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Perfumed deodorant – what is it and how to use it?

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Hey guys! Today I have a different type of entry for you – we will talk about perfumes and whether Eau de Parfum differs from deodorant. 

A lot of people confuse these two things and don’t actually know how to use deodorants and perfumes. Especially deo sprays or deodorants sold on the antiperspirant shelf. As cheap perfume, armpit deodorant or body spray? This is quite confusing, and cosmetics companies rarely explain their use. Meanwhile, deodorant and perfume are not the same thing. I will try to answer these frequently asked questions about perfumes. Feel free to post!

Deodorant and perfume

Deodorant and perfume

Deodorants and perfumes smell nice, cosmetic brands produce both cosmetics under the same line at different prices. The difference is that the deodorant is designed to combat unpleasant body odor. It is also supposed to complement the effect of perfumes, refresh us and … save perfume.

Perfumes themselves, or rather perfumed waters, because we usually buy such a cosmetic, are supposed to give us a specific scent, which is to give us character, style and elegance. It’s a way to express yourself, but also to improve your mood.

Perfumed deodorant - what is it and how to use it?

How to use deodorants?

The deodorant is designed to neutralize unpleasant odors. We can, therefore, use it under the armpits, on the entire torso, neckline or other sensitive places.
It is worth noting, however, that we should not use them only when we feel that we sweat too much. It is a good idea to sprinkle it at the beginning of the day to inhibit any unpleasant smell.

However, do not use them on freshly shaved skin – a high alcohol content will certainly irritate you.

Deodorant, perfume or antiperspirant?

Deodorants are available not only in the form of sprays, but also in creams and balls. They are displayed at perfume stands and with products for daily hygiene. What is so confusing about them… But believe me it’s simple. The difference is in the smell. Sometimes and in composition, because there are deodorants without alcohol.

A perfumed deodorant is nothing more than colored cans from the deodorant department, but these are flavored with synthetic fragrances, and perfumed deodorants with perfumes in alcohol.

Unfortunately, deodorants are often confused with antiperspirants , which are often on the same shelf in a drugstore. However, this is completely different. The deodorant has been designed to neutralize unpleasant odors, and will not inhibit excessive sweating, while the antiperspirant will certainly help. Antiperspirants do this thanks to the content of aluminum salts (a harmful ingredient, but by the way). An antiperspirant also helps combat unpleasant odors, but usually it has no aroma, if anything, mild, associated with cleanliness, refreshment. It is a hygiene measure.

Perfumed deodorant - how to use it?

So what’s the best way to use a perfume-scented deodorant?

As a complement to our perfumes!

It was mainly created for this purpose. We spray it in the morning on clean skin. Before leaving the house, we also use perfumes, but a small amount, if they are of the intense type. The perfume will “eat” the weaker deodorant anyway – we will smell beautiful, but we will have a deodorant base on the skin, which will not only inhibit the bad smell, but also harmonize and fix the perfume (because if we had a base with a different antiperspirant smell, it could bite). During the day, we no longer have to “add” perfumes, but refresh ourselves with deodorant once or twice. In addition, we will save them and it is not just about money – the strong smell torments the surroundings, and it can cause us a headache.

Manufacturers often release whole lines of one fragrance – fragrance deodorant, eau de parfum, aftershave, antiperspirant, and more recently – hair perfume. Cosmetics complement each other and create a layer of fragrance, preserving it next to the skin – and so we should use them most often.

But after all, no one will forbid us to do some work with these fragrances … :) What else can we use deodorant for?

For odor testing

We can successfully use such a cosmetic as a tester – before deciding to buy a full-fledged bottle of expensive perfume. The smell checked on paper or on the wrist in the store is not enough. We have to use the fragrance for a few days, smell it and check how it is arranged on our skin. And whether it really suits us. Meanwhile, real testers are much more expensive, and 1-3 ml perfume screeds are tiny. The deodorant will work very well as such a tester, although remember that the fragrance will be “diluted” and the durability of the perfume cannot be checked.

Perfumed deodorant - how to use it?

A deodorant as a 2 in 1

A way known, for example, from PE lessons, gym. I myself remember spitting on a perfumed deodorant, which I treated as a clever 2 in 1 perfume that supposedly refreshes and masks the smell of sweat. However, ordinary deo are not suitable for armpits, they are not antiperspirants, so they will only mix with the smell of sweat, or mask it for a while.

How to deal with it? Well, the skin needs to be clean and dry. A good method to heat up (again – a gym, hot pub, disco) is to wash yourself with a handkerchief eventually moistened with water and hand soap 🙂 And then apply a perfumed deodorant. I still use this method sometimes.

I also often use deodorant as a body mist , especially in summer, when I am lightly sweating. I choose scents that are not saturated and crisp, e.g. green tea or white flowers. It is a very pleasant refreshment.

Deodorant as a perfume substitute?

This method is quite known among people on a budget or among teenagers’ beauticians. Instead of expensive perfumes, we buy the smell of a spray that we like and we squeeze with it in warm parts of the body. Unfortunately, the application should be repeated often, because it is not a persistent fragrance. The easiest way to say is that the perfume is more concentrated and the fragrance will stick to our skin for a long time (depends on the quality), while the deodorant will be highly alcoholic, the same perfume smell will be much more delicate in it and will last for about half an hour. In addition, alcohol can irritate us, not to mention allergic to artificial flavors …

So is this a good way? Medium.

Perhaps for short trips or as a home mood soothing, such “perfume” will work. It is also a method of saving perfume. If we love the smell, and we feel guilty about wearing them “without occasion” – you can easily spray and a few times a day around the house with a deodorant that will improve our mood.

Also to get to know a new fragrance, when you do not want to invest in another perfume falcon – yes, it’s always nice to get yourself something new and fragrant for the buck.

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perfumes a deo


So should you buy such a cheap deodorant just because of the smell, as a perfume substitute? No! However, it is definitely better to buy high-quality, but not necessarily expensive, perfumes and be sure that we smell good and that this aroma will stay with us all day long.

But it’s still nice to buy a nice new fragrance to sprinkle on and try out to cheer yourself up – especially at this time of the year when it’s so cold, gray and nasty …

Do you like the use of perfumes? Do you know good deodorants?

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