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Coronavirus: how to be safe from a COVID-19 outbreak?

Today, an unusual post about health: I decided to write a few words about the Coronavirus epidemic.

I was walking past a drugstore yesterday and decided to buy myself an antibacterial gel for hands because the one I had was still spilling in my purse. Only then did I realize how the media fueled fear and panic in people: the entire shelf with gels was empty. The saleswoman explained to me that they have been missing for a long time, they only sell them on the Internet for horrendous amounts.

A nice lady in the shop also told me how business Janissi bought mass Lidl gels as the cheapest – whole prams. Normally, such a package costs 2-5 zlotys, so I think that such a business is a very poor play on the fear of others. The lady was also wondering whether to start making apocalyptic food stores … Somehow I am not surprised.

And yet such a simple gel or hand spray can be done easily and cheaply at home, especially if it can not be bought at the usual price in the store.

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Antibacterial hand gel

However, I do not intend to succumb to all this panic, because it is known that ordinary, everyday personal hygiene and a few basic precautions should be enough for us to protect in case something threatens us.

As for me, I rarely get the flu or cold – I have a habit of using this gel at home, not touching the handrail and washing my hands properly, besides, healthy eating plays a big role here – immunity.

Coronavirus: how to guard against infection / virus outbreak?

Coronavirus: how to guard against an epidemic?

  • thorough and long hand washing in hot water several times a day, especially before meals
  • the habit of frequent wiping hands: with an antibacterial gel, wipes or even alcohol
  • avoiding large human communities, including airports; temporary avoidance of trips, especially to countries where a coronavirus epidemic is already underway
  • not touching the handrails, seats, backs etc. in public transport and door handles, especially in toilets (if necessary through a handkerchief or a stretched sleeve)
  • avoiding giving to each hand, kissing on the cheek is better (you can also explain it with a light infection)
  • covering up, if someone openly coughs (we are not rude, this person, it is clear). We cough in the sleeve, arm, handkerchief – not on our hands!
  • face masks protect other people from our bacteria, not vice versa, special anti-smog masks can help
  • a healthy, strong body is more resistant and much less susceptible to any infection, not just a co-virus, so it’s always worth starting with health
Coronavirus: how to guard against infection / virus outbreak?

Nutrition is always the basis of health

In addition, it may be useful to strengthen immunity, if we feel poor and weak, as unfortunately most people in this heavy pre-spring spring, it is not worth exhausting your body. Better not go to the gym. If we can, it’s better to stay at home and relax, get a good night’s sleep and eat some vitamins.

This is helpful advice for any infection, not just coronavirus. I highly recommend silage at this time of year: kimchi, cabbage, pickled cucumbers, which have a wealth of vitamin C and have a great effect on our bacterial flora. Green parsley, pepper and sprouts – again an injection of vitamin C and microelements, sources much better than traditional lemon. Kefir, yogurt and blue mold cheese, which contains penicillin bacteria sensationally improve our well-being and immunity.

You see that with such a set of preventive measures, no coronavirus is scary to us!

Hand washing

And finally, of course – dress warmly, cover your head and ears with a hat, neck scarf and gloves. The weather is changeable, spring is just around the corner, but the cold wind can still weaken us.

Do you know any other way to resist? Let me know!

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