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Nutrikosmetic – what it is and how to use it

Hey guys. Today I have another post about health care – what nutricosmetic is about.

When you think about Nutrikosmetic , you immediately think of a dietary supplement that allows us to replenish the deficiencies of nutrients that affect the healthy condition of our hair, skin and nails.Thinking about healthy hair and proper care, we usually reach for various nourishing cosmetics. Unfortunately, not all active ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the skin. Nutrikosmetic improve their condition by acting from the inside, and thus have an advantage over cosmetics applied to the skin, e.g. creams, which have a limited ability to reach the dermis and usually act on the surface. So it is not an ordinary dietary supplement. If you are interested in how they are applied, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Nutrikosmetic – what is it?

A nutricosmetic is a special type of supplement, usually with a concentrated effect, which aims to supplement the  deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in our body. Often, various nutrient deficiencies are responsible for brittle nails or falling out nails. Substances introduced into the body in specific doses perfectly complement these deficiencies and improve the condition of the hair, their bulbs, skin and nails faster.

Nutrikosmetic – nutrients

Nutrikosmetics contain various ingredients, depending on the target action. Most often they are selected vitamins and minerals such as: A, E, C, D from group B, beta carotene and minerals – selenium, zinc, silicon, calcium, sulfur and magnesium.

Sometimes they also contain active substances – hyaluronic acid, flavonoids, collagen, coenzyme Q10, lycopene, biotin. This is what combines skin care cosmetics with nutricosmetics, but when introduced into the body internally, they have a holistic effect on the whole body and the entire body.

In preparations to improve the condition of hair and nails, we can also find the necessary B and H vitamins and minerals such as zinc, silicon and iron. The supplementation supporting weight loss uses polyphenols and plant extracts that stimulate circulation in the skin, regulate the water balance and help burn fat tissue.

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How do nutricosmetics work?

Jets is similar to taking supplements. When we take a tablet, the active substances contained in it are absorbed from the intestines into the bloodstream and will be distributed throughout the body. First they go to the vena cava, then they provide nutrition to the most important organs, finally they go to the skin and nails , and finally to the hair. Therefore, the effects of their use are not immediately visible and it is recommended to undergo a treatment for at least two months to notice the first results. Only then the whole body will consecutively nourish itself, supplement all nutritional deficiencies and start working properly.
Therefore, it is worth taking multivitamins for the day and choosing nutricosmetics that work on the right problem.

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Is it worth taking nutricosmetics?

Who is taking nutricosmetics for? Everyone can benefit from them, especially residents of large cities, exposed to many harmful external factors. These products will help us maintain the healthy condition of the skin, hair, nails and the whole body. They are also recommended for people who have a wide spectrum of nutritional deficiencies – e.g. during illness, after acute diets or intensively training.


Nutrikosmetic work stronger and faster than regular skin care cosmetics, they are also much more effective against skin and hair problems than regular dietary supplements. I found out about it when they helped me during the treatment for hair loss, growing them to the old lengths or for brittle nails. It is definitely worth including them in your medical treatment.

It is important to take the preparations systematically and patiently, because you have to wait at least 2 months for visible results.

We should also know that nutricosmetic cannot replace a daily healthy diet , they can only supplement it.

What products do you recommend for beautiful hair?

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