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Why did the perfume change color? Do perfumes spoil?

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Hello guys! Today I have a different type of post for you – we will talk about perfumes and why our perfumes changed color? Can perfumes spoil? What does the cloudy, dark liquid in the bottle mean, and why could it have happened? Is it possible for the alcohol to evaporate from the perfume, and most importantly, can we still use our favorite fragrance if there are any changes in the perfume?

I know that many people, as well as myself, are still looking for answers to these questions. I, too, have been convinced throughout my life that we buy perfumes forever. They contain a lot of alcohol and will never spoil, we can collect them at will and keep them on display wherever and as much as we like. However, unfortunately, it sometimes happens that we notice the above-mentioned changes taking place in our bottle, most often it is a change of colors. The perfumes begin to darken, turn cloudy, there is something floating in them or the smell has changed.

I was surprised myself when something like this happened to my collection, so I did my research on this subject and today I will try to answer these frequently asked questions about perfumes. Feel free to post!

Why did the perfume change color? Do perfumes spoil?

Why did the perfume change color?

Perfumes themselves, or rather perfumed waters, because we usually buy such a cosmetic, are supposed to give us a specific scent, which is to give us character, style and elegance. Dyes are responsible for giving perfumes color, usually artificial, and not, as is commonly thought, extracts and fragrance oils (although sometimes it also happens in very natural compositions of eco perfumes).

So, like any artificial component, it can break down over time or change after the expiry date.

The most noticeable change is that the color of the liquid becomes slightly darker, but the smell has not changed. This is often the case with light blue, pink or purple perfumes. This can be seen especially in the example of the perfume by Thierry Mugler. Most likely, the vanilla used in the fragrance is responsible for this, because this is how this component ages.

For me, it happened with the Allvernum frill – IRIS & PATCHOULI – it used to be light blue, now a dirty, dark color, but nothing has changed in the smell, so I still use it, although rather on a scarf and not on the skin.

Why did the perfume change color? Do perfumes spoil?
Why did the perfume change color? Do perfumes spoil?

Can perfumes spoil? Why?

Changing the color of the perfume to a much darker or cloudy color can also mean that the perfume is beginning to spoil, but also that it is past its expiry date or the perfume has been poorly stored – exposed to artificial light, harsh sun, heat or icy cold.

Unfortunately, the change in the color of the perfume often precedes the deterioration of the fragrance. Therefore, check what happened with the composition, of course testing it on a piece of paper.
Completely spoiled perfumes can be easily and immediately recognized , because the smell changes completely, they even start to smell bad, become bitter, tart, intense or even musty and disgusting. In addition, they are cloudy and dense, they seem oily, and there may even be some visible particles floating in them. This is often the case with cheap brands and / or a composition composed only of cheap and artificial ingredients that decompose quickly.

For me it happened with the so-called poured perfumes per ml, i.e. equivalents that I bought in order to get to know the smell before buying expensive perfume phalons. Even though I kept them in a dark cupboard and in a cardboard box, they became cloudy, dark and smelly. This rapid aging has occurred by artificial chemical additives improving the projection and durability of such cheap perfumes.

Why did the perfume change color? Do perfumes spoil?
Why did the perfume change color? Do perfumes spoil?

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Probably the packaging was also not very tight and the alcohol evaporated from them – this often happens with small screw-cap bottles, not in typical sprays, but if such a closure or sprayer is damaged, it can also happen. Condensation appears on the inside of the bottle from the inside, the alcohol evaporates, and the perfume becomes thicker and more intense.

In this case, the perfume smells bad, it is thick and I do not advise you to use it further – it can cause allergy, rash or redness.

However, if the smell and consistency are all right, and the bottle is tight, and the only change has been in the color of the perfume – we can safely continue using it, although it may be worth using it a bit faster. I would also advise you to store them in a dark and dry place, e.g. in a cupboard, and use the castings.

After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry and not let expensive and good perfumes go to waste.

Have you ever had such a situation with a change in the color of a perfume? Asia

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