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Lily Lolo mineral blush | Ooh La La

Hey guys. Today it’s time for a review of the mineral blush from Lily Lolo. It is a bright, very nice shade of juicy pink with delicate particles. 

I think it is the most universal color in the entire range of this company. It will suit any complexion and is so delicate that it is difficult to stain it with it. Especially this color is great in spring. I’ve been using it on and off for a few weeks now and I have to admit that I really like the effect it has on my face. He was quickly promoted to my last favorites! If you are interested in the review, please read the rest of this post.

Lily Lolo, Satin Pink Mineral Pink Ooh La La

Delightful, pink blusher, giving a satin finish. Put it on the so-called “Apples” on the cheeks to achieve the effect of healthy, natural blushes. This extremely girly shade of pink will make you look younger and add charm.

Ooh La La Matte Blush is suitable for most skin types.

  • does not contain irritating chemicals, nanoparticles, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances and preservatives
  • natural and delicate
  • light and silky smooth texture
  • gives a subtle finish; a more intense effect can be obtained by applying several layers
  • 100% natural

Capacity: 3g

Price: 51.20 PLN





Apply sparingly along the cheekbones using a blush brush.

My opinion:


We buy Lily Lolo mineral pink in an elegant, white box with a logo. Inside we have a jar with a black cap. It is not a bulky rose, but remember that minerals are much more efficient than pressed products of the same capacity. This amount is enough for years, especially since the product has no expiry date. The jar itself is of great quality, both the durable plastic and the strainer secured with a sticker look solid and decent. the cap is large enough to spin with the brush while applying.


Lily Lolo mineral blush has no fragrance. In the packaging, it looks like a strong, deep pink color, fortunately it rubs on the skin to a really natural shade of pink. One that can easily mimic a real blush.

I admit that I thought about choosing a shade of pink for a long time. There are a lot of them on Costasy’s website and most of them tempted me. First, I was thinking about choosing delightful, shimmering reds, because I have nothing similar in my mineral cheek blush collection. But firstly, they are rather darker, strong pink colors more suitable for fall and secondly: I will not use them often. Especially in the spring.

So my choice was the “Oooh la la” color, which is a great, universal shade for all skin types. It has a satin finish, leaves a bit of glow on the cheeks, thanks to which the face does not look flat. It is suitable for daily makeup for both darker and very pale complexions. Mineral blush spreads perfectly. It is difficult to hurt yourself even with an untrained hand.

It looks delicate on the face, after rubbing it gives a very nice effect of rested, healthy skin. The face immediately looks fresh and radiant, and it goes well with any make-up – stronger or daytime.

Composition analysis:

Like every mineral blush, it has a brilliant composition, based on pure minerals without unnecessary additives, so it will not clog or irritate the skin. However, it is not a vegan product – it contains the addition of carmine.

Carmine / cochineal (carmine – CI 75470) is a red dye of animal origin, obtained from dried cactus juniper insects. One kilogram of cochineal requires about 155 thousand. insects.


As I already mentioned, this is one of the most flattering shades of Lily Lolo pink, it will definitely suit any skin tone. So if you have a dilemma with choosing a color, I can safely recommend it as a daily surety for any type of makeup. Blush blends well, it can also be used by beginners without fear of stains. This product is efficient, well pigmented, so the price / quality ratio seems to be reasonable. It is worth a try.

Score: 5/5

You can buy all of Lily Lolo’s cosmetics on Costasy’s website.

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Do you know cosmetics from Lily Lolo? What shades of foundations are you using now? 

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