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Hair products empties | natural hair products junkie

Hi guys! Every year I make various kinds of shorter and longer empties, but cyclically, at the beginning of winter, I also organize one big cleaning in cosmetic supplies. 

I do it mainly to throw away all the products that have expired, to use those that are ending by themselves, but those that I never use, but still remain on the shelves, and to sum up the care of the last months . 
This time I focused mainly on hair products empties, because somehow I was neglecting it and I was simply overwhelmed with too many of them. It was not easy, because, as you know, hair does not like minimalism, and stores are full of tempting novelties … :) But I did it and I consider the design of the cosmetic hair bottom as a success. Below I present you my collections of almost all used empties from the last few months.

hair empties | masks and conditioners:

Hair cosmetics empties

Radical, strengthening mist for weakened and falling out hair, PLN 9
I had the impression that the mist was drying my hair, spraying it along the length of washing after washing, and weighting dry hair, so I finished it as a scalp lotion. Here she did quite well.

Planeta Organica, Hammam, Strengthening balm for all hair types, 19 PLN

I love this lotion for its amazing perfumery scent, but it was a very light lotion. I used the rest for my scalp and hair washing.
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Planeta Organica, Regenerating Provencal balm for all types of hair, PLN 19
Just like the previous one, it had a bit weaker effect, I used it for home hair masks. 
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Balm for dyed and damaged hair Recipes of Babushka Agafia , 7-9 PLN It
gave me incredible softness and shine of my hair, but it did not add weight to my hair. I used it mainly for washing and as a b / s conditioner. 
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Farmona, Jantar, Mist for damaged hair, PLN 10 
Like the previous mist, I used this one mainly as a scalp lotion.

hair bottom design empties

Argan Oil, Hydrating Hair Mask, 5-9 PLN
A heavy, weight-bearing mask with argan oil and silicones – and although I only used it on the ends, it was difficult for me to use it.
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Marion, Termoochrona, Mist that protects hair against high temperature, PLN 8
I used it to protect my hair against a curling iron, now the rest has been used as a silicone serum for hair ends, only in liquid.

Lid, Cien, moisturizing hair mask 
I have already used a lot of these sachets this year, they are perfect for trips, for quick washing and as a variety of care. Just like Biovaks mask sachets, but much cheaper.

Jantar, Conditioner for hair and scalp, PLN 10
Another packaging of this lotion, which I always used after washing my hair. She is great! I’m taking a break from it now, but I will definitely come back one day. Accelerates growth and moisturizes the scalp.

empties | oils, rubs and herbs

hair cosmetics bottom

Olive oil, PLN 12.
To be honest, I used oil only for salads, but it had been standing in the kitchen for so long… A really long time, and because oils like to go rancid after time… I decided to use it for my hair. First for potions and tuning masks, then also for the scalp oil blend.  It did well, I think I’ll come back to simple recipes, instead of investing in exotic oils.

Apple cider vinegar, also from the store, PLN 3.
I bought it with my hair in mind, I used it a few times to rinse my hair and then of course I forgot about it 🙂 And recently it made a sensation for my hair in herbal vinegar – soon I will also write this DIY recipe – as a gloss rinse and a lotion.

Coconut oil, PLN 15.
A must have in my kitchen and bathroom, oil for everything, including the forgotten function of oiling hair and protecting the ends, because I mainly finished it. I also made  toothpaste and scalp oil out of it. Another package is already in the refrigerator – I am sure that this product will always come off with me, it will never be wasted.

Castor oil, PLN 4.
Bought a long time ago (too long ago) in a pharmacy, first used as a hair oil, then for make-up removal and returned to hair again. I finished the last remnant with relief during the inversion week, using as oil on the scalp.

Soy lecithin, PLN 12.
Bought in a pharmacy, I used it as a simple emulsifier, mainly for hand creams. Then forgotten for a moment, because I had not made such hot mixes for a long time. Well, when I read that it is a great addition to hair masks … :)

hair oils and conditioners

Argan oil.
Brought back from an old expedition to Morocco, used slowly for various hair and facial mixtures. Unfortunately, it clogs my skin, so I have to dilute it with other oils. It went rancid in the end, but I poured the last drip into my bath.

Polish herbs, 5-9 PLN / package.
Not long ago, I found in a cupboard a whole supply of old macerate herbs. The herbs still smell and look good, so I used them in a few recipes and made a rinse out of leftovers. Unfortunately, I discarded the packaging inadvertently.

Diy wcierka with herbs and semi-finished products. 
This year I made a few home-made rubs, but each additional one in the same container (so there was nothing to collect for the photo) in a paint wrapper, because of course it has a spout – perfect for applying to the scalp! Some herbs and intermediates went to the lotion, and my hair benefited from it. I have to go back to such home recipes! (And of course, write down a recipe for a residual rub, would you like?

Rosemary essential oil, PLN 10.
I’ve had it for so many years in the collection of oils from which I make perfumes and potions (and I didn’t know? I didn’t remember?) How nicely it accelerates hair growth. So all the rest of the oil went to the scalp mixture, and a new bottle was already purchased at the pharmacy.

Empties Summary:

In total, last year I used more than 22 products (I threw away a few masks and rubs packs, sachets, herbs etc. I count in total).

How did I do it? I just promised myself that I would not buy anything new until I finished everything from the bottom design. And since I was running out of different products, I had to find other uses for these products.

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hair cosmetics bottom

Well, it worked out with great success and I can be proud of myself that I just didn’t throw away this amount of money and a lot of good cosmetics when their expiry date was approaching. Now it’s time to calmly test and enjoy all the new hair products, but at the end of the year I will definitely do another bottom design, this time probably a mini, for a few end products. 

Do you think 20 pair is a lot or not? I’m a little worried about the millions of new nutrient packs currently open on the bathroom shelves… 🙂 Are you doing a bottom design?

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