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Empties | natural cosmetics for body care

Hello! Today it’s time for the next empties, the cosmetic used up of the last weeks. This time, my bottom will be for face, body and hand care products. I hope you will find such posts interesting. I plan to write about different types of consumption much more often, we will see how I can achieve it. Are you curious how many cosmetics I have used since the beginning of the new year? Feel free to post!

Body care empties

cosmetics bottom

Vianek, refreshing and energizing shower gel

Vianek gel with a beautiful, fresh scent made my daily shower very pleasant. Unfortunately, the bottle is quite stiff, the flap was jammed frequently and it was difficult to open it, especially with wet fingers. The consistency is a bit thin, cloudy, gel-like, but does not run off the hand. The gel lathers well and cleans perfectly, giving you a feeling of freshness. I especially loved using it after training on overheated skin. The gel had great performance, I was using it long past the expiration date and it was still doing great, it didn’t want to run out. I finally finished it for washing my face and hair. As a shampoo, it was great too. I miss that smell a bit. If I sign up for the gym again, I will consider buying again! Score: 5/5.

Review: Vianek, refreshing and energizing shower gel

Body care oil after DIY bath

Finally, I finished the orange body oil that I had been using for the last few months. I poured it out of a few bottles so it was just a mixture of oils I wanted to use quickly. The base of the mixture was almond oil and the fragrance of the oil for the cake 🙂 I don’t know why it turned out so effective, but the fact is that it was light and spread easily on wet skin. I used it after taking a bath, alternating with lotions. Experimental but successful product! I give myself 5/5. 🙂

If you want a DIY recipe, let me know in the comments.

Ziaja, normalizing intimate hygiene foam Intima cranberry nectar

Intimate cleansing foam, which does not really work or maybe … The best, fluffy face cleansing foam with the scent of sweet cranberry? 🙂 Or frothy shampoo without a cup? This is why it is good to learn to read the ingredients and not completely trust the descriptions of cosmetics manufacturers. This is only marketing, and how we use the product depends only on us and, of course, INCI. Do you like such beauty experiments? It’s always worth figuring out 🙂 The full review will appear on the blog soon, but I will say that I really liked such a gentle wash. The whole body, maybe apart from intimate hygiene 😉 Score: 4/5.

empties of cosmetic wear

Nature of Agiva, Roses, Moisturizing hand cream

I brought rose hand cream as a souvenir from my holidays in Bulgaria. I bought it in a lovely, tiny shop filled to the brim with dried roses and those cosmetics with rose prints. The composition could have been better, because glycerin came second, followed by paraffin, but the cream has an amazing smell, which outweighed its purchase. This and the price was one of the cheapest things 😉 Now I can see that cosmetics from Bulgaria are available online in Poland, unfortunately much more expensive. The cream is a nice memory of warm beaches. I’d been saving him all winter, sneaking the scent of tea roses, not red. Beautiful! The cream itself was efficient, very light and spreadable – thanks to paraffin and silicones, of course, it did not moisturize for longer. But he wasn’t from the care, but from the mention of the valley of roses, so I forgive him. Score: 4/5.

Seni Care, cream for dry, calloused skin

I got the cream as a sample, probably while shopping at It was very thick and full-bodied. The cream is intended for elbows, knees and heels, so I forgive the paraffin. I carried it in my purse as a hand cream, used it in the bottom for my hands overnight and as a foot mask. Medical fragrance. It was ok. Score: 4/5.

Derma V10 Skin Essencials Deep wrinkle Collagen Filler

Face cream-serum for mature skin. I got it for free when shopping for cosmetics in London, I used it mainly under the eyes. Sometimes also as a face serum. A squad full of good things but also bad things. Average overall, but it tightened the skin under the eyes, so I used it. Rating: 3/5 /

Rossmann wear cosmetic empties

Facelle, Rossmann sanitary pads

I love them, I always buy them in stock, especially when they are on sale. They are long, ultra-thin, with an absorbent mesh and wings that don’t come off during the day. Here, additionally with aloe. They are not as good as Always sanitary pads (or probably based on them), but they are sufficient for everyday use and for the night. For the price – great! Score: 5/5.

Sun Ozone, after sun body lotion empties

The lotion is also a souvenir of the summer. I always take one product on vacation – after sunbathing, and apply it to everything. Then I used this balm after depilation. It worked well, but not as great as his aloe vera brother. It slightly cools, soothes the skin, is very rare. Score: 3/5.

Rival de Loop, nourishing face tonic

I bought a tonic because it had a good composition and a rather ridiculous price – about 2 zlotys. In addition, I was reminded that this liquid with a high glycerin content was supposed to be a great spray-fixer for makeup. It just had to be poured into an atomizer bottle. Unfortunately, it worked on average for me. It foamed and left stains on the face despite splashing into several sprinklers. It contains something foaming, which is supposed to additionally cleanse the face and remove makeup remnants. The tonic applied with a cotton pad actually cleansed, pulled a little, stung the eyes. For the price? Approx! Score: 4/5.

