, so I’m very happy. Everything was nicely put on, measured and ironed. The clothes did not have the characteristic smell of second hand clothes made of sacks, but they certainly came from there – or straight from sacks from the warehouse.
One of the dresses had a big flaw, unfortunately I had to send it back. For sure, it was much cheaper for me than in stores where I usually buy, i.e. in Dawo, where prices have been going up for a long time. The shipment was a free courier, for purchases from PLN 150, so it also paid off for me. If you are interested in what I was able to buy, I invite you to the rest of the post!

Second hand purchases, shirts and sweaters:

  1. H&M jacket, 38, linen , 16 zlotys.
    Linen jacket (100% linen) in a light beige color. It will look great in the summer, with a white T-shirt and jeans or summer dresses for the evening cool. Thin and airy, nicely tailored cut. They were in vogue last year and cost a fortune in the store, like blazers. But this is probably an older model, judging from the length. A bit loose, but that’s what I like. I even love -the color, linen and cut!
  2. Primark shirt dress, s. 38 , 83% modal, 17% polyester , PLN 14.
    I was worried that it would be too big for me, but it was supposed to be – loose, but not too much and it would fit in the breasts. Perfect length as a dress and of course this lovely color! It is not see-through, so I will definitely use it as a typical summer dress – with and without a belt and summer sandals. After all, it can also be used as a shirt tucked in pants. I love this color!
  3. Atmosphere dress sweater, 38, acrylic , 11 PLN.
    The store said it was beige, in fact it was a very pretty, slightly off-white. Nice quality for this company, perfect length to the knees to wear up to the gaiters. Warm as acrylic, but of course I sweat in it. Soft material. The size is too high, because it feels like an S. I love wearing such comfortable things in winter and I want them in every color.
  4. H&M shirt, r. 36, viscose , PLN 14.
    A very nice color, like a cappuccino, but in a light shade. I will definitely wear it a lot this spring. Perfect for white and black pants, white jeans and any beige. In addition, thanks to the pockets, a relaxed cut, not like an office shirt. Basic for my wardrobe which I have been looking for a long time.
  5. Size 8 Needle sweater, size XS, 60% acrylic, 40% nylon , PLN 11.
    Warm, dark beige, although the store said it was brown. Another wonderful knitted dress that I have worn more than once with leg warmers. Soft material, loose cut, although it’s the same size as the previous sweater like 38. There was also the same sweater, but it was white, but in the photo it seemed yellow to me, such an ugly ivory, so I didn’t take it. I regret it because someone probably knew about the colors …
  6. Gina Tricot semi-turtleneck sweater, size S, 60% Polyamide, 35% polyester, 5% wool , PLN 14.
    Bright color of coffee with milk. Thin but soft and warm. I can wear it as a turtleneck and a thin trouser sweater or under other sweaters in case of frost. It has a great cut, with that turtleneck and the same sleeves. Nice length, just right for the belt. I love!
1. H&M Navy, r. 38.

Second hand shopping: colorful summer dresses:

  1. Dress h9, S, no label , PLN 14.
    There are no labels, it doesn’t feel like a brand, but it’s well made. It stretches a lot, but it does not squeeze by force, and the thin material is pleasant to the touch. It fits beautifully on the body. A stretcher even now, in winter, for warm clothes underneath.
  2. Topshop petite dress, s. 34, 91% polyester, 9% elastane, 9 PLN.
    It’s a bit too short like this petite, but because it’s a bit thicker and has sleeves, I wear tights or leg warmers underneath it, and I don’t mind at all. I like the color, the black flowers on the beige background, so it goes well with everything. The size is good, stretches nice and fits great.
  3. White H&M dress, rS, no tag , PLN 9.
    The label is cut out, but it seems to me that largely cotton (thick and not translucent), it only slightly stretches. A white dress with a lace on the back, fits very nicely around the waist, perfect for a summer dinner or lunch, because it does not look like a wedding dress. Simple, but elegant and how comfortable. I’ve been looking for one in stores for a long time!
  4. Next petites dress, s. 34, 98% polyester, 2% elastane , PLN 14.
    Honestly, I bought it with the hope that it will fit, because it is XS and it does not stretch. Despite this, it looks good on me and I’m very happy because I love this pattern and cut at first sight. A perfect dress for summer, evening outings. It looks very elegant and slimmer.
  5. H&M dress, r.XS, 94% polyamide, 6% elastane , 14 PLN.
    I liked this pattern the least of all, but it was also cheap and stretchy, so I decided that it would always be useful, and there was free shipping for PLN 150, so I already made it. Unfortunately, the dress turned out to be beautiful live, I already imagined wearing it with black accessories, but it has a broken zipper on the back, and it is very long. It is still holding up, but it will be gone soon She went to the return and I am sorry, because surely no one missed such a big flaw, and just wanted to cheat.

    Despite the low prices and beautiful clothes, I will not buy more from this seller and that is why I do not give it to you and I do not recommend it.

Summarizing shopping:

What do you think about my second hand purchases? Do you use such places or do you prefer new clothes from chain stores? I have always believed that you can find pearls in clothes liners that really cost pennies, even after the price increase. That is why I have been wearing them for years and most of my wardrobe is shopping from second-hand shops, although they are neat and corporate clothes, so none of my friends would have guessed it. I bought stretchy items on purpose to make them fit on me, because after all, it’s an online purchase. It makes no sense to struggle with returns unnecessarily. Each second hand piece cost from PLN 9-16. For all my purchases, i.e. the 11 items that I showed you, I paid about PLN 140, which is the average cost of one new piece of clothing from the chain store.

But as I mentioned above, I do not recommend this dishonest seller to you, even though he has a large selection of things in good condition. Two things that I bought, as it turned out, were gone … But I got a refund and free shipping. The package, however, came to me wrapped in a garbage bag in the worst frost, with needles of ice in sweaters. Some dimensions did not match, but luckily it fits me well. I also think it’s always better to see used clothes live and try them on right away.

Polish version: Zakupy z lumpeksu (1) | second hand haul

Do you buy in stores or do you prefer promotions in stores? Ania

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