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Fit cake vegan bounty: coconut with dates and chocolate

Hey loved ones! Today I have another recipe for you for delicious and healthy desserts – Fit Pie Stefania, vegan coconut and chocolate with dates. It is a reliable recipe that I have tried many times. It is made easily and in a really quick time, so it is a good recipe even for novice cooks.

I made the fit cake for Easter and I must admit that everyone liked it very much. looks quite like a traditional dessert, although it does not contain dairy or sugar! In addition, it is a very healthy dish, it contains a lot of fiber, protein and vitamins. It sticks well and freezes. If you are interested in how to make Stefania vegan Fit cake not only for Christmas, check out the recipe.

Fit cake: Stefania vegan bounty, coconut with dates
Fit cake: Stefania vegan bounty, coconut with dates

Fit cake: Stefania vegan coconut and chocolate with dates


  • a glass of semolina
  • liter of coconut (or other) low-sugar drink
  • 6 packs of rectangular biscuits (vegan)
  • a large packet of pitted dates
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil / oil
  • half dark chocolate
  • spoon of dark cocoa
  • a large pack of coconut shrims
  • possibly coconut chips / nuts for decoration


Time needed: 1 hour.

Fit cake: Stefania vegan coconut and chocolate with dates

  1. Preparation of the mass.

    Mix the milk (about 1 glass) with a date blender (you can also soak and / boil it in milk). Separately, boil 2 glasses of milk in a saucepan and gradually add the previously prepared milk with dates and olive oil, and cook while stirring.

  2. Mixing

    Pour the remaining milk into the groats and mix it. When the mass in the saucepan boils well, pour the groats and cook for a while, slowly stirring over low heat. Then add cocoa to taste and a half pack of shavings. The finished mass can be blended into cream.

  3. The bottom of the cake.

    Now let’s go to the bottom: place the biscuits whole so that they tightly cover the bottom of the cake pan. At the edges, they can be cut into smaller pieces / crushed to fit.

  4. Mass.

    Then we pour our prepared mass, still hot, on the bottom of the biscuits and smooth it flat with a spatula. We put another layer of biscuits on top.

  5. Icing.

    We make a home-made glaze or break the chocolate and melt it in a water bath, add a teaspoon of milk so that it flows better. Pour hot chocolate over the cake, decorate with shavings and as you like.

  6. Ready!

    Put the dough in the fridge for at least an hour, but preferably for a few, so that the mass is tasty and softened. Keep in the refrigerator and remove for cutting.

Fit cake: Stefania vegan bounty, coconut with dates
Fit cake: Stefania vegan bounty, coconut with dates

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This is what my ready-made Stefania cake looks like, vegan coconut and chocolate with dates. Perfect for coffee, for all holidays and other occasions. Next time I will definitely try to make it with a nut mass as well. Yummy!

Do you like such a fast and healthy recipe? If you try to make her, let me know how she left! Bon Appetit!

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