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Using starch for smooth hair – DIY home mask

Hey guys! Today I have prepared another post for you about natural care – hair starch, a home smoothing mask.

Starch or potato flour is a popular store product in our country, so it is very cheap and easily available. Jelly is nothing more than starch with sugar and flavoring and coloring additives. We can easily use it on our hair, especially since it is handy – when we do not have, for example, a trip or do not want to buy a kilogram of flour, a bag of cheap jelly is enough. If you are interested in how my recipe worked, check out my recipe.

Hair starch may not be the most innovative idea, it has been used for years to thicken masks and conditioners, but I thought that the recipe for such a mixture would always be useful to have at hand. Especially when we want to wash our hair quickly and take good care of it at the same time. 

I applied the mask several times during the bottom project to use Planeta Organica conditioner (Regenerating Provencal balm for all hair types), which was too light for my hair and did not really do anything with it. Such a conditioner will be useful for our mixture (and any other tuning) – on the water, light, without silicones, proteins and adhesives.  

Homemade smoothing hair mask with starch


  • A portion of a light balm / hair mask 
  • Jelly / potato starch
  • Honey, preferably organic (half a teaspoon) / sugar
  • Coconut, Shea or Palm Butter 
  • Olive oil or other light oil (including a teaspoon)


Melt the butter, after it has cooled down, add oil to it and mix it with the mask, then add honey. We make a portion for consumption at once, so the amount of ingredients must be adapted to our hair. If we give less oils, we can treat the mask as normal nutrition after washing, if more – treatment before washing the hair and shampoo as usual. We keep the mask on the head for 20-40 minutes, no more. We rinse with cool, but not cold, water. We close the care with an emollient mask.

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It’s best not to store the leftovers, but you can use them as a face mask or freeze them.

Why these ingredients? 

Jelly – this one consists of sugar, starch and dyes, so we can easily put it on your hair (especially when you have at home, like me, only jelly that you will not eat because of sugar and you still forget to buy starch;)) yellow dye additionally it will enhance my blonde color, so only benefits

Honey and sugar – are humectants, i.e. they moisturize the hair, give it shine and softness.

Starch – smoothes the hair, makes it appear slippery and disciplined. It is the cheapest ingredient that can be added to any mask to enhance its effect. 

Butter – thickens the conditioner, enhances its moisturizing and nourishing effect, and improves its structure. Coconut butter is a penetrating oil, which means that it can thicken the hair a bit – this effect is especially intensified thanks to the presence of olive oil (this is confirmed by scientific research). But you can use any butter and oil you have on hand.

Starch on the hair – my remarks

You can add a little aloe vera to boost hydration. The mask does not contain proteins, so you can use any protein supplement you want to use. It is perfect for nourishing dry hair after dyeing with henna and cassia. Thanks to the butters, it is thick and does not run off the hair. As you can see, the mask is designed in such a way that not only does the hair look original for one day, its miraculous effects on the hair are long-term. My hair, after using this mask, plus a bit of Ziai silicone on the ends, is shiny, smooth and soft for the next days – almost like from advertising! This is mainly due to the starch and good hydration that has been locked in the hair with oils.  

I recommend trying such a homemade mask, especially since you surely already have the ingredients for it in the kitchen and there will always be something to wear.

Do you like home-made hair mixtures? 

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