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Thrift shop haul (3) | Fall colors and warm basics

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Today I have another episode for you from the new cycle about ecological and responsible fashion, i.e. shopping with a Thrift / second-hand store. Just like the next post in this series, it will be about the fall edition, i.e. fashionable basics for the transition period, autumn and winter – browns, checks and beiges, my favorite autumn colors!

Recently, I have made another transfer of clothes in my wardrobe – from summer and spring to autumn and winter. On this occasion, I also try to clean the shelves with clothes, rearrange things and remove all unnecessary clothes from the wardrobe, in which I will definitely not be wearing. This time, I managed to throw away two whole, huge garbage bags, full of unnecessary clothes – of course they went to the right places: shelters, charity shops and in the hands of my friends and family, nothing was wasted. But since I had some free space, I decided to take a walk through the second-hand Thrift shops and find some new things.

What I missed in the wardrobe was especially warm basics that can be worn underneath, under sweaters, and turtlenecks that are equally enveloping. I would also like to have more autumn colors – yellow, brown, red. I have to admit that my shopping was successful, I managed to find a lot of warm and nice clothes. And at extremely low prices – from PLN 17 to PLN 3.50, and they are in really perfect condition, so I am very pleased. If you are interested in what I managed to buy, I invite you to the rest of the post and my purchases!

Second-hand purchases

Thrift purchases, tops and dresses:

1. Utentos Trikotazas dress, s. XS, 55% merino wool, 45% cotton, price: PLN 17

The dress has a very nice color, dark nude, something between beige and subdued pink. Despite its small size – and a pretty tight bottom – it’s just right for me, maybe someone stretched it? The producer comes from Lithuania, I don’t know him, is it a holiday souvenir? And the composition is wonderful, it is very warm, but the skin breathes and the material is very pleasant to wear. Such a simple basic is always useful, even for going out with friends, with black accessories. I adore her! The price is surprising for the merino – there are no disadvantages. Maybe this tight cut could not find a buyer?

2. Atmosphere shirt, r. 38, viscose ,  PLN 12.

The shirt has a very nice pattern and color, supposedly black, like white, plus flowers and autumn colors. I will definitely wear it a lot – both now and in the spring. Perfect for white and black pants, white jeans and all beige. Despite the plus size, it fits me tight, thin and airy. Basic for my wardrobe which I have been looking for a long time.

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3. Elegant dress with a New Look belt, s. 38 ,  83% polyester, 17% elastane,  3.50 PLN.

Long, warm and elegant, flared at the bottom, a dress with a crotch I love – it makes me very slim. It has a thin strap that is slightly worn but easy to replace. The material is thick and warm, so it is a typical autumn dress, under which you need to put a warm turtleneck – I do not understand the manufacturer’s idea, which did not add sleeves, but it is difficult … I saw it at the very end of shopping, it was lying in a basket with disguised remnants. So I am very glad that despite exhaustion I still reached for it, it is wonderful and I do not know why it cost so little – because of the belt?

4. Dungarees Cameo Rose, s. 38 ,  95% polyester, 5% elastin,  3.50 PLN.

Again, I do not know why it was in the discount baskets, it is a very nice and strong dress with a light check – it can easily pretend to be the latest collection from any chain store, although I do not know the manufacturer. I bought it with a skirt in mind, but I think I will also wear it on a turtleneck as a dress – I love this pattern and comfortable pockets, and the material is thin and light. I will wear it with black accessories, for shopping and for walks. Casual and convenience!

5. Primark thicker sweater, XS, acrylic, price: PLN 3.50.

I love this set of colors and even though it is an ordinary Primark sweater and acrylic – it means that I will sweat under it and it will wear out quickly … I had to reach for it, it was in the boxes again for a very low price, it was very warm, nice it lies on the body and of course there is absolutely no disadvantage, I was looking for anvette holes in the daylight. Maybe this size XS confused customers, but it was a mistake or someone stretched – despite washing it is just right for me. It complements my wardrobe perfectly and goes well with everything.

6. Three cotton turtlenecks: New Look, Patra, Terranova, PLN 3.50 / item

Turtleneck and sweater turtlenecks are something I always look for in retail stores. They are warm, comfortable and easy to wear in layers underneath other clothes. The basis of my autumn and winter wardrobes, so I buy them whenever I see. Here I found two white and one black – plain, simple, cotton, in perfect condition.

The first white is very thick and warm, the second one from Patra has an admixture of bamboo fiber and silk, it is light and airy, perfect for a thin sweater. Black is thin cotton with a nice-to-touch texture – I already wore it under the new dresses from this post. It is not worth overpaying in chain stores for such basic ones.

Second-hand purchases

7. Marks & Spencer thermal set, 36/38, 50% polyester, 50% viscose, total 17 PLN

I could not believe that I came across a thermal set from this company – it is very expensive in the store, I know, because when I used to walk around London and dreamed for days, I was very tempted to buy such leggings or a T-shirt that you wear under clothes and for underwear . Then I looked for something like that in Polish stores for a long time, until I found it in a Thrift second-hand shop. The gaiters were separate, mixed with pants, and the T-shirt was on hangers. They certainly didn’t know what May in the store, otherwise the price would be much more expensive. It is a special material that retains body heat, but does not sweat excessively, is pleasant to the touch and makes me feel so cozy … I love its warmth and comfort, just right for cold days. My favorite purchase from the whole last year – and for this price!

8. Flexible pants with a suede effect, cut labels, 8 PLN

These are definitely cheaper chain trousers, but I am fine with that. The size is just right, does not tighten the body and is thicker than leggings – can be worn as typical pants. The material is not very thin, but I wear leggings under it anyway for warmth. They fit everything, are cheap and comfortable to wear, what more could you want?

9. Gray skirt with a small pattern, Atmosphere, s. 36, 95% polyester, 5% elastane,  3.50 PLN.

I admit that I have a lot of similar skirts in my wardrobe – black and white and gray, elastic, long and short. No wonder, because they are easy to wear – I put on black or white accessories and it’s ready, without thinking long. For every occasion and every exit. Again, a product from the basket, without any defects and traces of wear.

9. Primark hat and scarf, acrylic, 3.50 / each

I love such accessories in autumn colors, especially as they go well with the caramel coat. I took these purchases from the basket, although there were very similar items priced nearby … And these did not have any disadvantages, so again I am not complaining … The scarf is just beautiful, not too big, not too warm, without fringes. I love this checkered pattern, I caught it as soon as I entered the store and have been wearing it nonstop since then.

To sum up

I think that with this post I proved to you to the end that shopping in Thrift second-hand shops is the best for our pocket and that they save the planet. And that you have to ignore the given sizes and measure everything yourself. So what do you think about my second-hand Thrift purchases? Do you use such places or do you prefer new clothes from chain stores? I have always believed that you can find pearls in clothes liners that really cost pennies, even after the price increase. That is why I have been wearing them for years and most of my wardrobe is shopping from second-hand shops, although they are well-kept and company clothes.

I bought warm and stretchy clothes on a special basis, so that they fit me well and were comfortable, in colors perfect for fall and winter. because in the end it’s online purchase. It makes no sense to struggle with returns unnecessarily. Each piece cost from PLN 3.50-17. For all the purchases that I showed you, I paid as much as, on average, one new piece of clothes from the thrift store.

Do you likethrift stores?

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