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The best gifts for a woman: natural makeup

Hey guys! It’s time for the last part of the guide, where I will show you my ideas for the best gifts for a woman: natural makeup cosmetics.

For Miss Natural, who loves to paint , for a teenager who is just learning to do it, and for a mother who would like to have something more natural and luxurious at the same time. If your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mom, aunt, other woman in your life you want to gift doesn’t seem to be a fan of natural facial care, bathing, or hair maniac, maybe it’s time to take a look at her dressing table and supplies makeup. The way a woman wears makeup every day will tell you the truth! If you want to present what I have chosen for you today, I would like to invite you to the rest of the post.

The best gifts for a woman – how to choose makeup cosmetics?

There are jars and rainbow-colored powders on the table, your girlfriend spills lines of white powder on the dressing table, in the middle of the night you catch her with an insane smile over her zipper bag? Measures something on an electronic scale, something grinds in a mortar? Once you think she’s making a cake, she starts powdering her face with flour?

Yes, it is a sign that the woman of your life has fallen into a very dangerous practice – mineral cosmetics! 🙂

Fortunately, the shelves in stores are full of sets of mineral shadows, foundations and powders, e.g. the very popular BareMinerals sets are even in Sephora, well packaged right away, we have a dozen Polish companies with mineral makeup and even the Kolorówka store, where you can easily and cheaply yourself to write something to paint. You can choose the color 🙂

The best gifts for a woman: a set of makeup cosmetics

Lily Lolo Daydreamer Collection, 176.00 PLN

A ready Christmas set with an eye palette, lipstick and blush is every woman’s dream, plus completely natural compositions and wonderful colors – a miracle!

Lily Lolo, Face modeling duo set

A great gift will also be a set of makeup cosmetics – foundation, palette, mineral shadows, blush or lip gloss. An example of
expensive, luxurious and hard-to-reach natural brands is Couleur Caramel, which also has wonderful packaging, a perfect gift. I recommend a palette of mineral highlighters, which is a sought-after bestseller on the organic makeup market.

Couleur Caramel | novelties in natural makeup

Natural perfume and red lipstick – isn’t it a brilliant gift for a loved one? You will find such sets in the regular Benecos offer .

Benecos Lovely Moments Gift Set, 59.00 PLN

A kit for self-preparation of mineral cosmetics from Koloró can be really great fun – in mixing colors and making recipes. In addition, it is sooooo cheap!

Coloring book, Lip gloss set 2 pcs. 19 PLN

They have recently launched ready-made foundations, pigments and face highlighters, which I had the pleasure to review and I also highly recommend them.

The best gifts – a set of mineral cosmetics

Anabelle Minerals A set of bestseller miniatures, PLN 40
Anabelle Minerals, MATTIFYING SET, 154 PLN

Annabelle Minerals, mineral eyeshadows | swatches and opinion


The best gifts for a woman: a set of brushes in a case

A set of elegant and good-quality brushes is an expense that we can only afford on holidays, so they are even more suitable for the best gift for every woman. Without good tools, there will be no results in beautiful makeup!



I hope that you will find my suggestions for the best gifts for each woman useful. As far as I know the community of mineral-drinkers, I am sure that each of us would like to receive such gifts – practical, luxurious and very useful – great for supplementing the shelves with new, colorful wonders. I recommend that you look around for it when making your next purchases, and of course, what I repeat so often – the best gift is the one you want, so you can just ask a loved one gently. She definitely has something in the dream zone that she would love to get.

Do you like such gifts? Which sets do you want the most? I would probably buy them all! 

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