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“Rafaello” coconut balls (keto, LCHF, low carb)

Hey guys! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious no-bake cookies: “Rafaello”, home-made coconut balls stuffed with almond, known to us from store shelves.

When I was a kid I loved everything with coconut, so I absolutely had to make a keto recipe for making balls. It is, of course, a greasy, ketological version of these popular sweets, you can say that the fat bomb is a fat bomb that we can easily eat instead of bulletproof coffee (or together). So people on a traditional diet should be careful with the number of balls (or change the recipe a bit to be more fit), while everyone on a low-carbohydrate diet will surely be delighted with the taste of my rafalello!

The recipe came out by accident and I must say that I am surprised how delicious the cakes are, and the taste does not differ much from real balls. Store ones have a crispy wafer and are a bit creamier, and certainly much sweeter, these are probably the basic differences. And of course they’re not very healthy, unlike my dessert.

These sweets are perfect for coffee and for unannounced guests, and their preparation is simple and takes little time. The family members will surely eat a tasty dessert with taste. Will you be tempted by my healthy homemade rafalello?

"Rafaello" keto dessert
Rafaello keto

“Rafaello”, keto dessert without baking


  • 90 g extra butter (at room temperature)
  • 10 g of coconut oil
  • 150 g coconut shrims
  • 100 ml cream with 30% fat (preferably without kragenate: Piatnica)
  • erythritol- to taste
  • peeled almonds, about 20 pieces
  • aroma for cakes: vanilla, cream, rum are the best
  • possibly almond flakes to coat
  • possibly 10 g coconut flour (for thickening, not necessarily)
"Rafaello" keto dessert

Rafaello balls dessert:

Time required:  1 hour

Recipe for Rafaello, a keto dessert without baking

  1. We prepare the ingredients first.The butter has to be at room temperature, just like coconut oil, we don’t melt it!
  2. Then pour the measured butter, oil, cream and sweetener into a tall bowl.Blend together until smooth.
  3. We add the rest of the ingredients.100 grams of coconut shavings, flour and flavor, mix with a spoon.
  4. Then we form the balls.Tiny or large, put the almond inside and coat it with coconut flakes (remaining 50 g) or finely chopped nuts. You can also coat them in almond flakes.
  5. Put the balls for an hour in the freezer, then in the fridge.Rafaello is ready! We keep it in the refrigerator because it can melt.


The recipe can be made without coconut flour (the filling is a bit softer) and without coconut oil, I only give it to taste and aroma! Then we give only 100 g of butter.

Once I made balls with Mascapone cheese, but they were very greasy and even without cream they lose their taste.

The balls can also be coated in almond flakes or nuts.

"Rafaello" keto dessert

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Will you be tempted? Enjoy your meal! 

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