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DIY herbal hair growth lotion | cheap and effective

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Hey! Today I have another DIY for you: a decoction of Polish herbs as a lotion for hair loss, dandruff and fast hair growth. It is a popular method of cheap hair growth promoted by hair bloggers from many years ago. I have made it myself more than once because it is incredibly cheap and effective, and Polish herbs are so easily available. It happens that I even collect them myself from forests and meadows!

The lotion is also very pleasant to use, it smells like hay and the scalp is soothed after it. No irritation, itching or an increase in hair loss. On the contrary, the herbal lotion turned out to be great for me, it helped me fight for beautiful and long hair.

Herbs and their extracts have been used in natural cosmetics for centuries as a remedy for strengthening the bulbs, accelerating hair growth, thickening them by the overflow of baby hair, and also helping to reduce hair loss. Due to their valuable properties and action, they are the basis of many shampoos and conditioners, you can find them in many scalp lotions. However, home herbal tea treatment is very cheap, natural and easy to do, so I invite you to my post and a recipe for a DIY Polish herbal infusion.

DIY home-made hair growth with Polish herbs - a simple recipe

DIY home-made hair growth lotion with herbs – a simple recipe


  • 1 teaspoon of selected Polish herbs known for their good effect on hair:
    fenugreek; sage; burdock root, nettle leaf, calamus rhizome, oak bark, chamomile, mint, horsetail herb, radish, etc.
  • 100 ml of distilled water
  • a glass and a syringe, a container for a rub
  • alcohol, vodka or natural preservative


DIY home-made hair growth with Polish herbs – a simple recipe

  1. We prepare the ingredients.

    Wash the herbs and dry / tear the bags. We measure out the ingredients.

  2. Cooking.

    Boil the roots, stems and rhizomes of the herbs. To do this, boil water in a saucepan and add the measured herbs. Cook for about 10 minutes, covered.

  3. Brewing.

    Just brew flowers and leaves. Put the rest of the herbs in a saucepan with hot but not boiling herbal tea and cover with a lid.

  4. We are waiting.

    We leave the herbs to stretch for 2-5 hours. After this time, let it cool down, drain it and pour it into a container for a rub.

  5. Preserving.

    For 90-100 ml of ready-made wipes, it is enough to add 2 tablespoons of strong alcohol, e.g. vodka, spirit, white wine. Or the right amount of a selected natural preservative (from a semi-finished product store).

  6. Applying lotions.

    We take the liquid into the glass and draw it into the syringe. This is how we apply it evenly to the scalp with injections. 5 ml is enough for one use. Then we perform a gentle massage.

DIY home-made hair growth with Polish herbs - a simple recipe
DIY home-made hair growth with Polish herbs – a simple recipe

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Even though preserved, I keep it in the refrigerator. Every day I apply 5 ml of the liquid to the scalp itself with a syringe, using injections. Then we perform a gentle massage.

Alcohol will help the herbal rub even better and penetrate the scalp bulbs. However, if you do not preserve the lotions, e.g. for fear of drying out, it will be valid for up to 3-4 days when kept in the refrigerator. After this time, you can use the leftovers, e.g. as a hair rinse.

You can also make tiny portions of such a cosmetic at once, or freeze the remains in the freezer each time.

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