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Teta drugstores | what is worth buy in the Czech Republic?

Hey guys! Today we will promise a post about cosmetic purchases that are worth doing in the Czech Republic – first Teta drugstores. 

As you know, I am often there because my sister Ania, who also helps with the blog, now lives in Prague. During walks and sightseeing, we look around for cosmetics. Drugstores Teta is a popular chain of small shops similar to our Drogeria natura, which can be found everywhere. The assortment is modest, the same size, it is rather a shop where you come for basic hygiene and cosmetic products, but I found some natural pearls there and I am already testing some interesting things for you. So if you are curious what caught my eye among store shelves, I invite you to the rest of the post.

Drugstores Teta

Flore, A gentle touch of nature

Our own brand of natural herbal cosmetics with ingredients of organic quality will satisfy even the most demanding customers. High-performance products use the proven effects of herbs in their purest form. Discover the harmony of natural ingredients and emphasize your natural beauty.

Flore is a cosmetics of Drogerie Teta’s own brand, so far it consists of a modest set of natural cosmetics for face and body care: tonic, milk and two-phase lotion for cleansing the skin, a set of 2 series of day and night creams, anti-cellulitis gel and intimate hygiene lotion.

These cosmetics are quite cheap and have a great composition, they contain, among others aloe vera, argan oil, sea buckthorn, green tea, lilies etc.

Drugstores Teta

I liked the tonic with the scent of white lily the most, which I bought right away. I didn’t need anything else, but I will definitely try creams and gel again someday.

Ellie, Precious Oils

Ellie is another Czech brand that is cheap and worth our attention. In Teta drugstores you will find several series of these cosmetics, including very cheap face masks and the Precious Oils series, which reminds me something very much.

I do not want to say that it is an inspiration or cheaper production of a certain mid-range company, but it looks similar. The composition is also good and the price is encouraging to try it out.

Dixi, birch hair lotion

In Prague I managed to find a few interesting pots, they seem quite popular here, but surprisingly there are no ones that we can buy in Polish drugstores. Dixi waters look like our birch and nettle waters, reminiscent of the previous epoch … But the stores are good and the prices are low, and the packages are small, so just for such trips. It is worth trying something new instead of carrying a bag of cosmetics.

In addition to these wcierki, you can also buy sprays, ampoules and wcierki with a spout in the Czech Republic, which I will also discuss soon.

Below is another lotion, with B5 and hops extract, great for hair loss.

Drugstores Teta

Today, Body Lotion, Coconut and Vanilla

Another cheap and wonderful cosmetic. If it weren’t for the fact that I already have too much luggage, I would have bought in stock. The fragrance is sweet, intense and simply wonderful through the packaging. A dream-like composition, nature itself, butters and even zero paraffin. For coconut lovers and more!

Relaxa Natural, bath salts

I managed to find several variants of these salts in Drogeria Teta, each with a great composition. Eco and zero waste packaging, so it’s a revelation. Unfortunately, the price is slightly higher. I will buy it for the season of winter diseases, so far I am not interested in the smells, but it is definitely worth the temptation.

Gabriela Salvete

A wardrobe with makeup cosmetics that can only be purchased at Drogerie Teta. These are not low-shelf products, the prices are rather average and the packaging is quite elegant. The composition is like a typical dye, but maybe someone likes to test new makeup. I saw some interesting things there, like huge eyeshadow palettes and face contouring kits.

Odol, toothpaste for milk teeth for children

The only toothpaste without fluoride that I could find in Drogeria Teta. After all, it could be cheaper for such a tube, but if you have forgotten and are looking for something quickly, you may need this information.

Bio Bione, Cannabis

This series does not belong only to Theta, it can be found in all cosmetic stores, even in Tesco and local supermarkets. But it is also worth taking a closer look at it, although pay attention to the lineups, some quite strange, others average. The price is already higher. I have seen several different lines of these products, from facial and hair care to healing ointments.

Here is an overview of the typical assortment of the store. On the first shelf you can see a set of bottles with various oils, oils, creams and intermediates. The price is high, just like for such things, but the compositions are amazing, completely natural and eco.

Drugstores Teta

Below we have typical drugstore brands, Himalaya, which is also in our company, and Dermacol with nice-smelling novelties.

Very cheap hygiene items below.

At Drogeria Teta you can also buy healthy snacks and a modest selection of oils and natural food; shelves similar to those at Rossmann.

Drugstores Teta

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I will not do the whole review, because it is not worth discussing typical drugstore cosmetics that we can find in Poland. But if you want to buy them too, Drogerie Teta offers a modest choice of them. The Rossmann chain also has a very similar range to ours, you will surely find all the errands you need there.

The next post will be about that. Are you curious?

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