Isana Med, aluminum free deodorant

Rival de Loop, Zell Intense, Augen Elixier (Elixir under the eyes) empties

A great, moisturizing eye cream that I bought last fall from Rossmann. Thinking about the drying of the skin after the heaters, unfortunately 🙁 The set included a moisturizing face cream, but I used it very quickly. This cream, as you can see, lasted for over a year of daily use once a day. I have nothing against him. Price, composition, efficiency, pump, no smell: all a plus. Score: 5/5.

Isana Med, Ultra Sensitive, roll-on deodorant empties

I bought the deodorant at a regular, very low price from Rossmann. His protection was enough for me on a daily basis. I felt fresh, applying it every morning, I liked the smell. I didn’t have wet stains under my armpits, nor did I smell a bad smell. Its effect ended after a few hours, then I felt fresh and I apply it again or help myself with a spray deodorant, which also gives me a nice feeling of refreshment. In the heat, outside, with sports, the  aluminum-free deodorant did not work at all, after a few tests it remained a home deodorant and to the bottom design. Still, I rate it + as an alternative to self-made deodorants. Score: 4/5.

Review : Isana Med, Ultra Sensitive, aluminum free deodorant

cosmetic empties Alverde butter wear

Alverde, Body butter with macadamia oil and shea butter for dry skin

Butter smells like a nut dessert with a hint of chocolate, it is quite heavy, but not tiring, sweet. The butter is perfect as a mask for hands and feet and as a lubricant for the elbows – it is very dense, dense, packed with oils. Despite this, it spreads nicely and is very efficient, a small amount is enough to spread it all over the body. I also used it for hair oiling and as a breast cream. I have very fond memories, I will probably buy again. Denko with regret. Score: 5/5.

Review: Alverde Body Butter

The Body Shop, Moringa Body Butter empties

A sample of butter, which I got from a nice lady at the company store. Despite my assurances that I would thank you and that it would not be useful to me, she wanted to give them to me. I took it because I was fed up with surprised faces and both you and other clients who took several. As for me, many of The Body Shop’s products are simply medium ingredients, despite the wonderful fragrances. And that the product is free, ehhh … I prefer to buy a natural, full-size product with my own money, believe me 🙂 In the store I looked around for make-up and brushes, because they have great ones. But the butter itself – the smell is great, of course, as a body lotion it was good, as a hand cream it also worked, it did not moisturize for a very long time, but it was not too dry. Composition – you know, prices – high. Quick bottom. Score: 3/5.

Alverde body butter

Nourish hair gel empties

I have no idea where I got this gel from. Sample from the hotel? Spa set? Anyway, he did a great job on every trip. Small tube, handy, nice composition. It was a bit too sticky. Finally in empties. Score: 4/5.

Welcome to Bulgaria, 2-in-1 gel

Staying on the topic of Bulgaria, I finally used up the rest of the rose gels after vacation. We bought a package in some supermarket because it was in these handy sachets. Great on the go. For the shower, for hands, for hair and even for quick washing in the sink. The smell of roses is great, sweet, but not tiring. Price: pennies. Composition: poor. Score: 3/5.

Ketoxin forte, an anti-dandruff shampoo

Medicinal shampoo which I buy mainly for my partner. I believe that dandruff is a fungal infection and should be properly treated and only then prevented from recurring by proper care. The shampoo is a strong SLS stripper, but it works great. Washes, soothes the holidays, heals after just two uses. We use sporadically, the bottle has been in the bathroom and bottom design for at least a year. Score: 4/5.

cosmetic bottom cream Vianek sylveco

Vianek and Sylveco face creams

I got the creams when I was shopping at the pharmacy until the plastic bag was collected. I took them with me on every trip. Handy sachet, easy to open. I used up the leftovers at home, because I was afraid that I have had them for a long time and they might break down. I used so many of these sachets that I could safely review all Vianek and Sylveco creams 🙂 But I think that the sample reviews look bad on blogs, so it’s a pity, I’ll write in a nutshell: they are great. Light but moisturizing, perfect for everyday use. Sea buckthorn was the best because the color was indeed like sea buckthorn oil, it left a nourishing layer on the face that you could feel. Strengthening was also more full-bodied, I used it sometimes under my eyes. Birch had a betulin smell and it did act on my imperfections. If I had to buy one in the future, it would be these. Score: 5/5. My best empties!

Summary of empties

It turns out that in the last few months I have used about 17 cosmetics. I count the cream samples as one, although, as I mentioned, I used up a bag of them, just enough for a few packages of these creams. Is it a lot or a little? Just right I think. Certainly, however, I could use more hair, face and makeup cosmetics.

Soon I will probably take up a new challenge from the bottom of the whole year cycle, if you are interested in what cosmetics it will be, let me know in the comment. I will be very pleased! Do you do cosmetic bottom designs?

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