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Romantic Professional, Regenerate | hair news

Hey guys! I have prepared another hair post for you, i.e. a review of the new series of Romantic Professional hair care cosmetics. 

This is the Regenerate variant for hair that needs nourishment and regeneration, so I hope it will help my damaged hair. I like a lot of Forte Sweden hair cosmetics, so I also had high hopes for the new series. If you are interested in how these cosmetics worked for me, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Romantic Professional, Regenerate

Romantic Professional is a line of professional hair washing and care products designed for modern women. Advanced formulas of Romantic Professional shampoos, balms and masks are the answer to most of your hair care needs.

Romantic Professional hair care cosmetics are recommended for professional use in a beauty salon and at home. Caring shampoos, balms and hair masks based on proven ingredients that will take care of the condition of your hair – because every hair can be beautiful.

Frequent styling with a dryer or straightener, changing weather conditions or improper care may lead to the fact that over time your hair will need truly deep regeneration. Romantic Professional Regenerate hair balm is a product that provides deep regeneration, nourishment and reconstruction of the hair structure. 

Romantic Professional, Regenerate

Romantic Professional Regenerate, Hair shampoo

Romantic Professional Regenerate hair shampoo contains D-Panthenol, which prevents hair drying. Argan oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, protects the hair structure. The keratin contained in the composition effectively rebuilds the hair structure in its deepest layer.

Capacity: 850ml

Price:  PLN 12.49

Romantic Professional, Regenerate

ROMANTIC Professional, Regenerate, balm for damaged hair

Romantic Professional Hair Balm is especially designed for damaged hair. Contains D-Panthenol to prevent hair drying. Argan oil rich in vitamin E and antioxidants protects the hair structure. The keratin contained in the balm formula helps to rebuild damaged hair structure, and Shea butter provides shine and regeneration. The balm facilitates detangling the hair and leaves an intense fragrance.  

Indications: care for damaged hair. 

How to use:  apply to clean, damp hair, rinse thoroughly after 1 minute. 

Main ingredients:  argan oil, keratin, D-Panthenol, Shea butter.

Romantic Professional, Regenerate

Capacity: 850ml

Price: PLN 13.99

Forte Sweden Romantic Professional Regenerate hair mask

Regenerate mask is designed for damaged hair. Thanks to the content of argan oil and keratin, it perfectly regenerates and rebuilds damaged hair. They become resilient, strong and shiny.

Romantic Professional, Regenerate

Capacity: 500 ml

Price:  18.40

Forte Sweden Romantic Professional regenerating hair spray

Regenerating Volumizing Spray  Romantic Professional  for damaged hair. Regenerates, nourishes and strengthens the hair without weighing it down. Gives shine and facilitates detangling. It contains keratin and d-panthenol.

Capacity: 180ml

Price: PLN 8.42

Romantic Professional, Regenerate

First impressions:

The first thing I noticed about these products was their very intense smell. It was already breaking through the courier package even before opening it, to such an intensity that I was already thinking if something had spilled. Unfortunately no, it is just a large amount of parfum in the composition. The smell is very pleasant, yes, but a bit too strong for me, for some it can also be suffocating. Fortunately, I am not that sensitive to the aroma of cosmetics and I could use them without any problems, but it is worth taking this into account.


We buy cosmetics in large, white bottles made of white and thick plastic. We have a convenient pump for the conditioner and shampoo, and the mask has a traditional, unscrewed lid. Everything is hygienic and very comfortable to use – especially with such capacities.

Another thing is the crazy capacity of these packages.

500 ml, 850 ml… I admit it scared me a bit at first. Especially since the products do not have a very long expiry date from opening the packages, standard 12 months, so I have no idea how I will use them … With the help of my whole family and casts for other bloggers. Don’t get me wrong. This could be a great deal, after all, the prices are very affordable for such a capacity of pretty good hair care products, but… Exactly.


If someone really washed their hair every day, as recommended by the manufacturer, they would also be extremely insensitive to proteins and dryness. Because if I’m not mistaken, each of these Romantic Professional cosmetics , Regenerate contains hydrolyzed keratin and isopropyl alcohol, and the sls shampoo. It is true that not in such large amounts, keratin just before the perfume, alcohol at the end of the composition, but you still need to consider it.

It was not so noticeable when using it. Admittedly, I was afraid of drying my hair lengthwise after alcohol and especially – sls, which is a strong shampoo detergent, so I was careful with the foam and used it once in a while, mainly on the scalp. Fortunately, nothing like drying out has happened yet. 

Romantic Professional, Regenerate

It is a pity, because if these cosmetics were typical, simple emollient products, they would certainly make a sensation and hit the community of hair bloggers just like Kallos Color or Vatika with black cumin. However, we do have cosmetics that we can use sparingly, every now and then, for me a maximum of once every 2 weeks and without keeping it on my hair for a long time. And you can see this capacity …

Yes, it’s my mistake, I could have chosen a different series, yes. Somehow, it seemed to me that even if there is keratin, it will be in trace amounts in inci (but inci, as in the case of every Forte Sweden series – it is impossible to find the composition of cosmetics on the Internet), as is the case with other such drugstore cosmetics, which are advertised for damaged hair. Although their compositions are not necessarily rich.

Simply “keratin” in the name of the cosmetic acts as a magic ingredient for consumers, which is supposed to repair our damaged hair in no time without any trouble. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. As we well know, the basis of hair care are emollients. And humectants. Proteins are at the bottom of the hair care pyramid, but unfortunately, we can mainly buy such products in drugstores. And I have the impression that this is just such a hairdressing series, professional, but still budget. Is it wrong? Of course not, and many people may still find this series successful.

Romantic Professional, Regenerate

So who can I recommend the Romantic Professional, Regenerate series to?

As already mentioned, these cosmetics are intended for hair that needs nourishment and regeneration. And they can help regenerate damaged hair, yes. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend using them every day, or even for every wash. Rather, let’s treat it as a protein treatment every now and then, depending on the sensitivity and needs of our hair. I will also use them this way as a protein supplement to my care. To be used only for quick washes, only to the length of the hair. First, however, I will share the casts with my sister 🙂 If you do not have great hair needs or do not care about the organic composition of cosmetics, it can definitely work for you.

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Romantic Professional and Regenerate products can be purchased in Auchan, Selgros, E. Leklerk chains and in selected NATURA drugstores and in e-shops STREFA URODY, Gemini Pharmacy,

DERMA PLUS Hand cream, Derma plus, Hand cream with Goji berry extract, As naturally

Do you know these cosmetics? Let me know how you like my hair news! 

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