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DIY rosemary rinse: for fast hair growth

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Hi, folks! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural methods of hair care – DIY rosemary rinse that will help us fight for fast hair growth. Few people realize that this popular spice from our kitchen is also a herb with great healing properties that affects the condition of our scalp and stimulates hair growth.

It is another, very popular method of hair maniac hair care, which has been known and used for centuries in natural cosmetics. All rinses are a great end and complement to washing your hair, because through them we can additionally close the cuticles, nourish, increase volume and shine. A herbal rinse is one of the best known methods for quick nourishment and acceleration of hair growth. 

How does this natural and homemade cosmetic work? Rosemary rinse stimulates blood circulation in the hair roots, which perfectly nourishes and accelerates growth. So if we use it systematically, we will certainly notice great results quickly. In addition, this herb cares for the length of the hair, it becomes shiny, soft and smoother. In addition, this therapeutic treatment helps with a number of scalp health problems such as dandruff, itching and dry scalp. This is because rosemary is a source of phenolic compounds and essential oils such as cineole, pinene, cymene, borneol and rosmarinic acid, which all have strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.

I was immediately amazed by the rosemary  rinse with its shine and smooth hair as well as its beneficial effects on the scalp. If you are interested in how rosemary worked in the form of this simple rinse, I invite you to the rest of the post.

DIY rosemary rinse: for fast hair growth

DIY rosemary gargle – a simple recipe


  • 2 tablespoons dried rosemary leaves or rosemary essential oil
  • four glasses of boiling, boiled water

Execution :

Time required:  20 minutes.

DIY rosemary rinse

  1. Preparation of ingredients.We need a small pot, bowl, cup and of course – water and herbs. The water must be boiled beforehand.
  2. Brewing.Herbs should be poured with 4 cups of boiling water. Leave to soak for a minimum of 30 minutes, but preferably overnight. If we care about time, we can rinse our hair with this liquid, but it will not be as great as after the finished rinse.
  3. Dissolving.Then strain the herbs. Add a little vinegar and warm water to the rinse, if necessary, mix.
  4. We wash our hair as usual.Use the rinse right after washing your hair. Pour the cup over your head and dip your hair in the bowl several times. You can also massage it into the scalp and rinse thoroughly with water. We use the rinse for the last rinse. We style the hair as usual.

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Rosemary gargle, notes:

The rinse should be stored in the refrigerator.
The herbal gargle used must be lukewarm. Thanks to this, it will close the hair cuticles and make the hair shiny and less prone to damage.

I was well disposed to its operation, because other herbal rinses – linden and linseed glutton – worked well for me. The marshmallow rinse also amazed me with the effects  of shine, hydration, smoothing and fluffiness. And the rosemary rinse was a great help in growing my hair. After the first use, I noticed the beneficial effects on the scalp. My hair was greasy slower after it, it was also smoother and softer. I really like the effects of this DIY for such a cheap and available herb! I recommend trying it!

Do you use hair rinses? Ania

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