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Homemade cure for joint pain – cheap and natural

HI, folks! Today I have another healthy potions for you: a recipe for a homemade ointment for joint pain, which will cheaply and naturally help us relieve pain and feel better. Joint pain is certainly an unpleasant problem that many people face every day. There is also anxiety and severe pains that make it impossible to exercise, move properly or perform daily duties.

Joint pain most often occurs in our knees and elbows. Sometimes it increases with age, but it can also be the result of various types of injuries, overloads, fractures or arthritis, or it occurs as a result of rheumatism. Joint pain also affects people who are not very active, especially when combined with being overweight.

Pharmacy ointments or creams are not always the perfect solution. In these difficult times, we increasingly turn to traditional treatments for help; we come back to organic products, potions and natural treatments that our ancestors used successfully in the fight for health and well-being. My recipe is a home-made and natural preparation that has been used in our family for a long time and has an analgesic and anti-swelling effect, and it comes from a very old Siberian tradition.

My home ointment for joint pain is based on natural and simple ingredients. One of the most popular preparations for joints is honey itself, because when properly consumed and prepared as an ointment, it can also become an excellent medicine. The rest of the ingredients of the preparation are also known for their great healing properties. Combined in the right proportions, they can be an effective and natural remedy. How to prepare a home treatment from them that helps after just one application? Please see my recipe.

Homemade ointment for joint pain


  • spoon of good quality honey (preferably lime)
  • spoon of sea salt
  • spoon of baking soda
  • clean, steamed container, spoon and bowl

Time required:  5 minutes.

Recipe for: home ointment for joint pain

  1. Preparation.Honey must be in liquid form at room temperature. We measure the ingredients and wash and steam the container.
  2. Mixing.Each of the ingredients of the ointment is added in the same proportions and thoroughly mixed together, grinding honey and powders in a small bowl. A smooth, compact mass without lumps should form. Put it into a container.
  3. We use in the form of a compress.Warm up the ready mass in your hands. We spread the ointment on the site of pain, and then wrap the compress with cling film and cotton material, e.g. a cloth or towel.
  4. We are resting.Keep the compress prepared in this way warm for about 1-2 hours, then wash it off with lukewarm water. The effects of such an ointment should be felt after the first use in the form of pain relief and less swelling, but it should be repeated regularly, at least 3 times a week.

Homemade ointment for joints, notes:

The given recipe is enough for one application – ointment treatment. It’s best to do it yourself every day and always have it fresh. However, if you want to have a supply of the preparation and make a larger portion, remember that the home ointment for joint pain must be kept in the refrigerator. After taking it out, warm it by rubbing it in your hands.

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We should also remember that such a treatment with natural, home methods should be treated only as an auxiliary measure in comprehensive therapy recommended by a specialist doctor.

Do you use home treatments or rather traditional medications prescribed by a doctor?

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