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DIY face serum for capillary skin from natural products

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Hey! I am coming to you with another post about DIY cosmetics, this time it will be a homemade DIY serum for capillaries and face erythema made of semi-finished natural products. Store shelves bend under the weight of cosmetics – but expensive and not always with natural composition.

Meanwhile, such a cosmetic is very cheap and easy to make, just mix all the ingredients and you can apply it to the face moistened with hydrosol. The serum with chestnut extracts and rutin is light and effective, perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens our skin, it is also a great remedy for autumn, rainy sorrows.

The serum works great for me! My skin felt soothed and hydrated, and my mood definitely improved. However, I am giving you a general recipe on how to create and make your own simple DIY serum from what we have at home. Welcome to my entry.

DIY serum for face capillaries from semi-finished products
DIY serum for face capillaries from semi-finished products

DIY serum for face capillaries from semi-finished products


  • 2.5 ml of demineralized water/hydrolate
  • 0.15 ml chestnut / ginkgo extract
  • a pinch of allantoin
  • 2ml hyaluronic acid
  • 0.5 ml rutin
  • 0.5 ml panthenol
  • 0.5 ml sodium lactate
  • possibly a pinch of xanthon gum
  • Additionally, for me: 3 drops of aloe vera, 1 ml of collagen with elastin
  • 6 ml of a total of oils adapted to the needs of the skin, (e.g. Jojoba 3.5 ml, Almond 2.5 ml, Helichrysum macerate 1 ml)
  • additionally: a large drop of emulsifier (without this, shake before use)
  • preservatives: approx. 3 drops
  • a drop of vit. e
  • or 1 ml of liposomes for couperose skin (also instead of extracts)


Time needed: 5 minutes.

DIY face serum for capillaries and erythema from semi-finished products

  1. Preparation of ingredients.
    We will prepare two sterile beakers. We collect water into one beaker or make the serum directly in the packaging for the cosmetic. We measure the ingredients.
  2. water phase.
    Dissolve a pinch of allantoin in the water phase and mix, then add other soluble extracts, successively aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, rutin and preservative, etc.
  3. Mixing.
    Separately, mix the oil phase in a beaker: oils with emulsifier, and then pour them into the water phase. Add xanthon gum to thicken. Shake the bottle and mix or blend so that everything is well combined. We turn and it’s ready.

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DIY serum for face capillaries from semi-finished products
DIY serum from semi-finished products

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The serum works well under make-up, I use it on my cheeks both day and night. The recipe can be modified. Depending on the added intermediates, extracts and oils, it can work for acne, mature, sensitive skin, etc. My selected extracts are adapted to couperose and dehydrated skin.

Do you like making homemade DIY serums?

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