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Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection foundation

Hey loved ones! I come to you with another post about makeup cosmetics, this time it will be Terra Naturi, Light Natural liquid concealer and Nude Perfection deck in the form of a serum. Every time I’m on a trip abroad and I see Drugstore Muller, I have to go there to buy a stock of cheap makeup products with good natural ingredients.

These cosmetics come from the promotion in the Czech store. It is a producer of cheaper, drugstore natural cosmetics, similar in composition and prices to Alterra, Alverde or Bencos. Ecological products are very popular in Germany and the Czech Republic, so there is a huge selection of them and even in the cheapest wardrobes with care and makeup, we can find pearls and quite good compositions. Unfortunately, we are only now introducing more natural foundations and the Clean Beaty series, but fortunately the market is changing for the better.

I had to buy this foundation as soon as I saw it in the store’s offer, it is so beautiful and professional, and the composition is actually liquid minerals. The cosmetic is also cheap, but in terms of quality it is not inferior to high-end products. Without thinking, I chose the lightest shade of the liquid concealer for it, for fear that the creams would be too heavy. So I’m very glad that I managed to get it, it has been my favorite for a long time. If you are interested in my review, please read the rest of this post.

Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck
Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck

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Terra Naturi, Light liquid concealer

It will help to mask skin imperfections. A practical applicator facilitates the application of a concealer that hides dark circles under the eyes. The formula of the cosmetic is also conducive to brightening selected parts of the skin.

Take a small dose of the concealer with the applicator, put it on the skin, then gently pat with your fingertips. The shade of the concealer should be at least one tone lighter than the foundation.

aqua (water) glycine soja oil [1] glycerinalcohol denat. [1] glyceryl oleate citrateisoamyl lauratecetearyl alcoholsilicapalmitic acidstearic acidsodium stearoyl glutamatecaprylic / capric triglycerideprunus armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil [1] euterpe oleracea levanium fruit oil [1] canolaanhusanus gumodensum magnesium aluminumis silicate barbadens 1 magnesium silicate barbadensus aluminum magnesium silicate barbadensu aloexantus aluminum (sunflower) seed oil [1] lactic acidsodium anisateparfum (fragrance) [2] micaci 77891 (titanium dioxide) ci 77499 (iron oxides) ci 77492 (iron oxides) ci 77491 (iron oxides)

Price: PLN 13 (the promotion is about PLN 10)
Capacity: 9 ml
Color: 01 – Light Natural

Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck
Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck

Terra Naturi, Magic Burgundy eyeshadow palette

Terra Naturi, Nude Perfection foundation, shade 3 natural beige

Terra Naturi Nude Perfection foundation with apricot kernel oil provides an even and radiant complexion. The delicate, powdery formula refines the complexion and makes it look smooth and even.

Shake well before use. Apply makeup to the center of your face and blend it outwards with a sponge, brush or fingertips. You can apply your daily care under makeup. Medium coverage.

Coco-Caprylate, Talc, Dodecane, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Trihydroxystearin, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Linalool, Limonene, Benzyl Salicylate, Geraniol, CI492, CI492, 77 CI 77499, CI 77891

Color: 03 Natural Beige
Capacity: 30 ml
Price: € 5.95

Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck
Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck

My opinion:

I bought Terra Naturi foundation while walking around Drugstore Muller. It was a lot overpriced, which surprised me at first, but the choice of colors in this range was modest, in general there are only three shades, and only 03 natural beige has been discounted, so that’s probably why. It is a bit too dark, even for my yellowish complexion, but it was summer then, I was supposed to get tanned, the price encouraged me, so the bottle looked just beautiful.

However, I am not entirely satisfied with this product. It looks like modern cosmetics from a drugstore – a frosted glass bottle with a dropper, so I thought it would also be very opaque, for big events, but unfortunately it is matting and light.

Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck
Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck

The consistency is fluid, thin, the foundation is silky or satin, like dry oil. Always shake it well before use, but it’s still bad to apply because you can’t scoop it up. That huge pipette didn’t work, it just didn’t suck in anything. So it is best to smear the sides of the pipette into the skin and apply it with your fingers, this way you can spread it on your face without streaks. It doesn’t work with a sponge or fingers, because the face looks like a mask. The foundation soaks into sponges and brushes, creates stains and rubs off.

The finish is semi-matte. If you’re looking for something really matte this could be a good choice when applied well and powdered. For me, the color oxidizes, it darkened a bit, but it contours the face with a bright concealer and it looks good.

The smell is floral, nice, a bit too strong. Medium durability, wears off after a few hours of wear and starts to shine. If you work it out with your fingers, it looks nice and lasts for several hours. I would say that this foundation is not covering like a typical drugstore medium, but rather beautifying, its formula makes the face look very natural, radiant and healthy. I have never had such beautiful skin as now, when I use it regularly.

Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck
Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck

I also took the corrector without thinking and without reading any reviews, I just chose the lightest shade of the Terra Naturi liquid concealer for the foundation, for fear that the creamy ones would be too heavy for it. If necessary, I will lighten the foundation with it or contour the face. The concealer seems to be very light, slightly white, but when applied to the skin, it is my perfect light color under the eyes. So I am very happy that I managed to choose it, it has been my favorite for a long time.

I do not use the concealer every day, mainly under the eyes, because I have dark bruises and puffiness. I usually apply a light, light liquid concealer or cream pink Isana, which helps to hide them well. Unfortunately, this concealer is too light for this, it does not cover much, but it brightens the eyes well and contours the face on a dark foundation. I use it in the middle of the face and under the eyes, but also masking camouflages under it. I also pat the concealer with my back, because it completely disappears under the sponge.

Then everything blends together and the skin looks radiant. It is easy to spread, dries a bit too quickly, but it is enough to spread it quickly and powder to make it stick nicely for half a day. It works very well for me. It smells nice, cosmetically, has a wonderful composition and a low price. My skin underneath it is always smooth and moisturized.

Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck
Terra Naturi, Light Concealer and Nude Perfection deck


I am satisfied with these Terra Naturi cosmetics and I will certainly be tempted by other foundation and concealer formulas as soon as they are available from us or I hit the store. When it comes to the foundation in the serum, it is not my ideal, it is too light and not covering enough, but I will test new ones, but it is a natural and good quality cosmetic and maybe it will work better for you. If so, be sure to let me know.

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