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Keto “Oreo” cheesecake -easy and quick, no baking

Hey loved ones! Today I have another recipe for delicious sweets for you: keto Oreo cheesecake flavored with popular biscuits , i.e. a quick cake that is healthy, tasty and ketogenic, but the taste is not inferior to traditional, heavy and fattening sweets.

In addition, this cheesecake is very simple and quick to make, perfect for a sweet breakfast, as a dessert for coffee and for guests, everyone will surely like it. A good no-bake cake for Easter, parties, holidays and birthdays.

Keto cheesecake is also cheap, and the ingredients can be easily found in any grocery store, so it is the perfect recipe for beginners on the ketogenic diet or their families who want to make such a delicious dessert for them. Everyone ate it at Christmas, it’s delicious! If you are interested in my recipe for these keto pychotki, I invite you to the next part of the post.

Keto cheesecake "Oreo" for Easter, no baking
Keto cheesecake “Oreo” for Easter, no baking

Keto Oreo Cheesecake Quick and Easy: How to Make a Recipe for Easter


  • a large package (500 g) of mascarpone cheese
  • 2 packages (500 ml) of sweet cream, min. thirty%
  • 350 g 100% smooth peanut butter (without sugar, oils, additives, etc.)
  • 2 tablespoons of erythritol/sweetener
  • a few drops of cream aroma/rum/vanilla/cookies
  • 140 g of butter
  • 4 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 360 grams of a mix of different nuts


Time needed: 1 hour.

keto cake ala Oreo no-bake ketogenic cheesecake

  1. Bottom first.
    Take the ingredients out of the fridge – they must be at room temperature. Mix/blend the peanut mixture finely. Melt the butter and cool it down a bit. Then mix the butter well with the nuts and cocoa. We divide it into two parts. We throw the masses separately or twice into our cake mold lined with baking paper or foil, until it solidifies.
  2. Refrigerator.
    Press down, knead well all around. You can make just the bottom or a piece of walls. Cover each bottom with paper, weight it down and place it in the fridge to harden. In the meantime, we’re doing a lot.
  3. Time for mass.
    Whip 400 ml of cream until stiff in one bowl. In the second, lightly beat the mascarpone with peanut butter. Gently and gradually add whipped cream, oil and erythritol to this mass. Ew. sweeten to taste.
  4. Mass delivery.
    We put the finished mass on our one bottom, form the top evenly and put it back in the fridge. It must freeze, preferably at least an hour.
  5. Mountain.
    We have two options – we cover the top of the cheesecake 2 with the bottom to create an impressive, huge cookie ala Oreo. Or we crumble / cut the bottom finer and sprinkle the top of the mass evenly, like crushed cookies, to make it easier to cut. Decorate and put the finished cake (preferably overnight) in the fridge.

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Keto cheesecake with masacapone without baking – notes:

Keto Cheesecake takes a long time to set and it is good to prepare it the day before.

It is best that the cheesecake stays in the fridge all the time, only taken out for cutting and serving, otherwise it will not stick. If this is a problem, you can add a tablespoon of gelatin with a little water to the mass after whipping.

Will you try the recipe for a delicious keto cheesecake? Asia

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