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Wella, Color Perfect, hair dye and conditioner

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Hey guys! Today I come to you with a review of Wella paint in a wonderful shade of amber brown. I’ve finally dared to switch to using drugstore dyes in my hair dyes, although I’m still a bit afraid of it. 

I have no choice – unfortunately no natural dye or henna can catch my gray roots anymore … So I hope that this one can do it, and it will even out my hair to a uniform color and cover all the gray hairs. I will be using the conditioner for colored hair for another month and let you know if it helped in washing out the paint and shine. If you are interested in what color came out for me, I invite you to review the paint and my effects.

Wella, Color Perfect paint

Wella, Color Perfect, Permanent hair dye

NEW LINE Wella Color Perfect is the first change in the formula of our hair dyes in 20 years. Our patented formula provides hydration at every stage of coloring, from the new coloring cream with oil to the Advanced Intensive Treatment Radiance conditioner, thanks to which you will get intense color and full glow. The coloring cream with oil moisturizes the hair and prevents damage by creating a protective barrier on the hair, the Advanced Shine-giving Intensive Treatment deeply nourishes each hair after coloring, and the exclusive Color Reactivator system enhances the intensity of color and provides the hair with shine between colors. 

Effect? Coloring that enhances the 7 signs of healthy hair for perfect hydration, intense color and full shine.

I’m testing 6/0 light brown

Composition: (cannot be found online)

Wella, Color Perfect composition

Capacity: 120 ml

Price PLN 26.99

Wella, Color Perfect

Wella, Color Perfect, a coloring conditioner for everyday use,

Do you want to keep the glow and color intensity between dyes for longer? Do you want to bring out reflections or emphasize the natural color? Your hair is losing its shine? Refresh the color and give your hair softness and shine with the progressive coloring Wella Color Perfect Color Booster conditioner, which contains a formula with argan, macadamia and coconut oils for even better nourishment.
Available colors: chestnut, chocolate, caramel, coconut.

I’m testing the caramel color

Capacity: 200 ml

price: PLN 13.50

Composition: (cannot be found online)

Wella, Color Perfect composition

My opinion:

Wella, Color Perfect is probably a novelty on the market, because it is difficult to find any information about this paint (composition nowhere). I decided to test it because of the beautiful color – light brown in a warm shade, falling into amber, which is something that came out of the combination of Casssi and brown henna. At least on the packaging, the color seems appropriate … Darker roots should lighten, deepen lighter ones, and even out the rest. I was only afraid of this composition …


In a box with prints typical for drugstores, we get quite a lot of elements; a bottle with a spout, paint in a tube, decent gloves and two taunts, admittedly with a small capacity, and instructions.

Wella, Color Perfect

Unfortunately, Wella paint is not very friendly to dyeing the roots, there is not even a mark where half of the liquid or paint is, I had to pour it into the beakers and measure it with the greatest precision, which was very troublesome, but somehow I finally managed. Of course, I couldn’t use the bottle anymore, just a flat bowl for mixing the paint.

There were no problems with applying, Wella’s paint is thick and does not run off my hair, although the intense smell of ammonia disturbed me a bit. I covered everything quickly and efficiently. The dyed leather was easy to clean. After the recommended time had elapsed, I dyed the rest of my hair, then froth the scalp. Then I spread the foam over the length of my hair to give it an even better grip of the color. After washing off, I used an after-dyeing conditioner, and I kept this one for a month later.


Wella, Color Perfect, of course, dyed my hair a bit darker than stated on the package. I am writing a bit because I know that a lot of it will wash off quickly and the shade will be slightly different. The gray hair is 90 percent covered, though some are very light brown, almost blonde. My head is not a solid color, the hem has been lighter, but I think it looks nice. I will not correct the length with this paint so as not to damage them additionally. Next time I will only paint the roots, and I will improve the whole with henna in the same color, as many people in the hair maniac community advise.

Wella Color Perfect Color Booster

I have only used it once, so I can’t say much about it. It definitely has a long composition full of ingredients that are not entirely healthy for our hair, although all such drugs from drugstores are quite similar. It is a conditioner with color pigments that keep the color longer and protect against washing out. The promised beauty oils are at the bottom of the line, so they’re less than 1 percent there – that’s marketing. In addition, the conditioner contains drying alcohols, parabens and silicone, so I would advise you to apply it only from the length of the ear and keep it very short on the hair, massage it in and rinse immediately with cool water. I’ve never used a product like this, so I’m curious if it really helps maintain the color.

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Do you know such paint? Is it worth using?

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