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Start a garden in the city- choose the perfect plot

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Hey guys! I come to you today with a completely new section on the blog – from now on, I will also write about the garden and eco-plot. I have been looking for the perfect garden place for a long time, unfortunately in the city where I live, the demand exceeds the supply and not only is there a shortage of free plots, but the prices skyrocketed. 

I tried to buy various plots of land, but finally gave up. The search lasted six months. At the beginning of September this year, I finally managed to buy a small plot of land (290 square meters) on the ROD, located 40 minutes by bike from my block. Today I would like to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of having a garden allotment. More posts about my progress as a freshly baked eco allotment plotter will be posted here soon!

ROD allotment garden

What questions should you answer before you buy a ROD garden?

First of all – you have to choose what criteria are most important to you, e.g. recreation, gardening, flower growing.

Also consider your options.

If you have a car for your own use and spending on gas is not a problem, you may not need a plot of land in the city center. In a few minutes you can get to much quieter, less polluted and, more importantly, relaxing allotment areas. In addition, they will be much cheaper. You also do not need a house in good condition – in the event of rain or overnight, you can quickly return home.

If you are not buying a plot of land for cultivation , you do not need to check the condition of the soil or plantings. Also choose the inexpensive option. The lawn can always be planted and at a low cost add the necessary infrastructure for a recreational plot – a swimming pool, terrace, swings for children or even a new house.

Conversely, if you live far away and travel by bike / bus. Make sure that the roof does not leak, and that you can protect yourself in the cottage against rain or heat. And sometimes to stay overnight – it is not always profitable to go back and forth when we have so much work on the plot.

In conclusion, think carefully why you need such a plot? You will choose a different plot for rest and another for children or for growing vegetables and composting – that was my idea.

ROD allotment garden how to find

Criteria for my ideal plot

I was looking for a suitable plot for almost half a year – I was guided mainly by the price criterion – I did not want to pay the horrendous sums proposed by the gardeners. These were amounts from PLN 40,000 to even PLN 120,000. Why is tax not happening? many people illegally expand and renovate allotment houses, which no longer resemble small nativity scenes, but rather normal mini houses. He erects brick barbecues, swimming pools, plants large conifers or makes expensive pavements or other buildings. Then the value of the plot grows sharply. I was not interested in such things, I wanted to have as much free space as possible and I was looking for garden plots with fruit plantings and a small, rather tool house.

The location was also important .

There is always something to do on the plot, sometimes you have to travel and every day to plant, water or dig something. So I wanted it to be close to my home, max 30 minutes by bike or 40 minutes by tram. Unfortunately, people rarely leave allotment gardens, those in the city center are expensive, small or in a deplorable condition. Unfortunately, it is also associated with other disadvantages – the constant noise of cars from the street, lack of silence, pollution of the ground. And of course, thieves, scrap collectors and homeless people know such places well. And the city can always take these areas for roads or investments … It’s best to check it before buying.

Perfect plot for me

ROD allotment garden how to find

First of all, it should already have something to start – adult fruit trees, bushes, flowers, vegetables. And plenty of room for new plantings – a little bit of everything. It should have fertile land and a house in good condition, i.e. a roof that does not leak, good windows, some furniture. Electricity and water, gutters, composter and tool room. A greenhouse, even a plastic one, would be perfect. I dreamed that in the Rhodium garden I would relax among flowers and plant vegetables and feed on it. Perhaps I will be able to create my own micro food forest, i.e. a forest made of edible plants and supporting cultivation. A place not only for me, but also for bees, butterflies, birds, cats and useful insects, which is a little paradise in the middle of the city, an escape from smog, exhaust fumes and heat. Additionally, the destination of bicycle trips will appear, that is a pleasant and useful training completed with time and kicking. It is sometimes difficult for me to mobilize myself to ride (and to do gymnastics). The composter will help me reduce rubbish, and my own fruit and vegetables will help me drastically reduce household expenses. And there is always an idea ready for a long weekend, vacation or vacation. Just go to the plot! Recreation in the fresh air guaranteed. Even every day.

ROD allotment garden

So when one day I saw in the announcement that there is a beautiful plot of land for sale on the ROD, just 10 minutes away by bike from where I live, I called immediately and met the tenant. This is how my long search for the perfect plot began …

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If you are interested in how I managed to find the perfect ROD plot for me – and how to find it – then I invite you to the rest of this story, which will appear here in the next post.

Or maybe you have such a plot history yourself? Are you still looking? Let me know!

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