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Kanaste, CBD oil, vanilla, mint with chocolate and ointment

Hey guys! I recently finished testing CBD Kanaste oil, which was supposed to help reduce stress and improve sleep quality, focus and relaxation, as well as support recovery after training.

I have to admit that it worked great for me, I had a better mood and so much healthy energy! So I’m all the more curious about the latest news from the store. This time I have my opinion about Kanaste flavor oils: vanilla and mint with chocolate and a multi-functional, regenerative hemp ointment. I am very curious how it will work for me! I count the most on the regeneration of muscles and the soothing effect of the ointment, after the last training sessions and cycling trips, I still have sore muscles and muscle pain. I love hemp oil in skin and hair care, and the seeds are added to cocktails, I must admit that they have a great effect and it is worth choosing this form of non-intoxicating but relaxing supplements. CBD oils are completely natural, safe and laboratory tested, free of any intoxicating properties. They also allegedly have a great effect on people on a ketogenic diet! If you are interested in how the new Kanaste oils worked for me, read on to the rest of this post.

Kanaste, CBD oil, vanilla, mint with chocolate and ointment


CBD ointment with a delicate texture and soothing scent combining notes of wingron, rosemary and vanilla.
A natural composition created to visibly repair and revitalize damaged skin, muscles and tissues.
Apply to the skin surface to reduce inflammation and get relief.


Hemp extract, hemp seed oil, cocoa seed butter, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, grape seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, rosemary extract, vanilla oil, limonene, linalool


A light, easy-to-apply  CBD ointment  adapted to all skin types. Thoroughly massage a small amount into freshly cleansed skin. Use as needed.

Price: PLN 99

Capacity: 50 ml

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Kanaste, CBD oil, vanilla, mint with chocolate and ointment

Kanaste, CBD oil 550 mg: vanilla and mint with chocolate

Product description

Our CBD oil is a 100% natural product obtained from organic hemp. Unlike cannabis, hemp is completely legal and non-intoxicating. CBD helps you better cope with stress, anxiety, anxiety and pain. It supports inner peace and helps you relax. By the way, our CBD oils are completely natural, safe and laboratory tested.

Our premium CBD oil was created by renowned industry experts to support:

  • feeling calm and focused
  • coping with everyday stress
  • regeneration after exercise
  • healthy sleep cycles

Kanasté oil contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids naturally occurring in cannabis (including CBD, CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBDV, BCP), terpenes and flavonoids. Their presence ensures maximum effectiveness of the oil, creating so-called The “ambient effect” supports its CBD action. For the sake of safety, our oil is free from any intoxicating properties.

The raw materials used by us come from organic farming in which no GMOs, artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used. The innovative method of CO2 extraction guarantees a clean product, free of any chemicals. The oil obtained in this way is 100% natural and safe for health.


Shake, place a serving (0.5ml) under the tongue, wait 60-90s, then swallow. Regularity is the key to success. You will get the best results if you use the oil regularly. The oil is not intended for vaporization.


Natural CBD Kanasté Oil contains only full spectrum hemp extract and organic MCT oil derived from coconut oil.
Without any artificial additives or fillers.
The CBD content per gram is 12.11mg, which gives a total of over 650mg of CBD.

Capacity: 30ml / 60 servings

Price: PLN 149

Kanaste, CBD oil, vanilla, mint with chocolate and ointment

My opinion


We get Kanaste Oil in a stylish, black box. It’s great that all important information is given there – instructions for the forgetful. Inside we have a dark glass bottle that resembles an oily facial serum. The oil is equipped with a graduated pipette allowing for convenient and accurate dosing. The oil itself looks elegant, unlike the original oil in black aesthetics, the flavors have less raw, colorful prints, yellow and green, thanks to which the whole series looks consistent.

Kanaste CBD oil – why this choice?

I wanted to test Kanaste because I heard about its great effect on post-workout recovery and overall fatigue. Lately, I have been doing bicycle training every day and working on a plot of land, which is very exhausting, especially for a person in poor condition. I was hoping that thanks to the oil, I would not have such soreness and that my calves would no longer hurt so much, and it would also help me feel better. I wanted a completely natural product that would also be safe, and CBD oils have an exceptionally good effect on people on a keto diet, i.e. mine – after all, we are better adapted to the absorption of healthy fats. The more she was curious about the effects.


I started taking Kanaste a month ago. I took it as instructed, although I must admit that I did not always remember to shake the bottle. I took a dose, 0.5 ml under the tongue, twice a day, usually in the morning. You can always increase the dose later.

Results of using Kanaste:

I liked the taste of both Kanaste oils very much, you can still feel the aftertaste of good olive oil, but also the sweetness of flavors, but it is not overly sweet, just right. If someone was bothered by the aftertaste of the earlier version, vanilla will definitely be a very good choice for your next try.
I have to admit that these oils worked great for me, I had a much better mood and so much healthy energy! I’ve been living under more stress lately, and the media hype about Covid-19 and the possible lockdown has added to my anxiety. The oil definitely helped here and it worked immediately, I felt an improvement, especially since I had already tested one oil for a month before and I know how it worked. So it’s safe to say that the positive effect remains and is long-term, and then becomes even stronger. It is definitely worth carrying out such a treatment in difficult times and see how it works for us.

I had a hard time noticing the tangible effects of Kanaste on healthy sleep, as I sleep exceptionally well anyway. The ketogenic diet really helped with my insomnia. However, I think we can add a result here – the calming effect of the oil as a help in falling asleep and relaxing on a daily basis is really noticeable.

I was counting on the beneficial effects of Kanaste on muscle regeneration and fatigue. I must honestly admit that I noticed a significant difference, and the oil really works. The overall fatigue is much less, you can work or train for several hours and there is no danger of dizziness. The muscles hurt in the morning, but a lot less, and after a short stretch and parting, you do not feel them anymore. I haven’t had a single calf cramp that has always bothered me, despite taking magnesium and potassium. To sum up – Kanaste significantly improves regeneration after training, already in a small dose of regular use.

I used Kanaste regenerative ointment on irritated skin because I broke my knees falling off the bike. Indeed, it significantly accelerated healing and left no unsightly scars. It smells very good, not typical mint like other such specifics. It also has a very natural, short composition. It helped my mother a lot with joint pain, I also used it after training and it relieved pain in tired muscles. Looking at the composition, it could be used for skin problems resulting from dryness, allergies and psoriasis, as well as for hair, as a serum for the scalp and hair ends, but I was a bit afraid of irritation. As an ointment for chapped hands, knees and elbows, it also works great. A universal and natural specificity that is always worth having in your cosmetic bag.

Kanaste, CBD oil, vanilla, mint with chocolate and ointment


Is it worth buying Kanaste 550 mg CBD Oil? I believe that it is not a necessary equipment for every athlete, but it would be worth a try. I recommend this supplement to beginners who, like me, have problems with muscle regeneration, calf cramps at night and fatigue, as well as a lack of energy or motivation. Here the oil will really make a big difference and I think it is a product worth its price. It improves the general well-being and functioning of the body, and is completely natural and safe. Kanaste regenerative ointment is a universal and natural specificity that should always be in your cosmetic bag. It’s worth trying for yourself.

Do you know Kanaste oils? What do you think about these supplements? 

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