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Mask with egg yolk, honey and castor oil | FAQ

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Hey guys! Today I have prepared for you the first post from the new hair cycle – a mask with egg yolk, honey and castor oil for DIY hair.

In this section I will answer your questions about natural hair care and styling. The idea came when reader Olga asked me on Intagram about a homemade egg hair mask, castor oil and lemon.

Instead of writing to her privately, I decided to leave my message in the form of a blog entry. I get similar questions from you very often and I hope that at least my knowledge will help you a little. If you want me to write about your hair problems again and clarify your doubts, be sure to let me know in the DM or in the comment below. I invite you to read.

Mask with egg yolk, oil and lemon – how does it work?

Olga wrote: “My hair is badly damaged by bleaching and hay-like. My aunt advised me to make a hair mask with egg, castor oil and lemon. Put it on as often as possible and keep it on your head for as long as possible, even walk all day. It is a bit of work and time. Does something like that make sense? Will it help with hair? Please help!”

I remember that the recipe for this type of masks was still circulating in the 90s, it probably appeared in Joanna Chmielewska’s book, hence it was very popular. Certainly it made a sensation in my beginnings of hair maniacs: I saw it on almost every hair blog, probably even used it myself in the old days. I have to come back to that! 🙂

Mask with egg yolk and castor oil – how to apply?

As for the recipe itself, let me say yes and no. After bleaching, the hair lacks hydration, then nutrition and proteins. Such a natural, home mask will definitely help such damaged hair, but I would treat it as a complement to the treatment and modify it a bit:

  • The whole egg will be difficult to wash off the head (without the scrambled eggs effect), and the protein is not that nutritious. Let’s use the yolk only!
  • We must buy pure castor oil, not oil with its addition.
  • In addition, this oil is very thick, it is difficult to apply and wash it off the hair. I haven’t seen the recipe Olga mentioned, but it probably doesn’t have any other oils added. I suggest that you limit castor, we can mix it with coconut, olive or almond so that it is 1/3 of the mixture.
  • If we give too many oils, the hair will be weighed down and heavy, it is better to use them in moderation. If that doesn’t help, try wearing a mask as a pre-poo before shampooing your hair.
  • The lemon will dry your hair a lot, I don’t know where it came from in this recipe, but I strongly advise you! It is better to add honey, sugar or syrup, something moisturizing so that the mask is PEH and provides the hair with everything it needs.
  • I would add a teaspoon of a commercial conditioner / mask with a good composition to this mixture: necessarily without silicones, parabens or alcohol! This will help wash the DIY mask off the hair, make it thicker and improve its consistency, and nourish the hair.

How to apply?

  • The mask can also be applied to the scalp – it will brilliantly strengthen the bulbs!
  • Apply it as often as possible? I will not agree here either, yolk can re-protein our hair. The effect-even worse hay, fluff and dryness. We put the mask on once every few washes, alternating it with purely emollient care.
  • Keep it on your head as long as possible, even walk all day – I advise against it again, it makes no sense. The result will be that we will become discouraged from haircuts, the cuticles will soften excessively, and it will not add anything to our care. We keep each mask on the head for 20-30 minutes, shorter if under a foil cap. It is enough!
  • After washing, close the mask with emollient care – conditioner or mask with oils and / or silicones applied in a small amount from the middle of the hair length, early and washing with cool water.
  • It’s a bit of work and time – preparing a homemade mask requires a bit more effort, it’s true than using a shop-based mask, but the results should be really good and I think it’s worth including homemade hair masks in our care. They are cheap, easy to make and natural, and most importantly – much more effective in the fight for beautiful hair.

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I hope this post cleared your (and Olga, thank you very much for an interesting question) doubts a bit. I will try to test this old but good homemade hair mask recipe myself and add a link to the DIY tab where you can find it. I love such a hair spa!

Do you use home or shop masks?

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