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Syoss men power hold | gel for curly hair

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Hey! The time has finally come for stylers reviews on my blog, so I decided to start with Syoss men power hold, one of the first stylers I started using since I started conscious hair care.

It is definitely everyone who has long known and cult cosmetic for styling wavy and curly hair. Despite the fact that it is a typical male cosmetic, as evidenced by the design of the tube (and the large men inscription, as well as the disgusting smell of cheap men’s perfumes), it was recommended a few years ago in the milieu of curly hair lovers, along with its green brother, Syoss max hold. I bought it back then with the thought of trying to get my paltry 2b / c waves out because of its amazing power. The gel is really strong, has a natural composition, but full of polymers that hold the curl well, so it is often recommended for beginners. It also worked perfectly for me and I have been faithful to it for years. He also has thousands of admirers. Some time ago, an action broke out with a rumor that it will be withdrawn from stores and I remember as then it was massively bought out. Nothing like that happened, the gel was on the market, it is still available today, only its graphic design has recently changed. The manufacturer understood that the gel is not used only by men and changed its name to a universal one, fortunately the composition remained unchanged. I am very glad that no preservatives, silicones or drying alcohol were added, as it happened with my other favorite of the past years, Bielenda black turnip gel, which fell from the position of a bestseller and now remains dusty on store shelves. I just bought Syoss gel as its worthy successor and I have its tube in my cupboard to this day. I use it both solo and in mixes to bring out my curls and to style a variety of curls. If you are curious how I perform in all these roles,

Syoss men power hold |  gel for curly hair


Manufacturer’s description:

Syoss Professional Effects. We believe that you deserve salon-like hair every day. Syoss inspired by hairdressing salons, co-created and tested by hairdressers, creates a strengthening structure on the hair surface. Provides 48 hours of long-lasting fixation and a perfect balance between fixation and softness. Bring salon, long-lasting style to your home! Power Hold shaping hair gel. 48h of Megamind Fix. 48h of maximum styling control and powerful fixation for men’s hairstyles. Easy styling and styling. Dries quickly, does not stick hair. Easy to wash off.


Aqua PVP Acrylates / Hydroxyesters Acrylates Copolymer Acrylates / Steareth-20 Methacrylate Crosspolymer Aminomethyl Propanol Phenoxyethanol PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Parfum DMDM ​​Hydantoin Glycerin Panthenol Niacinamide Benzotriazolyl Benzotriazolyl Dodecyl p-Cresolyxyl Acidycium Ethyl Acidycerin Benzheoicium 60

Capacity:  250ml

Price: 10-17 PLN

Availability: stationary drugstores

Syoss men power hold |  gel for curly hair



We get the gel in a typical, tall tube. It has a huge capacity of 250ml and is very efficient. This, combined with the low price and frequent promotions, makes it a really great purchase. The tube has a good flap, but sometimes I get stuck. Typically male design, dark, deterrent. The tube can stand on its head, the plastic is soft, we can squeeze the right amount of gel from it without any problems, after use it is also easy to cut and use the leftovers, although beware – the gel dries very quickly!

Consistency and smell:

I have always had a problem here, the gel is thick and sticky and cruelly sticky, I hate this feeling on my fingers, it is also difficult to wash off with water. It also has the hideous smell of cheap men’s perfume, which always makes me wince and my boyfriend gives me puzzled glances. Fortunately, it evaporates quickly. Some people dilute it a bit to make it easier to use.


I bought Syoss gel for the first time years ago as a worthy successor to Bielenda Black Turnip and I have its tube in my cupboard to this day. Although it does not contain any nourishing ingredients, it  is one of the most powerful stylers available on the market, it is also cheap, efficient and easy to find in drugstores.

I use it both solo and in mixes to bring out my curls and to style a variety of curls. He was perfect for each of these roles. It is an almost perfect gel for waves and curls without alcohol. I use it almost every time I wash it. The gel does not dry out, although strong polymers may give the impression of dryness and dullness the next day. Then, however, it is enough to revive the hairstyle – wet the hair or spray it with a mist, press it off and dry it. Syoss contains as many as three polymers responsible for maintaining the curl, no wonder that it nicely emphasizes even my weak curl and strengthens my curls for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended for wavy, like few other products. Unfortunately, it also creates rusks and stiff pods if we put too much of it. Of course, you have to brush them off after the hair is dry, which not everyone likes to do. However, the effects are worth it, and you can also apply the oil. I always do this for fear of dry ends.

This is what the new SYOSS POWER HOLD tube looks like

Syoss men power hold |  gel for curly hair

Syoss, however, hates neglected or dry hair, it is visually more curled than curled, and the rusks and dryness are cruel. You also have to be careful with its amount, because here it is also dry and the pods are guaranteed. Remember about the gel foundation – leave-in conditioner, cream, primer. Without it, you can expect the Sahara on your head for another day. Unfortunately, the difficult manual 🙂 is also very powerful

SYOSS MEN POWER HOLD, how to use the hair gel:

Time required:  10 min ..

How to use the hair gel:

  1. Hair preparation.Make sure your hair is properly moisturized and lubricated, otherwise it will seem very stiff and dry, and visually, the curls will not be the best curls.
  2. Remember about b / s conditioner.The gel requires a foundation that will retain moisture in the hair: it is recommended to use with a B / S conditioner, curl cream, primer.
  3. Don’t overdo the quantity.The product is strong, so start with a few peas and end with a teaspoon of the product on medium length hair.
  4. Long indentation.Thoroughly press the product onto damp, freshly washed and moisturized hair.
  5. Drying.Put the turban on, then dry with cool airflow with diffuser.
  6. The gel requires kneading.The product creates rusks, after styling and drying, dry the hair with a towel with / or oil.
Syoss men power hold |  gel for curly hair


Syoss men power hold is quite a strong gel for curly and wavy hair . A cult product and a favorite of thousands of hair lovers. Although it does not contain any nourishing ingredients, it is one of the most powerful stylers available on the market, it is also cheap, efficient and easy to find in drugstores. It complies with the CG method, emphasizes curls and waves, and gives a strong, long-lasting twist. It is the most popular styler for wavy hair. A great product for both beginners and advanced who want to try something new. Cheap as borscht on promotions, so it would be a real sin not to try. I recommend it very much!

Do you know this iconic hair gel? Ania

Grade: 4.5 / 5

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