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Linseed gel, recipe for styling linseed gel for hair

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Hey, guys! Today I have a classic recipe for DIY hair cosmetics for your hair: linseed gel for styling hair.

You must have heard about it for a long time, because as you know, linseed gel is the best natural gel for styling curly hair. The recipe for linseed slime is the most popular recipe in the hair blogging community. No wonder it is very cheap, easy to make and a really good styler. Completely natural and no waste! Linseed gel is famous for its great moisturizing and nourishing properties – not only for the hair. We can also use it in many ways. Today I would like to present you a recipe for a linseed gel, which always turns out to be perfect. And tips on how the popular linseed slime can be used in our natural care. So maybe you need a recipe that is not at all time-consuming or requires practice to make. It always works for that. If you are interested in this simplest recipe, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Linseed gel

Linseed gel – a step by step recipe


  • 2 tablespoons of linseed
  • 2 cups of hot water


Time required:  15 min ..

Linseed gel – step by step recipe

  1. We mix the ingredients.Put 2 tablespoons of seeds into a small pot and pour 2 cups of hot water over them, cover with a lid and cook over low heat.
  2. We boil.We are waiting for the mixture to boil. At the same time, we keep stirring every now and then, because the grains like to stick to the bottom. Let’s make sure it does not boil over.
  3. We cook.From the time of boiling, cook on even lower heat for up to 10-15 minutes, then turn it off when it starts to thicken.
  4. Draining.Hot flaxseed is immediately poured through a strainer, sometimes it is enough to just tilt the pot and pour it, the seeds have fallen for days and it is easy to separate them from the slime.
  5. Ready!Linseed gel is ready to use, but put it in the fridge, where it will thicken even more. It has a shelf life of about a week.


Keep the linseed gel in the refrigerator. It has a shelf life of about a week. It can also be preserved with cosmetic intermediates, such as FEOG.

Some people only strain the mixture after the stocking has cooled down, but I don’t recommend it – chemicals and a lot of dirty work.

An even simpler recipe for water from linseed can be found here: Water from linseed | how to do and what to use for

Linseed gel – how to use in hair care?

  1. It works well as a hair treatment, especially I love such a mask after dyeing with henna.
  2. You can add it to the hair mask: a teaspoon  of linseed gel  per tablespoon of the mask and optionally oil drops. After washing your hair, it should be smooth and moisturized. .
  3. You can make a hair rinse out of it.
  4. Linseed slime is the cheapest and best styler for curly-haired people, it can be used solo but also mixed with other stylers.
  5. Linseed gel  moisturizes and soothes irritated scalp.
  6. It can be used as a base for hair oiling.

No waste – don’t waste seeds

Use the remaining seeds from the recipe until… eaten. It is a great addition to yoghurts, soups or muesli, which provides us with many vitamins, while also stimulating our hair to grow naturally – from the inside!

Soon I will add a few recipes for dishes using these seeds, you will definitely need them!

Do you know the recipe for linseed gel?

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