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Santa for beautiful long hair – the best natural hair gifts

Hello guys! Today I have gifts for you that Santa brought for a very polite hair maniac! Most of them I chose for myself, because fortunately my family supports the care and growth of beautiful and long hair. So these are my last hair novelties, i.e. Santa Claus haul.

Perhaps, then, such a guide entry will be useful when you want to buy something nice as a gift and give yourself. I invite you to my ideas for the best gifts for every hair maniac: hair cosmetics.
If you are curious about my achievements and you are just looking for a gift inspiration, I invite you to read the rest of this post.

Santa for a natural hair – my gifts:

Olaplex Santa Claus for hair maniacs - hair care gifts



I have been trying to grow my hair for a long time, but despite conscious care and caring for a healthy scalp, I never managed to do it. My biggest problem is the dry ends of my hair, which remember the times when I regularly lightened my hair. They are just crumbling, breaking and forming thin “tails” that I still have to trim. So I get tired of wipes and massages, and then I lose a few cm of length from the bottom anyway.

So I decided that home care alone would not be enough here, even the richest one. From time to time I will take Olaplex treatments and maybe it will protect my hair and prevent it from crumbling and shedding centimeters.

First, I wanted to order only OLAPLEX NO.3 HAIR PERFECTOR REGENERATING TREATMENT to treat it as a mask – a treatment under a cap for several hours. But then I read that the new OLAPLEX NO.0 product works the same and is cheaper, because you can mix it with moisturizing conditioners or use it solo. However, in the end I got both of these products, which was great – I can test their effects solo and together, in one treatment – that is, as recommended by the manufacturer. These three tests will definitely appear on my blog soon. I’m already looking forward to trying it out!

Santa Claus for hair maniacs - hair care gifts


Made of the highest quality natural silk mulberry silk and filled with 100% silk fiber. It rests the eyes and ensures a healthy sleep. Due to the high content of silk protein, the band keeps the skin moisturized and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

silk blindfold

I was looking for such a band for a long time, when my-ordinary one has already stretched. Of course, silk is a great gift idea – it’s something small, but expensive, luxurious and certainly practical. There are much cheaper options on the market, but I chose this company because I had their armband before, and I also got it as a gift. Unfortunately, she got lost during the holidays. Its softness and careful workmanship suited me very well, so I bought the same one, only black – it provides really good darkening and the quality of sleep is excellent.

To this day, I also have their pillowcase for a small pillow and despite the frequent washing it is like new, so I can recommend their bedding.

Cat & Cat, Silk Turban Cap and Hair Scrunchie

I was looking for such silk products on Allegro, but they were found for me in the Super Pharm drugstore, much cheaper and in a beautiful golden beige color. I wanted a cap turban to wear it around the house during the day and under a hat, outside – it will definitely keep my hair from chipping. I know that some great company makes good turbans and new silk-lined caps and I thought about them a lot, but unfortunately they are expensive and I cannot afford them, and besides, I would only have to wear one color of the hat … Will the wool on the cap be destroyed? A turban underneath seems to be a more practical solution.

Santa Claus for hair maniacs - hair care gifts

There was a promotion for products and free delivery at SP, which the smart Santa quickly took advantage of. Things came quickly to attention – they are in beautiful colors and I believe that they are natural silk. Unfortunately, the turban is quite small and narrow, the elastic band is strong and there is not much material on the back to hide the hair. Perhaps it will stretch a little afterwards, but it will rather be too small to protect curly hairstyles. The color is a beautiful golden beige, I love this shade.

silk hair cap silk elastic
Santa Claus for hair maniacs – hair care gifts

I have no objections to the eraser – a lot of material, good size for the price and firm hold, I will definitely buy a black one, when I see it stationary, it is really good quality.

A great and very practical idea for a hair maniac is also a special microfiber towel for hair pressing (or a tourist one), a special hat for drying hair or a silk pillowcase and a hair cap .

Skrzypovita pro Santa for hair maniacs - hair care gifts

Skrzypovita Pro, serum and anti-hair loss shampoo

The beloved Mikołaj saw it himself and found it for me. I used to have a big problem with hair loss and used this shampoo so I think it was good and it helped me cut it down a bit. I am also very happy to test the wcierka. The set also included a conditioner, but it was given to my sister – unfortunately I already have too many cosmetic supplies.

I would love to buy something in store novelties that are so tempting, especially in gift sets! But I promised myself that I would finish all open products first. This is my New Years Resolution! That’s why I asked Mikołaj only for lotions and shampoos, they come off very quickly and they will not be wasted.

Maxi Hair Up! and Biotin Gold Max
Maxi Hair Up! and Biotin Gold Max

Maxi Hair Up! and Biotin Gold Max

Supplements that I bought as a gift as my own Santa. Unfortunately, my hair growth has slowed down recently and I don’t know if I can blame it on quick and easy care or eating fast food in a hurry, but a set of vitamins and vitamins will not hurt, and it will always be useful. It will help not only my hair, but also my body, maybe it will also improve the mood a little in this winter blues. Of course, I also took care of salads and cocktails. And even instead of sweets, I asked Santa to bring exotic fruit and nuts, they were delicious!

Maxi Hair Up! and Biotin Gold Max
Maxi Hair Up! and Biotin Gold Max

Maxi Hair looks really great, it is not expensive and has a rich composition compared to other supplements on the market, it contains everything that I have tried solo and helped me with falling out and growth, as well as brittle nails and eczema: yeast, nettle, zinc , biotin, vitamin B, sulfur. So I count on good results of the treatment. For now, I have bought 2 packages for 2 months for a trial, and then I will start another Biotin treatment, which I have already tested before. It is very cheap and effective, so I am sure of good results.

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To sum up:

I hope that you will find my gifts useful as the best gifts for MIkołaja for every woman. As far as I know the community of hair maniacs, I am sure that each of us would like to receive such gifts – practical, luxurious and very useful – great for supplementing everyday care. I recommend that you look around for it when making your next purchases, and of course, what I say so often – the best gift is the one you want, so you can just gently ask a loved one. She definitely has something in the dream zone that she would love to get. As I said before, I chose all these gifts myself, so I am very pleased, I will use them with great pleasure and I would like to thank my Santa Clauses.

Good luck presenting! Ania

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